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Frank Lloyd Wright Mystery: Does a recording exist of Wright’s guest lecture?

Design Library News - Wed, 2016-06-22 09:18

On May 16, 1950, the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright visited the School of Design at NC State University and spoke to over 5,000 people at Reynolds Coliseum for an architecture lecture. He even stayed with Dean Henry Kamphoefner at his modernist home in Raleigh. In the photograph above, from Special Collections, Wright is pictured walking with Dean Kamphoefner. North Carolina Modernist Houses has provided a full account of his visit to campus.

Unfortunately, a recording of this important lecture has never been located.  North Carolina Modernist Houses has been on a quest to find one. Can you help?

If you have any leads, please contact Special Collections at library_specialcollections@ncsu.edu or North Carolina Modernist Houses.

Special Collections acquires Duncan Stuart drawing

Design Library News - Tue, 2016-06-07 11:47

The Special Collections Research Center has just acquired a drawing by former NC State faculty member Duncan Stuart. Stuart was one of the founding faculty members of the School (now College) of Design. The drawing was donated by one of Stuart’s former students, who studied architecture at the School of Design in the early 1970s.

Stuart (1919-2001) was born in Des Moines, Iowa, and studied at the University of Oklahoma, Chouinard Art Institute, and Yale University. He served in World War II as a cartographer. In 1948 he was appointed by Dean Henry Kamphoefner as associate professor. During his long and distinguished career Stuart’s works were exhibited at a number of institutions, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum, and the Chicago Art Institute. He worked in the 1950s on the geodesic dome and with Synergetics, Inc.

Stuart was known and recognized as an outstanding teacher, and during his career received the Distinguished Professor Award at NC State. On August 29, 1965, he was announced as the “Tar Heel of the Week” by the Raleigh News & Observer. The article included many quotes from former students, one of whom noted, “He was intent on teaching us to think for ourselves.” Another observed that, “He always seemed interested in us as individuals, not just as members of the class. He would talk to us about what we were doing and the conversation was two-way communication, not one-way.”

Stay tuned for more information about this drawing as we process this item and prepare the finding aid for access. The image above is a close view of the image, which is on paper and measures approximately 36″ by 36″. For more information about Architecture and Design collections in Special Collections, please visit our website.

New Finding Aid for the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers (Previously: Greenways Incorporated Records) is Now Available

Design Library News - Tue, 2016-05-17 10:11

NCSU Libraries’ Special Collections Research Center is pleased to announce that there is now a fully processed (and recently renamed) finding aid for the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers.

This collection now contains more professional documents from, and about, Charles A. Flink, President of Greenways Incorporated. The Professional Papers and Publications series in the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers allows researchers insight into the details of the professional life of a leading landscape architect.  Within the Professional Papers and Publications (1972-2014) series there are documents about awards that Charles A. Flink received over the years, articles and information about various greenways, and papers pertaining to the book he co-authored, Greenways: A Guide to Planning, published in 1993.

Final decision on art to use for the book Greenways: A Guide to Planning

Charles A. Flink started Greenways Incorporated, a landscape architecture firm that specializes in the development of greenways, in 1986. Greenways are paths that usually run along naturally occurring or already created man-made corridors and are designated for pedestrian use. There are multiple greenway collections at the NCSU Special Collections Research Center.

In addition to greenways in the United States, Charles A. Flink has worked on some international projects. His international projects are admired and he has been nationally recognized as well. In 1995 Charles A. Flink and Greenways Incorporated received an Environmental Excellence Award from the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration for the innovative Swift Creek Recycled Greenway in Cary, N.C.

Plan for the Grand Canyon Greenway

The path, created out of recycled material, is an example of some of the local innovative work done by Charles A. Flink and Greenways Incorporated. Another famous trail he worked on is located away from North Carolina, the Grand Canyon Greenway in Arizona has become known nationally as it is part of a national park.

As is evident in this brief description, this collection possesses information on many different greenway projects. Please refer to the recently renamed, Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers for further information.

