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NC State Sports, Illustrated:
Changes in the Medium, 1960-1972
Football November 17, 1962
Football October 8, 1960
Artists such as Fred Fixler, Joe Little, Abbott and Wexler ushered in a new style in the 1960s.
Basketball December 2, 1961
Basketball December 12, 1964
Football September 29, 1962
Veteran sports illustrator Lon Keller updated his palette, laying on the oranges, browns and aquas.
Basketball February 6, 1962
  Little captured the nation's fascination with outer space in a 1964 drawing in which a Martian watches a football game from the sidelines.
Football September 20, 1964
Football 1964 Coke Ad. In the same year, for the first time, Coca-Cola took over the center spread of the football program, which had been occupied by cigarette ads since the 1920s. The American Dairy Association claimed the back cover to promote "the vitality beverage." Football 1964 Milk Ad.
Football October 29, 1966
In 1966 NC State promoted the newly completed Carter Stadium and joined a national trend in graphic design by replacing the illustrations on game program covers with photographs of players, coaches, cheerleaders, and sports venues.
Basketball February 15, 1966
  As of the following year, the publications for both major sports were named "Wolfpack News."
Football September 16, 1967
Basketball December 1, 1972
Although the college became integrated in the mid-1950s, the men's football and basketball teams did not include African Americans until 1967-1968. Five years later, for the first time, game program covers featured African American athletes.
Football September 9, 1972