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Article on fur industry practices such as trapping and fur farming with related statistics and links to more information
Information on the fur trade including effects on animals, campaigns against the fur trade, actions to be taken, and related news Information center on fur, fashion, & animals
News, lists of designers who do & do not use animal fur, investigations

People for Animal Rights
Fur information links, undercover investigation, article and actions to be taken against fur industry

Respect for Animals
Organization dedicated solely to campaigning against the international fur trade, with news, facts, action, campaigns, and related links

The Fund for Animals: Wildlife Fact Sheet #3
Article discussing a trapping overview, most commonly used traps, trapping cruelty, disease control, public relations & environmental aspects, profits, and popularity

World Animal Net Anti-Fur Campaign
Information on the fur trade, statistics, legislation, resource, images, photographs, and latest news

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