New books received in February and March

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-04-04 09:48

BF408.I46 2016  How to Have Great Ideas : a guide to creative thinking

BH39.P2292 2002 Panorama : philosophies of the visible

DP638.V54 2015 Views on Eighteenth Century Culture

DR1305.B86 A3 2015  Fatherland

E99.H69 N49 2016  The Newark Earthworks : enduring monuments, contested meanings

F128.3.B78 2015  Unforgotten New York

F128.65.H54 J36 2016  The High Line

F232.R6 P49 2015  The Architecture of Historic Rockbridge

F262.C23 C674 2013  Core Sounders : living from the sea

F319.M6 B85 2015  Lost Miami

F595.3.M64 2015  Dirt Meridian

GN406.C68 2016  The Country House : material culture and consumption

GV1469.25.T65 M36 2015  Rise of the Tomb Raider : the official art book

GV1469.27.A798 2015  The Art of XCOM 2

GV1469.27.O53 2015  Eve Universe : the art of New Eden

GV1469.3.A77 2015  The Art of Fallout 4

HD7287.6.G7 O73 2015  Modernist Estates

HD7287.96.C32 W55 2015  Poor Housing : a silent crisis

HD7288.76.U5 R33 2016  Race and Real Estate

HF5415.1255.Y86 2015 Yum Yum! : creative food & drink branding design

HF5841.W29 2015 v.1-2  Way of the Sign

HM654.S67 2015  Spatializing Politics : essays on power and place

HT166.C647 2015  Urban Planning : an introduction

HT166.K44 2014  Keeping Up with Technologies to Improve Places

HT168.N5 K64 2015  City on a Grid : how New York became New York

HT169.A82 P42 2015  Take Me To The River : the story of Perth’s foreshore

HT169.I52 D446 2015  Rule By Aesthetics

HT169.S63 S75 2015  A Place for Utopia

HT177.P5 D54 2016  Beyond Rust

HT178.I82 M547 2015  Milano : porta nuova

HT241.U585 2016  Untamed Urbanisms

HT241.U6895 2015  Urban and Built Environments : sustainable development, health implications and challenges

N72.C36 C36 2015  Camouflage Cultures : beyond the art of disappearance

N72.F45 T946 2015  Twenty Years of MAKE Magazine : back to the future of women’s art

N72.R4 R67 2015  Art + Religion in the 21st Century

N72.S6.H3915 2015  Framing the Audience : art and the politics of culture in the United States, 1929-1945

N72.S6 P67 2015  Porous Boundaries : art and essays

N72.5.N53 2015  Famous Works of Art – and how they got that way

N85.A77 2015 Artistic Research : strategies for embodiment

N3800.N49 2015  New Spaces for Negotiating Art and Histories in Africa

N5300.A14 2016  30,000 Years of Art

N6350.T87 2015  Turning Inward

N6488.B7 S23 2015  Cultural Anthropophagy : the 24th Bienal de Sao Paulo

N6490.B47 C37 2015  Carlos Betancourt : imperfect utopia

N6490.F44 2015 Feelings

N6490.H253 2015  Boredom and Art : passions of the will to boredom

N6490.Z57 2015  Ziran/Nature : art, nature and ethics

N6494.A25 A54 2015  Abstract Expressionism

N6494.J57 P37 2016  Participation in Art and Architecture : spaces of interaction and occupation

N6494.M66 S73 2015  Monochrome : darkness and light in contemporary art

N6494.P34 P37 2015 vol.1-2  Paper Secret

N6494.V53 A246 2015  Abstract Video : the moving image in contemporary art

N6496.3.I8 R6663 2014  The Pop-Up Royal Academy

N6497.F97x 2015  Future Publics (the rest can and should be done by the people) : a critical reader in contemporary art

N6497.M39 2015  Visual Impact : creative dissent in the 21st century

N6498.I56 B49 2015  Beyond the Display : phenomenal art and design in the 21st century

N6537.C66 S64 2015  Utopia Parkway

N6537.C67 A4 2015  Pulp Massacre : the art of Lee Brown Coye’s final and darkest era

