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August 2016 Publications from CVM Authors

VetMed News - Thu, 2016-09-15 07:30

Take a look at the CVM author publications for August 2016 courtesy of the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.
CVM and other NC State authors are specifically highlighted with their department affiliation and links to their other publications in the repository. To access the full text of any of these articles, click on “Find Text (NCSU Only)” link.

If you have questions or would like information about the repository or NC State publications, please email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu or call us at 919-513-6218.

Coffee & Viz – Virtual Reality: What It Is and What It Can/Can’t Do For You

Design Library News - Wed, 2016-09-14 12:14

September 16, 2016
9:30am – 10:30am

Where Event Description

After years of Virtual Reality technology and experiences not being able to match user expectations, recent public launches of Head-Mounted Displays like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and increasing industry engagement finally seem to validate Virtual Reality as a tool for entertainment, education and research. As an introduction to the topic, Mike Cuales will provide an overview of current Virtual Reality technologies, applications for 360 video in education and a look at future trends. In the second part of this Coffee & Viz event, Gary Kapral will talk about his practical experience with using various approaches to Virtual Reality in his research and the classroom and identify some of the potential gains and drawbacks of the technology.

Mike Cuales is the Creative Director at NC State’s Distance Education & Learning Technology Applications. Gary Kapral is a postdoctoral associate in biochemistry at Duke University.

Note: There will be a Virtual Reality “petting zoo” before and after the presentation where you can try some of the latest devices and applications.

Contact Information Markus Wust (919) 513-0743 mgwust@ncsu.edu Admission Information

Free and open to the public.

Other Information

Coffee & Viz is a program of the NCSU Libraries. Coffee and light refreshments will be available in an adjacent space begining at 9:15 a.m.; program begins at 9:30 a.m.


design & wine series: Discover the Design Library

Design Library News - Wed, 2016-08-31 12:33


October 7, 2016
6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where College of Design – Design Library, 50 Pullen Road, Raleigh, NC 27695 Event Description

Join Friends of the Library for the inaugural design & wine series event: Discover the Design Library! The evening will include a Design Library tour, a show-and-tell of unique Design Library collections and resources, and virtual reality fun with Oculus Rift. Attendees will enjoy hors d’oeuvres, wine, and receive a logo wine glass.

Contact Information Friends of the Library 919.515.2841 friends_of_the_library@ncsu.edu Admission Information

Pre-registration is required.

All design & wine series events are free to current Friends of the Library members and Life Members. You can join Friends of the Library at www.lib.ncsu.edu/giving/friends. Non-members can attend each event with a $20 cash door charge and required pre-registration.




Veterinary Student Artwork on Display – Fall 2016

VetMed News - Fri, 2016-08-26 16:02

Visit the William Rand Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine to see the new artwork installed August 2016. The Library entrance portholes feature reproductions of veterinary student artwork from the Spring 2016 Veterinary Illustration Selective VMC 991-29 taught by Dr. Michael K. Stoskopf, Professor of Aquatics, Wildlife, and Zoologic Medicine and of Molecular and Environmental Toxicology.

Veterinary Illustration is a one-week studio course taught at the CVM in April 2016. It offers veterinary students the opportunity to hone their observation as well as their drawing and illustration skills with live observations at the Teaching Animal Unit and other locations. Students became familiar with basic drawing and pen and ink techniques with an emphasis on rendering from three dimensional objects, living animals, and photographs from books and journals in the Libraries’ collections. To learn more about the course, and other art and design efforts at the CVM, read the article “Creativity and a Critical Eye” (pg. 7-8) in the NCSU Libraries Focus magazine

Fourteen works highlighting a variety of drawing techniques were selected by a jury of faculty, staff and librarian judges. The seven listed below will be on display until January 4, 2017.

