Burlington Textiles Library Dedication: 1954

The post-World War II boom in enrollment at the School of Textiles greatly increased the utilization of the Textiles Library by faculty and students, thus establishing a need for additional space within the library for students to study and for housing the growing collection. By 1954 the Textiles Library collection had increased to 4,500 volumes from 1,000 total volumes in 1945, with 120 periodicals, 37 international journals, and a number of valuable research indexes such as a complete set of Chemical Abstracts. The space issue was resolved when the library acquired a larger space within Nelson Hall after the building was expanded. The expansion featured a renovation of space adjacent to the library that more than doubled the footprint of the facility. The expansion was made possible by a generous grant of $25,000 to the School of Textiles from the Burlington Industries Foundation, donated in memory of four Burlington Industries employees and alumni of the School of Textiles who served and died in World War II: Wallace W. Riddick Jr., Peter Ihrie Jr., Thomas C. Leake III, and Albert R. Lambert.

Wallace W. Riddick Jr.
Peter Ihrie Jr.
Thomas C. Leake III
Albert R. Lambert

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