N6537.F316 A4 2015  Covert to Overt

N6537.K38 A4 2015  Ellsworth Kelly

N6537.M67 J33 2015  Robert Motherwell : the making of an American Giant

N6537.W377 A4 2015  Jerry West : the alchemy of memory

N6538.M4 B67 2015  Born of Resistance : Cara a Cara encounters with Chicana/o visual culture

N6549.L584 A4 2015 An Te Liu

N6603.F87 2015  Dangerous Moves : performance and politics in Cuba

N6639.L4 A4 2015 Julio Le Parc

N6639.R665 A4 2015 Miguel Rothschild

N6797.G65 A4 2015  Andy Goldsworthy : ephemeral works

N6888.S29 A4 2015  Ursula Sax

N6953.M37 A4 2015  Reprint : Karel Martens

N6988.5.S64 A44 2015  Beyond the Boundaries of Social Realism : the path of national traditions in Soviet art of the 20th century

N7093.A48 A4 2014 Anton Alvarez : the thread-wrapping machine

N7276.8.R33 A4 2015  Walid Raad

N7430.5.F5 2017  Understanding Art (11th edition)

N7445.2.A34 2015  Writings on Art and Anti-Art

N7445.4.W32513 2015  Looking at Pictures

N7475.S63 2015  Spaces for Criticism

N7477.M72 2015  The Art of Understanding Art

N7625.5.B62 2015  Body of Art

N7660.A36 2015 Animal Graphics

N8217.H68 A77 2015  The Art of Horror

N8222.M375 M555x 2915  Mind the Map : illustrated maps and cartography

N8246.S62 J43 2015  Architecture and the Virtual

N8844.D48 2014  Developing Civic Engagement in Urban Public Art Programs

NA105.A55 2015  Great Properties of Country Victoria : the western district’s golden age

NA209.C73 2015  Fallen Glory : the lives and deaths of twenty buildings from the Tower of Babel to the Twin Towers

NA260.D635 2015  An Ideal Collaboration

NA310.H67 2016  The Genesis of Roman Architecture

NA680.A83 2015  Atelier Ten :  invisible architecture

NA680.B85 2016  Built to Grow : blending architecture and biology

NA680.S382 2015  Portraits of the New Architecture 2

NA682.M63 F73 2015  A Genealogy of Modern Architecture

NA682.M63 I58 2013  The Death and Life of the Total Work of Art : Henry van de Velde and the legacy of a modern concept

NA687.R87 2015  Fifty Under Fifty : innovators of the 21st century

NA730.M6 W48 2015  Minnesota Modern : architecture and life at midcentury

NA735.B7 H47 2015  Heroic : concrete architecture and the new Boston

NA735.D39 P75 2015  Des Moines Architecture & Design

NA735.L55 F74 2014  Architectures de Los Angeles 1880-1940

NA735.N24 W47 2015  Nashville Architecture

NA735 W38 2015  Los Angeles Residential Architecture : modernism meets eclecticism

NA737.C68 S54 2015  Spanish Colonial Style : Santa Barbara and the architecture of James Osborne Craig and Mary McLaughlin Craig

NA737.S53 S66 2015  Detail Engineering

NA749.S2 A4 2015  For Everyone a Garden

NA950.H37 2015  Go Hasegawa : conversations with European architects

NA964.A838 2015  The Age of Empire : Britain’s imperial architecture from 1880-1930

NA976.5.G68 S73 2015  Gothic for the Steam Age : an illustrated biography of George Gilbert Scott

NA984.O54 2015  Medieval Irish Buildings : 1100-1600

NA997.H3 H67 2015  From the Shadows : the architecture and afterlife of Nicholas Hawksmoor

NA1088.B87 A4 2015  Bruno Taut’s Hufeisensiedlung

NA1123.P2 E57 2015  Palladio Virtuel

NA1273.S66 A4 2015  Snohetta : people, process, projects

NA1348.6.L33 2015  Lacroix Chessex

NA1353.B87 A4 2015  Buro Konstrukt

NA1353.C54 A4 2015  Alexandre Clerc

NA1353.I66 J66 2015  Joos & Mathys

NA1368.K49 2015 Building Modern Turkey : state, space and ideology in the early republic