Top Row (Left to Right) [click below for detailed images]

Bottom Row (Left to Right)

These works and photos of additional drawings by all students in the course will soon appear on the digital display screen in the Library. In January 2017, the second set of porthole images will be placed. Thank you to all of the artists Class of 2017: Kristina Baltutis, Candace Matthews Stroud; Class of 2018: Paige Harrelson, Jessica Loyd, Jessica Palmer, Elizabeth Smith; Class of 2019: Christine Crawford, Kris Kellermeyer, Kassie Martinez, Will Patterson, Catherine Si, David Tamas.

The drawings were photographed and prepared for porthole display by Nathan Latil, Media & Design, College of Veterinary Medicine.

Virtual Friday

Design Library News - Wed, 2016-08-24 15:24

August 26, 2016
12:00pm – 5:00pm

Where Event Description

Have you tried VR? As virtual reality (VR) becomes increasingly affordable, more and more immersive experiences are available. The fields of medicine, education, gaming, filmmaking, and art are all moving forward with VR content. NCSU Libraries wants you to experience VR and to help shape its future—on our campus and in our world. Please join us this Friday in the Technology Sandbox at D.H. Hill Library, to try out the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets, and the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality (AR) device. You can also see Ricoh Theta S 360° cameras in action, and try out different sorts of Google Cardboard viewers with your phone. Much of this equipment is already available from NCSU Libraries Technology Lending, and all of it will be soon!  Library staff will assist you with the gear so you’ll have a great experience.

Contact Information Pete Schreiner (919) 515-4154 pete_schreiner@ncsu.edu Admission Information

Free and open to the public.


Coffee & Viz – DIY Cartography: Mapping as a Research Tool

Design Library News - Thu, 2016-08-18 16:04

August 26, 2016
9:30am – 10:30am


Teaching and Visualization Lab at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library

Tania Allen and Sara Queen, assistant professors in the College of Design, will discuss the cross-disciplinary graduate level research and mapping seminar they developed: DIY (Do It Yourself) Cartography. In this course, students used techniques of mapping as a comparative analytic tool to uncover hidden meanings between data and reality. The course curated diverse historical perspectives through the lenses of natural history, the social city, the physical city, economics, politics, arts and culture. Allen and Queen will show student work from the class, explain the research and data collection methods used, and discuss how the mapping and visualization process was used as a technique to raise fundamental questions about the trajectory of urban development in Raleigh.

Contact Information Walt Gurley (919) 515-8822 jwgurley@ncsu.ed Admission Information

Free and open to the public.

Other Information

Coffee & Viz is a program of the NCSU Libraries. Coffee and light refreshments will be available in an adjacent space begining at 9:15 a.m.; program begins at 9:30 a.m.


Harrelson Hall at the Beginning

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-08-15 16:27

Harrelson Hall floorplan, 1959

With demolition completed recently, the landmark Harrelson Hall is at an end.  We wanted to continuing looking back at its earliest days, and we developed the timeline below to show how the building came to be created:


The North Carolina General Assembly authorized construction of a new classroom building on the NC State campus.

Plans were developed for the new classroom building to be circular.

August 1957

The Building and Grounds Committee approved the space between Polk and Williams Halls as the location of the new classroom building. 

February 1959

The Board of Trustees approved the official naming of the new classroom building as Harrelson Hall in honor of Chancellor John W. Harrelson.

Architecture professor Terry Waugh was responsible for Harrelson Hall's circular design.

March 1959

Architectural plans for Harrelson Hall were released to the public.  The architects were Holloway-Reeves and Associates, aided by architecture faculty member E. W. “Terry” Waugh.  Waugh was responsible for the circular design concept, believed to enclose the largest amount of space with the least amount of materials, a necessary requirement during a time of teacher shortages and increasing enrollment.  The pie-slice shapes of interior spaces was thought to make perfect classrooms, some of which could hold 200 students.


Plans for the “round classroom building” were finalized; construction began.  T. A. Loving and Company was the general contractor.  Concrete was a major material used in construction; some parts of the building were precast and others poured in place.

Containing the bathrooms and spiral ramp, the core of the building was constructed first.

