The NCSU Libraries would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their generous sponsorship of this exhibition (as of December 22, 2004).

Gold Medal

Richard H. McCaskill
W. Trent Ragland, III
North Carolina Humanities Council, a state-based program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.
NC Humanities Council

Silver Medal

Lawrence and Ella Apple
Wallace G. Flynt
Virginius B. Lougee III and Dorothy L. Lougee
Susan K. Nutter and Joe A. Hewitt

Bronze Medal

John and Carolyn Argentati
Donald and Maryann Bitzer
William S. Goodwin
Guy L. Jones
John R. and Nancy Michael
Burley B. Mitchell, Jr.
Linda Murphy
Cyma Rubin
Charles Sedberry
Clarence L. Warren


Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Allen, Jr.
Charles E. Branscomb
Arleigh G. Deyton
Rowland F. Filer, Jr.
Arthur Kelman
John S. McLeod, Sr.
Theodore J. Meyer
A.P. Mustian, Jr.
J.W. Noah
William E. and Mary Parker
Thomas L. Quay
Emma Garnett Satterfield
D.F. Tugman
Brenda Wilson