NA1429.K268 A2 2015  I Was a Child : a memoir

NA1503.L66 2014  Bombay Gothic

NA1530.S53 S23 2015  SAA Architects : urbanistic, humanistic, optimistic

NA1547.H6 W6 2015  W+ : the future (life) of a historical building

NA1555.6.K39 2015  Line-Inc. : creating inspiring places for people

NA1602.Q4 H68 2015  Hot Modernism

NA1605.C548 A4 2015  Clare Design : works 1980-2015

NA1995.I56 2016  Industries of Architecture

NA1995.R68 2016  The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice

NA1996.N86 2016  Designing Profits

NA2000.L83 2016  Research Methods for Architecture

NA2500.M419 2015  Merleau- Ponty : space, place, architecture

NA2540.H55 2016  A Landscape of Architecture, History and Fiction

NA2542.36.L46 2016 Sustainable Building Design

NA2542.36.W43 2015  The Restorative Home : ecological houses by David Hertz

NA2542.4.P76 2015  Going Live : from states to systems

NA2543 .R37 G66 2016  Dark Space : architecture, representation, black identity

NA2543.S6 R47 2014  Re-Searching Utopia : when imagination challenges reality

NA2543.S6 S345 2016  Passion and Control : Dutch architectural culture of the eighteenth century

NA2543.S6 S66 2016  Conflicted Identities

NA2750.D57 2015  Displayed Spaces : new means of architecture presentation through exhibitions

NA2750.J33 2015  Archi-Graphic : an infographic look at architecture

NA2750.J44 2016  Architectural Drafting & Design

NA2800.S68 2016  Soundscape and the Built Environment

NA2840.R68 2015  Rough Style

NA2850.I574 2016  Interiors and Interiority

NA2850.P75 2015  Private Utopia : cultural settings of the interior in the 19th and 20th century

NA3770.L63 2015  The Lod Mosaic

NA4177.N49 2015 New City Landmark : mixed-use architecture

NA4410.G68 2015 Government

NA4110.H57 2016  Historic Wooden Architecture in Europe and Russia

NA4110.J63 2015 v. 1-2 100 Contemporary Wood Buildings

NA4435.C22 T67 2015 Competing Modernisms

NA4475.E85 B49 2015  Beyond Scylla and Charybois : European courts and court residences outside Habsburg and Valois

NA4850.D35 2014  The Arca di Sant’Agostino and the Hermits of St. Augustine in Fourteenth-Century Pavia

NA5212.5.M63 B84 2015  The Suburban Church : modernism and community in postwar America

NA5235.N5 S437 2016  Religion and Art in the Heart of Modern Manhattan : St. Peter’s Church and the Louise Nevelson Chapel

NA5461.H934 2015 Britain’s Lost Churches

NA5978.O2 J35 2015   99 Domes

NA6225.M872 2015  Store Front II : a history preserved : the disappearing face of New York

NA6230.A14 2015  100 of the World’s Tallest Buildings

NA6234.T35 2015  Tall Buildings of China

NA7100.J64 N64 2015  Michael P. Johnson : the unshakeable search for architecture

NA7110.M2513 2015  Living Complex : from zombie city to the new communal

NA7110.R83 2015  This is Not A House

NA7115.B32313 2015  Contemporary Home Design

NA7195.A4 S46 2014   Senior Residence Design

NA7208.2.B65 2015  Listening : Bohlin Cywinski Jackson : houses 2009-2015

NA7208.2.F47 2015  Houses of Fernau + Hartman

NA7325.J63 2015  European House

NA7451.M482 2015  House Vision : new spaces for Japanese residential architecture