The core of the building (including the bathrooms, utilities, and ramp) was constructed first.


Construction was completed.  The university stated the final cost was $2,250,000 (later that was revised down to $1,990,000).  At first the university claimed the building’s 77 classrooms could hold 4,500 students.  This may have been overly optimistic; a few years later, the campus facilities office stated that Harrelson Hall could seat only 3,254 students.  Nevertheless, both numbers are impressive because a total of 7,117 students were enrolled at NC State during the Fall 1961 semester.

November 1961

The public first glimpsed the inside of the building.  Only one floor was completely furnished for an open house on November 4.  At another open house on November 18 as part of Homecoming festivities, 1,200 people filed through the building.  While most comments were favorable, some criticism was noted:  people complained of noisy steam pipes, a lack of bathrooms for women (there was only one), and potential dangers with the ramp.  Some noted that it took significantly longer to walk the ramp than climb the stairs.

Harrelson Hall nearing completion in 1961

The Department of Mathematics was the first unit to move into the building.

February-March 1962

Students had already begun calling the building “The Pie” and having fun with it:  the February 8 Technician reported on a student roller skating down the ramp.  Landscaping was still incomplete, and students and faculty complained of mud and weeds surrounding the building (it would be five more years before the Brickyard was constructed).  Over time, complaints about the building mounted, including noisy air conditioning, curved chalkboards, and disorienting corridors and ramps.

7 March 1962

The building was officially dedicated as part of NC State’s 75th anniversary ceremonies and the 100th anniversary of the Morrill Act creating land-grant colleges and universities.

April 1962

The Building and Grounds Committee recommended funds for landscaping around Harrelson Hall and development of detailed landscaping plans for the open space nearby.

July 2016 Publications from CVM Authors

VetMed News - Wed, 2016-08-03 08:21

Take a look at the CVM author publications for July 2016 courtesy of the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.
CVM and other NC State authors are specifically highlighted with their department affiliation and links to their other publications in the repository. To access the full text of any of these articles, click on “Find Text (NCSU Only)” link.

If you have questions or would like information about the repository or NC State publications, please email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu or call us at 919-513-6218.

Welcome DVM Class of 2020!

VetMed News - Tue, 2016-08-02 10:31

The Veterinary Medicine Library staff welcomes you! We look forward to helping you become familiar with our resources and services. Visit us between Wednesday, August 3rd and Wednesday, August 10 to complete your team case investigations. We are eager to get to know you and assist with your information needs.

Let us know what questions or concerns you have. Phone us at 919-513-6218 or chat online or email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu. Good luck!

New books received this summer

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-08-01 09:44

BF175.S3413 2016  Psychoanalysis and Architecture : the inside and the outside

CB357.F58 2016  Mahometan and Celestial’s Encyclopaedic Guide to Modernity

DL976.S76 2015  Stockholm : 60 local creatives bring you the best of the city

DS63.123.B49 2016  Beyond the Square : urbanism and the Arab uprisings

DS796.H73 H66 2015  Hong Kong : 60 local creatives bring you the best of the city

F394.H83 W43 2015  What’s Out There : Houston

F869.L83 L67 2015  Los Angeles : 60 local creatives bring you the best of the city

GT596.M39 2016  Vintage Details : a fashion sourcebook

GV1469.15.P53 2016  Players Making Decisions : game design essentials and the art of understanding your players

GV1507.P47 L36 2016  Landscapes/Memory

HD69.B7 I45 2014  Illustrative Branding

HD7287.P677 2015  Post-War Middle-Class Housing : models, construction and change

HF5415.1255 S54 2016  Creating a Brand Identity

HF5465.G74W66 2015  Woolworth’s : 100 years on the high street

HF5718.C66 2015  Discussing Design : improving communication & collaboration through critique

HM1111.K45 2015  Phone Booth

HT113.P67 2016  Port Towns and Urban Cultures : international histories of the waterfront, c. 1700-2000

