About This Site

The NCSU Libraries and the NC State Department of Entomology are partnering in this collaborative effort to collect, organize, and provide access to the best academic, scholarly, research, and practical resources available on urban entomology. NC State is a member of AgNIC (the Agriculture Network Information Collaborative), a distributed collective of electronic subject-oriented information centers developed and maintained by the USDA/National Agricultural Library and an alliance of land grant universities and other agricultural organizations. The Urban Entomology AgNIC website has been funded in part by a USDA/Agricultural Research Service Specific Cooperative Agreement. The design of this site incorporates leading edge technology, but not at the expense of universal accessibility. Links have been carefully selected for their content and applicability to urban entomology.

Scope and Audience Note

This site will fully cover all aspects of urban entomology, as indicated below. Its target audience includes urban entomologists, structural pest control operators, educators and students, and the public. Perhaps it is important to note that this site will specifically not include lists of structural pest control operators, although it may link to sites that have these lists, and will not include non-university sponsored pest control information. This eliminates pest control information from environmentalist groups, pest control corporations, and chemical companies, all of which have potentially biased information. However, any other information or links on these sites are acceptable, such as news groups, keys, etc.

Arthropods studied by urban entomology include: disease carrying pests, such as fleas; venomous pests, such as yellow jackets; structural pests, such as termites; nuisance pests, such as amphipods; fabric pests, such as clothes moths; stored food product pests, such as flour beetles; turf and ornamental pests, such as Japanese beetles; and beneficial arthropods, such as ladybird beetles.

Among the types of resources included in this site will be: urban entomology organizations and institutions; images of specimens; educational sites for children and teachers; university sponsored pest control information; and identification keys and urban entomology systematic resources.

Design & Acknowledgments

This site was designed by Click Optimize, in collaboration with Debbie Currie and Zach Gillan, with additional support from Babi Hammond and Eric Pauley. Its development was funded in part by a USDA/Agricultural Research Service Specific Cooperative Agreement, with additional support from NCSU Libraries. An interdepartmental team provided input on the site design and content.

Special thanks go to Ted Snyder, the original designer of the NC State Systematic Entomology website, for planting the idea for developing an Urban Entomology website, and for drafting the initial pages. Thanks also to others who have contributed generously to the development of this site, including Angie Ballard, Hilary Davis, Eric Pauley, and Tito Sierra, and the members of the NCSU Libraries Agriculture and Life Sciences Subject Team (Kristine Alpi, Karen Ciccone, Eleanor Smith, Bob Sotak, and Carol Vreeland).

NC State AgNIC Urban Entomology Team

Charles Apperson, William Neal Reynolds Professor of Agriculture (Medical and Veterinary Entomology), NCSU Department of Entomology
Debbie Currie*
, Collection Manager for Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, NCSU Libraries
John Meyer
, Professor of Entomology and Photographer Extraordinaire, NCSU Department of Entomology
Mohan Ramaswamy
, Librarian for Life Sciences and Graduate Services, NCSU Libraries
Jules Silverman
, Charles G. Wright Distinguished Professor (Urban Entomology, Insect Behavior, Nutritional Ecology), NCSU Department of Entomology
Ed Vargo, Professor of Entomology (Urban Entomology, Social Insect Biology, Molecular Ecology), NCSU Department of Entomology
Mike Waldvogel
, Extension Associate Professor and Extension Specialist (Urban Structural Entomology), NCSU Department of Entomology
Wes Watson
, Professor of Entomology (Medical and Veterinary Entomology), NCSU Department of Entomology

*Principal Investigator