NA7560.B757 2015  Retreat : the mountain house in nature

NA7560.M87 2015  The Country House Ideal : recent work by ADAM architecture

NA7571.L37 2015 Houses for a New World

NA7574.S224 2015  Seaside Living : 50 remarkable houses

NA7858.J3 O43 2015  Modern Japanese Restaurant

NA9053.C495 2015  Re-Framing Urban Space : urban design for emerging hybrid and high-density conditions

NA9347.S46 2016  Memorials to Shattered Myths : Vietnam to 9/11

NB212.6.A2 G48 2015  Abstract Bodies

NB237.T68 B33 2016  Memory Work : Anne Truitt and sculpture

NB497.G65 A35 2015  Antony Gormley on Sculpture

NC86.R48 2015  Rethinking Renaissance Drawings

NC485.J47 2015  Illusive : contemporary illustration part four

NC730.B27 2008 The Complete Introduction to Drawing

NC730.B318 2013  Drawing Ideas : a hand-drawn approach for better design

NC730.G558 2015  Take and Make Art

NC730.R63 2014  SRW : sketch collection vol.1

NC750.P37 2015  Perspective Sketching : freehand and digital drawing techniques for artists & designers

NC815.G37 2015 v.1-3  Flora : Federico Cesi’s botanical manuscripts

NC980.5.M35 B53 2015  Graphic Passion : Matisse and the book arts

NC980.5.S733 A4 2015  Structura 3 : the art of Sparth

NC984.5.H47 S7413 2015  Tintin : Herge’s masterpiece

NC997.A83 2015  Design Thinking for Visual Communication (2nd edition)

NC997.G66 2015 Notes on Visual Elements & Principles of Composition

NC998.6.J3 D457 2014  Design for Local Paper Media in Japan

NC999.4.B44 A2 2015 How to use graphic design to sell things, explain things, make things look better, make people laugh, make people cry, and (every once in a while) change the world

NC999.4.M67 A4 2015  Victor Moscoso : psychedelic drawings, 1967-1982

NC999.4.S9 M88 2015  The Hand

NC1001.T39 2012  How to Create a Portfolio and Get Hired : a guide for graphic designers & illustrators

NC1002.C3 A78 2015  The Art of Calendar Design

NC1002.C4 N53 2015  Nice to Meet You Again

NC1002.L63 M675 2015  Logo Modernism

NC1002.S54 F65 2014  Follow Me III : signage designs : defining spaces

NC1305.Z37 2015  Zap : the interviews

NC1429.H527 L46 2015  The Hirschfeld Century : portrait of an artist and his age

NC1429.S783 S7 2015  Ralph Steadman’s Nextinction

NC1449.M345 A6 2016  Don’t Get Eaten By Anything : a collection of “the Dailies” 2011-2013

NC1479.M775 P53 2015  Plans We Made

NC1499.S337 A2 2015  The Arab of the Future : a childhood in the Middle East, 1978-1984

NC1765.B377 2016  Animated Performance : bringing imaginary animal, human, and fantasy characters to life

NC1766.G72 P682 2014  The Art of Smallfilms

NC1766.S6 K45 2015  The Soho Chronicles

NC1766.U5 S36 2015  Birth of an Industry : blackface minstrelsy and the rise of American animation

NC1766.U53 G66 2014 The Art of the Good Dinosaur

NC1766.U6 G44 2015  They Drew as They Pleased : the hidden art of Disney’s golden age

NC1827.G7 L667 2015  Posters : a century of summer exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts

NC1845.W4513 2015  The Art Nouveau Poster

NC1849.A76 O5 2014  50 Posters Designed for the Hayward Gallery

NC1850.S66 A4 2015  Didactics : warp and weft : poster construction + formal additive programs