HT166.G6656 2016 Dream Cities : seven urban ideas that shape the world

HT166.I87 2016  Issues in Green Infrastructure

HT166.P52254 2016  Places Women Make

HT393.N5 B37 2016  Superstorm Sandy : the inevitable destruction and reconstruction of the Jersey Shore

N71.E45 2015  Spring Forward : aspire to inspire

N6465.A7 S44 2015  Art Nouveau

NA680.L3613 2015  Le Corbusier : precisions

NA687.A25 2015  Abalos + Sentkiewicz : essays on thermodynamics, architecture and beauty

NA737.J6 C37 2016  The Philip Johnson Glass House : an architect in the garden

NA737.N6 A4 2016  Guy Nordenson : reading structures : 39 projects and built works

NA737.M725 M475 2016  MOS Selected Works

NA737.M73 A4 2016 Eric Owen Moss : the new city

NA737.P397 A4 2015  Manuel Cadrecha : Perkins + Will

NA737.S39 A4 2016  Selldorf Architects : portfolio and projects

NA737.S64 A4 2015  City Living : apartment houses by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

NA737.W522 K56 2016  The Modernist Architecture of Samuel G. and William B. Wiener

NA759.H475 A4 2016  Carlos Herrera : the architecture of lines, light, and luxury

NA777.A63 J36 2006  La Antigua Guatemala

NA809.N45 2016  Architecture and Empire in Jamaica

NA859.S63 D57 2015  The Dissolution of Buildings

NA997.S7 A2 2015  Crude Hints Towards a History of My House in Lincoln’s Inn Fields

NA997.S74 S74 2015  Stephen Taylor Architects

NA1011.5.K64 A4 2016 Martin Kohlbauer : a Viennese architect

NA1053.F744 A4 2016  The Architecture of Jacques Ferrier

NA1053.M55 A4 2015  Marc Mimram

NA1120.O47 2015 Dynamics of Architecture in Late Baroque Rome

NA1121.M6 C37 2015  Milan Architecture : the city and Expo

NA1268.6.M33 2016  Made in Norway : new Norwegian architecture

NA1455.S563 J67 2016  Josef Plecnik : Zacherhaus

NA1489.8.A55 A2 2016  The Battle for Home : the vision of young architect in Syria

NA1504.C47 2015  Christopher Benninger : architecture for modern India

NA1504.S37 2015  India

NA1510.6.F45 2016  At Home in Sri Lanka

NA1549.H63 A4 2015  Living in Place

NA1559.E53 A4 2015  Endo Shuhei : paramodern architecture : 25/25

NA1559.F85 P65 2016  Sou Fujimoto

NA1559.K77 A35 2015 v.1-2 Small Architecture [and] Natural Architecture

NA1559.T49 A4 2015  Takaharu + Yui : Tezuka Architecture Catalog 3

NA1599.5.M4152 M356 2015 ArchPoetry : urban architecture of Malé

NA1995.C43 2016  The Changing Shape of Practice : integrating research and design in architecture

NA1995.W55 2016  Diversity Among Architects : from margin to center

NA1997.S77 2016  Where Are the Women Architects?

NA2500.A39513 2015  A New Nature

NA2500.L387 2016  The Journey to Dissertation Success, for construction, property, and architecture students

NA2500.M375 2016  Materiality and Architecture

NA2540.R65 2014  RMIT Design Research Institute : designs on the future 2008 – 2014

NA2540.T38 2016  The Anatomy of the Architectural Book

NA2542.T7 C48 2016  A Genealogy of Tropical Architecture : colonial networks, nature and technoscience

NA2542.3.B42 2016 The Temperature of Architecture

NA2542.36.M66 2016  More Than Housing : cooperative planning – a case study in Zurich

NA2542.36.S3665 2016  Dense + Green : innovative building types for sustainable urban architecture

NA2542.4.E44 2016  Elements of Architecture : assembling archaeology, atmosphere and the performance of building spaces

