"" A New Library

The James B. Hunt Jr. Library must be realized through a deep understanding of its prospective users. The challenge is to exceed their expectations, now and for many decades to come.

"The heart of any successful campus is its library. We envision the James B. Hunt Library becoming the heart of NC State's Centennial Campus and playing an integral part in the lives of all of our engineering students and faculty as we continue our growth on Centennial Campus."

  -Louis A. Martin-Vega, Professor and Dean, College of Engineering, NC State University

 "" Vision

NC State seeks nothing less than to create the best learning and collaborative space in the country. The Hunt Library will be a beautiful and inspiring signature building that embodies the essence of Centennial Campus as a community built around knowledge. This iconic building will be a vibrant intellectual and social forum for the campus community, showcasing the latest technologies and research achievements of the university. The timeless aspects of the library's mission as a gateway to the world's knowledge will be reflected in the building's design-forming a dynamic environment that brings diverse people and disciplines together and enables interaction, innovation, and the creation of new, nontraditional partnerships.

 "" Location

The Hunt Library will be located prominently on the Centennial Campus academic oval. Taking advantage of its elevated site, the Hunt Library will offer views of Lake Raleigh and the downtown Raleigh skyline, in keeping with the spirit of the intellectual quests within.

Landscape Landscape

 Progress Progress

In the spring of 2008, DEGW, Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee, and Snøhetta led a series of workshops held at D. H. Hill Library. The workshops included NC State students, faculty, and staff groups and gathered expectations, goals, and other details in order to develop a program for the new building.