NC1883.3.P66 T56 2015  Mind over Matter : the images of Pink Floyd

NC1883.3.W37 A4 2015 Andy Warhol : the complete commissioned record covers

ND237.S38 A4 2015  Sean Scully : bricklayer of the soul

ND237.T5515 A4 2015  Wayne Thiebaud

ND497.B254 P58 2014  Planet Banksy

ND511.5.S75 A4 2015  Mad Geometry

ND553.M76 A8813 2015  Piet Mondrian : the studios

ND553.P5 P293 2015  Modernity and Authority : Picasso and his milieu around 1900

ND673.M35 L48 2015  Decoding Magritte

ND1839.R34 A4 2015  Moving Toward the Light

ND2590.W32 2015  Mural XXL

ND2603.C37 2015  Women Street Artists of Latin America : art without fear

NEA2347.6.G37 A4 2015  Rena Gardiner

NK480.L7 A78 2015  The Arts of Living : Europe 1600-1815

NK1073.6.A1 K46 2014  100 Thimbles in a Box : the spirit and beauty of Korean Handicrafts

NK1173.D47 2016  Designing : business and management

NK1320.B59 2016 v.1-3  The Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Design

NK1390.D49 2016  Design Objects and the Museum

NK1390.M587 2015  Simplicity : a matter of design

NK1397.O64 2015  Postdigital Artisans

NK1454.Z9 B39 2015  The Art of Impossible : the Bang and Olufsen design story

NK1505.D48 2016  Developing Citizen Designers

NK1505.G84 2016  The Understanding of Ornament in the Italian Renaissance

NK1505.P37 2016  The Philosophy of Design

NK1510.D87 2015  Encore! : the new artisans

NK1510.H69 2015  Color + Pattern

NK1510.S83 2015  B is for Bauhaus, Y is for YouTube

NK1520.A77 2015  The Design Process (3rd edition)

NK1520.D456 2015  Design and the Question of History

NK1520.P66 2015  Analogy and Design

NK1535.S57 A4 2014 Out of the Ordinary

NK1548.K73 2015  Color for Designers

NK1548.M6584 2016  Monotone

NK1860.G67 2015 Classic Contemporary : the DNA of furniture design

NK2084.Z9 K8752 2015  Shiro Kuramata, Hiroshi Sugimoto : works from the absent past

NK2195.H6 s78 2014  Hotel & Restaurant Design

NK2195.S89 G7 2015  Great Store Design

NK2436.P42 S683 2015  Paint, Pattern & People

NK2586.K34 K34 2015  Vladimir Kagan : a lifetime of avant-garde design

NK2435.V4 B87 2015  Rich and Tasty : Vermont furniture to 1850

NK2800.M64 2016 v.1-2 The Encyclopedia of Antique Carpets

NK2807.D39 2015  Carpets of the Art Deco Era

NK2898.D97 A4 2015 Deirdre Dyson : walking on art : explorations in carpet design

NK3600.R68 2015  A Typographic Abecedarium

NK4008.L96 2015  American Studio Ceramics : innovation and identity – 1940 to 1979

NK5204.G7 S44 2015  The Jacobites and their Drinking Glasses

NK7198.S85 H37 2015  Art in Industry : the silver of Paul Storr

NK7398.W425 A2 2015 Goldstruck : a life shaped by jewellery

NX180.H59 K45 2015  Agents of Liberation : Holocaust memory in contemporary art and documentary film

NX180.I57 N65 2015  No Internet, No Art : a Lunch Bytes anthology

NX180.S6 K8284 2015  Artist at Work : proximity of art and capitalism

NX180.S6 W645 2015  Art Rethought

NX180.T4 A53 2-15  Analyzing Art, Culture, and Design in the Digital Age

NX430.J32 N555 2015  Art Place Japan : the Echigo-TSumari Art Triennale and the vision to reconnect art and nature

NX456.5.S8 S8726 2015 The Surrealism Reader

NX504.2.F898 2015  The Future of (High) Culture in America

NX533.A1 P441 2015  Mario Pedrosa : primary documents

NX635.T76 2015  The Art of Mechanical Reproduction : technology and aesthetics from Duchamp to the Digital

NX650.P52 B43 2009  Thinking in Place : art, action, and cultural production

NX650.P53 B73 2015  Picturing Evolution and Extinction : regeneration and degeneration in modern visual culture

NX650.P63 L37 2015  Vanessa Place : last words

NX652.F55 P5413 2015  Wanderland

PN1995.9.D6 J636 2014  Jodorowsky’s Dune (dvd)