NA2542.4.S23 2016  Through the Healing Glass

NA2542.4.S63 2015  Public Action : social design : arts as urban innovation

NA2542.4.W49 2015  What is Cosmopolitical Design? : design, nature and the built environment

NA2542.4.Y39 2016  Architecture and Adaptation : from cybernetics to tangible computing

NA2543.G46 E86 2016  Ethno-Architecture and the Politics of Migration

NA2543.N38 P37 2016  Paris Under Construction : building sites and urban transformation in the 1960s

NA2543.S6 G73 2016  Architecture as Cultural and Political Discourse : case studies of conceptual norms and aesthetic practices

NA2543.S6 M48 2016  Swahili Port Cities : the architecture of elsewhere

NA2543.S6 S385 2016  Outlaw Terrritories : environments of insecurity/architecture of counterinsurgency

NA2543.S6 S535 2016  Style and Seduction : Jewish patrons, architecture, and design in the Fin de Siècle Vienna

NA2707.L4 B75 2016  Voyage Le Corbusier : drawing on the road

NA2728.C525 2015  Cita Works

NA2750.U34 2015  Living in Style : architecture and interiors

NA2850.M56 2016  Residential Interior Design : a guide to planning spaces

NA3310.H57 2016  Histories of Ornament

NA4110.L45713 2016  New Architecture in Wood

NA4600.W56 2016 Designing Sacred Spaces

NA4800.C563 2016  Sacred Architecture in a Secular Age

NA5484.L36 2015 Ireland’s Round Towers : origins and architecture explored

NA6047.Q345 F53 2016  Traces of the Sage : monument, materiality, and the first temple of Confucius

NA6233.N5 O643 2016  One World Trade Center : biography of the building

NA6400.S58 2016  Building Bacardi : architecture, art & identity

NA6400.S66 2015  Space of Production : projects and essays on rationality, atmosphere, and expression in the industrial building

NA6751.N49 2016  New Laboratories : historical and critical perspectives on contemporary developments

NA6821.L48 2015  David Leventi : opera

NA7533.R65 2016  Nanotecture : tiny built things

NA7820.S73 2015  Timeless Resorts

NA9053.S6 E865x 2015  Europe City : lessons from the European Prize for Urban Public Space

NA9053.S6 R423 2015  Reclaiming Backlanes : design vision for increasing building performance and reprogramming common spaces

NA9070.C37 2015 Places Made After Their Stories : design and the art of choreotopography

NB497.S49 A4 2015 Tim Shaw

NC53.M47 2016  Drawing Difference

NC139.T86 A4 2015  Cy Twombly Drawings

NC730.A35 2016  Please Make This Look Nice : the graphic design process

NC730.Z65 2016  Il-list-ration

NC760.A53 2015  Anatomy for 3D Artists : the essential guide for CG professionals

NC815.P28 2015  How to Sketch Plants

NC867.S78 2016  The Art of Chalk : techniques and inspiration for creating art with chalk

NC878.6.G66 2015  Sharpie Art Workshop

NC905.R77 2015  The Art of Ball Point

NC905.R772 2016  Ballpoint Art Pack

NC997.M36 2015  A Smile in the Mind (revised and expanded edition)

NC997.S85 2015 Ladislav Sutnar : visual design in action

NC997.T644 2016  MIN : the new simplicity in graphic design

NC998.6.M555 2015 The Muse in the Wheels : Pirelli : a century of art at the service of its products

NC999.6.N4 E972 2015  Statement and Counter-Statement : notes on experimental jetset

NC1002.L63 L64 2015  Logo Talks III

NC1002.P33 G75 2013  Packaging : best practices for graphic designers

NC1807.J8 P63 2014 Posters : eat & drink in Italian advertising 1890-1970

ND588.L7 D47 2015  Max Lieberman : modern art and modern Germany

NK1132.S688 2015  Souvenirs and Objects of Remembrance

NK1166.A125 2016  Twenty Over Eighty : conversations on a lifetime in architecture and design

