Image of Access to DH Hill Library Building

Unassisted Entry

The main entrance into D. H. Hill Library is located on the south (brickyard) side of the building, and there are two options for entry:

Once inside the main entrance, accessible elevators are located to the right of the service desk.

Individuals with disabilities who need to enter the building from the Hillsborough Street door (located at the West end of the building on the north side) can apply for an access card. This electronic proximity card controls equipment that will temporarily deactivate the lock and alarms and will automatically open the doors to allow unassisted entry.

Once inside the building, an accessible elevator leading to the second floor of the Erdhal-Cloyd (West) Wing, is located to the left of the Hillsborough Street doors. An accessible elevator leading to the East Wing and other parts of the library is located past the newspaper section and down the hall to the left, near the Reserves Desk (beside the staircase that leads up to the main lobby).

Assisted Entry

During hours that the Atrium dining facility is open, individuals with disabilities can obtain staff-assisted entry into the library via the elevator in that area. For assistance entering the library via that elevator, call 515-2597, using the telephone in the Atrium, and Reserve Room staff will bring the elevator to the ground-floor level.


ADA-accessible restrooms are available on the ground floor of the East Wing, the mezzanine of the first floor (East Wing), and on the first (women's) and second (men's) floors of the Erdahl-Cloyd (West) Wing.

Two ADA-accessible public telephones (one campus and one pay phone) are available in the Erdahl-Cloyd (West) Wing. Public work areas have at lEast one accessible workstation with adjustable or wheelchair height tables.

Emergency Evacuation

In the event of an emergency evacuation of D. H. Hill Library, according to the Emergency Plan for the D. H. Hill Library: "Persons with disabilities who cannot leave the building without assistance should go to the nearest accessible safe area. Safe areas in the library are the enclosed stairways ... Neither the Fire Department nor Campus Police will check the building for persons who need help exiting unless they locate an emergency situation that requires building evacuation."

During an emergency, patrons with mobility impairments should proceed to the nearest stairwell and wait inside the stairwell on the landing. The Erdahl-Cloyd (West) Wing has an area of rescue assistance located in the stairwell closest to the elevator. There are two stairwells in the Bookstacks and several stairwells in the East Wing. The stairwells and sprinkler system in the East Wing and Bookstacks provide a sufficient measure of safety such that an area of rescue assistance is not required.

Patrons with mobility impairments should ensure that the emergency personnel are made aware of their location by sending word through others exiting the building, or by telephone if available (5-3333). NCSU Libraries personnel will notify the staff of the Libraries' Facilities unit if they are aware of patrons with mobility impairments in the building. In the case of a real emergency, emergency personnel will automatically sweep every stairwell and floor to ensure all occupants are out, but knowledge of an individual's location can ensure that help arrives more quickly. Please note:


There are 2 parking places reserved for disabled users on the Hillsborough Street (north) side of D. H. Hill Library. There are other accessible parking locations throughout the campus, including some on the perimeter of the Brickyard near the library.

Note that all parking spaces on campus require parking stickers that are issued through NCSU Transportation Department. For more information about accessible parking and permit applications, contact Transportation at 515-3424 or the Transportation Accessibility Coordinator at 515-1469.

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