PN1997.T86 F732015  The 2001 File : Harry Lange and the design of the landmark science fiction film

PN1007.2.B384 A64 2016  Batman v Superman : dawn of justice : the art of the film

PN1997.2.A943 J64 2015  The Art of Ant-Man

PN1997.2.C458 A64 2015  Chappie : the art of the movie

PN1997.2 .S7525 S96 2015  The Art of Star Wars : the force awakens

PN1997.99.H63 2007B  The Holy Mountain (dvd)

PN1997.99.T6734 2014  El Topo (dvd)

PN6710.B325 2015  The Graphic Novel : an introduction

PN6710.J63 2013  The Technopriests : supreme collection

PN6710.K63 2015  The Art of Comic Book Writing

PN6710.L68 2015 The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing Comics

PN6710.O52 2015  On the Edge of the Panel : essays on comics criticism

PN6710.R387 2015  Representing Multiculturalism in Comics and Graphic Novels

PN6714.C43 2015  Comics, the Holocaust and Hiroshima

PN6714.C647 2015  Comics and Power : representing and questioning culture, subjects, and communities

PN6714.D86 2015  Creating Comics as Journalism, Memoir & Nonfiction

PN6714.F56 J636 2016  Final Incal

PN6725.B57 2015  The Blacker the Ink : constructions of black identity in comics & sequential art

PN6725.D736 2015  Drawing New Color Lines : transnational Asian-American graphic narratives

PN6725.S66 2015  Son of Classics and Comics

PN6725.W48 2016  Black Women in Sequence : re-inking comics, graphic novels, and anime

PN6726.B472 2015  Best American Comics 2015

PN6727.C85 K56 2015  The King in Yellow

PN6727.H3775 A46 2016  Rosalie Lightning

PN6727.L39 Z464 2015   Amazing Fantastic Incredible : a marvelous memoir

PN6727.S53 H68 2015  Houses of the Holy

PN6727.S578 C87 2015  Curve Ball

PN6728.M766 W56  Ms. Marvel

PN6728.S26 G39 2013  The Sandman v. 1-2

PN6747.J63 M4813 2014 The Metabarons

PN6797.T64 K55 2015  Killing and Dying

PN6727.T75 C53 2016 Class Photo

PN6728.I76 A38 2015  The Ages of Iron Man : essays on the armored avenger in changing times

PN6737.B26 I54 2015  The Inflatable Woman

PN6737.H59 L83 2015  Lucia

PN6737.H84 P55 2015  The Pill Box

PN6737.O33 J87 2015  Just So Happens

PN6747.T38 O313 2015  Run Like Crazy, Run Like Hell

PN6777.A58 A7813 2015  The Art of Flying

PN6790.C43 M226 2915  Leaf

PN6790.J33 K65413 2015  Dream Fossil : the complete stories of Satoshi Kon

PN6790.I43 S246 2015  Munnu

PR6123.Y43 E94 2015  Everything Is Teeth

QC981.2.R44 2015  Thunder & Lightning : weather past, present, and future

SB449.13.O6 A3 2015  A Timeless Passion for Flowers

SB466.G7 S85 2015  Great Gardens of London

SB466.G8 S68 2015  The Wonder of The North : Fountains Abby and Studley Royal

SB469.35.A35 D86 2016 Cultural Landscape Heritage in Sub-Saharan Africa

SB470.D68 S38 2015  Apostle of Taste : Andrew Jackson Downing, 1815-1852

SB472.C252 2016 Responsive Landscapes : strategies for responsive technologies in landscape architecture

SB472.45.H377 2015  The Authentic Garden : naturalistic and contemporary landscape design

SB472.7.W33 2016  Landscape as Urbanism

SB473.H84 2015  The Making of Place : modern and contemporary gardens

T324.P44 2015  Managing Corporate Design : best practices for in-house graphic design departments

TA174.I578 2014  Analyzing Design Review Conversations

TA681.U34x 2015  Concrete : pure, strong, surprising

TH1095.N37 2015  Suspended City : L’Aquila after the earthquake

TH2031.M48 2015  Metric Handbook : Planning and Design Data

TH2301.Z9413 2015  Wood and Wood Joints

TH4860.R658 2015  LEEDing the Way : domestic architecture for the future

TL875.M48 13 2015  Galina Balashova : architect of the Soviet Space Programme

TR140.M89 G67 2015  Indecent Exposures : Eadweard Muybridge’s animal locomotion nudes

TR183.H363 2012  Ubiquitous Photography : digital media and society

TR183.M336 2015  Singular Images, Failed Copies : William Henry Fox Talbot and the early photograph

TR183.R66x 2015  Myopia

TR642.M87x 2015  Photography at MOMA 1960-now

TR647.A94 2015  Dior by Avedon

TR647.S8952 2015  Hiroshi Sugimoto : seascapes

TR780.D38 2015  Women’s Views : the narrative stereograph in nineteenth-century America

TR820.C656 2015  Colors : a book about a magazine about the rest of the world

TR820.6.S55 2015  War is Beautiful : the New York Times pictorial guide to the glamour of armed conflict

TR850.Z47 2017 Sight Sound Motion : applied media aesthetics

TR859.8.L66 2015  London Burning : portraits from a creative city

TR861.A7 G44 2015  Mumbling Beauty : Louis Bourgeois

TR897.5.E54 2015 Animation Cinema Workshop : from motion to emotion

TR897.7.B38 2016  Motion Graphics

TR897.M84 2016  Production Sound Mixing : the art and craft of sound recording for the moving image

TR897.5.F73 2016  The Moving Image Workshop : introducing animation, motion graphics and visual effects in 45 practical projects

TS171.E97 2015  Experience Design : concepts and case studies

TS171.P76 2015  Product Sketchbook

TS171.V85 2015  Not Invented Here : cross-industry innovation

TS171.4.B46 2015  Design Management : managing design strategy, process and implementation

TS171.4.C725 2016  Craftwork as Problem Solving

TS171.4.R47 2016  Research for Designers : a guide to methods and practice

TS171.44.D474 2015  Design Pedagogy : developments in art and design education

TS171.95.C55 2015  3D Printing : with Autodesk 123D, Tinkercad, and Makerbot

TS541.S92 G46413 2015  Artists of Time

TS1765 .T4145 2016  Textile Technology and Design : from interior space to outer space

TT507.R57 2016  Zero Waste Fashion Design

TT507.S7485 2015 v.1-3 Impossible Wardrobes

TT509.D68 2015 David Downton : portraits of the world’s most stylish women

TT509.M93 2015  Living With Mydeadpony

TT840.F33 T74 2012  The Art of Folding

TT869.S235 2015  The Art of Typewriting

Z246.M373 2013  Playing With Type

Z250.A2 R57 2014  Typo

Z250.A2 S43 2015  The Evolution of Type : a graphic guide to 100 landmark typefaces

Z250.N49 2015  New Perspectives in Typography

Z250.T75 2015  The Triumph of Typography : culture, communication, new media

Z250.5.J87 2015  The Little Book of  Typographic Ornament

Z276.B62 2015  Blooks : the art of books that aren’t : book objects from the collection of Mindell Dubansky

Z276.B66 2015  The Book Cover in the Weimar Republic

Landscape Architecture Archive Panel discussion and special “Show-and-Tell” showcase event

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-04-04 09:41

Please join us this Wednesday, April 6, for an exciting Landscape Architecture Archive event:

At 5:00 p.m. in the Duke Energy Hall of the James B. Hunt Jr. Library, guests may peruse special selections from the Landscape Architecture Archive in a “Show-and-Tell” event. At 6:00 p.m., a panel of prominent alumni, practitioners, faculty, and a current graduate student will discuss the topic “Landscape Architecture – Embracing our Past, Engaging our Future:”

A reception, sponsored by the Friends of the Library, will follow.

For the press release with complete details, please click here.