NK1170.H37 2015 Ex-formation

NK1397.N38 2016 Beauty  – Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial

NK1404.P37 2015 Partners in Design : Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and Philip Johnson

NK1404.P38 2016  Top This and Other Parables of Design

NK1412.C45 A4 2013  Coming Together, Coming Apart : Julia Chiang

NK1454.Z9 C372 2015  De Rebus Natura

NK2049.Z9 M635 2015 Bruno Moinard

NK2054.Z8 R47 2015 Reproducing Scholten & Baijings

NK2065.Z9 Z66x 2015  Zoom/TPU : interior design from Istanbul

NK2115.5.L5 W44 2015  The Languages of Light : a creative approach to residential lighting

NK2155.5.L5 Y83 2016 Lumitecture : illuminating interiors for designers & architects

NK4210.N52 W56 2015  Siddig el Nigoumi : a Sudanese potter in England

NK5198.T78 A4 2015  Tsuchida Yasuhiko : the crossroads of fate

NX456.5.M64 H57 2015  Hippie Modernism : the struggle for utopia

PN56.M54 A38 2016  Adventures in Modernism : thinking with Marshall Berman

PN1997.2.C37 J64 2016  The Art of Marvel’s Captain America : Civil War

PN6737.K56 A55 2015  Anish & Antony Take Afghanistan

PN6747.J63 I5313 2014  The Incal

PN6728.H39 F3383 2015  Hawkeye Omnibus

PN6728.M766 W563 2016  Ms. Marvel 2

Q125.M414 2015  Science and Technology in World History (3rd edition)

QK98.183.A85 O24 2004 Ocean Flowers

SB451.F27 2016  Gardens and Gardeners of the Ancient World

SB453.5.G424 2016  Texas Gardening : the natural way

SB458.J353 2015  Japanese Garden

SB469.37.H865 2016  Site, Sight, Insight : essays on landscape architecture

SB470.G58 G58 2016  Luciano Giubbilei : the art of making gardens

SB470.P67 P544 2016 Pietro Porcinai and the Landscape of Modern Italy

SB470.S438 C66 2016  Ruth Shellhorn

SB472.G57 2016  The Course of Landscape Architecture :  a history of our designs on the natural world, from prehistory to the present

SB472.I56 2016  Innovations in Landscape Architecture

SB472.45.S53 2016  Thinking About Landscape Architecture : principles of a design profession for the 21st century

SB475.9.D37 T35 2016  Sketchup for Site Design

SB481.H29 2015  Landscapes & Gardens

SB482.A4 H34 2015  Prophets and Moguls, Rangers and Rogues, Bison and Bears

SB486.C68 2015  Country Parks

T385.B85 2011 3D Design for Production with Vitaly Bulgarov (dvd)

TA166.W573 2016  Human Factors and Ergonomics Design Handbook (3rd edition)

TE27.Q3 P68 2015  Yul MTL : moving landscapes

TH9031.W384 2016  Waterproofing New York

TL7.A1 G76 2016  Sculpted in Steel : art deco automobiles and motorcycles, 1929-1940

TL215.G4 A78 2008 The Art and Colour of General Motors

TS171.4.D467 2016  Design as Research : positions, arguments, perspectives

TS171.5.K73 2016  100 Designs for a Modern World

TS195.4.B684 2014 Box It Up

TS195.4.C74 2015  Creative Packaging Structures

TT505.C378 L45 2016  Bonnie Cashin : chic is where you find it

TT507.L34 2015  Fendi

Z124.A97 2016  The Aura of the Word in the Early Age of Print (1450-1600)

Z246.H364 2014  Hanzi – Kanji – Hanja : graphic and logo design with contemporary Chinese characters

Z246.M43 2016  Meggs’ History of Graphic Design (6th edition)

Z246.T55 2015  Aesthetic Tracts

Z246.5.M34 B47 2015  The Best of News Design 36

Z250.25.G73 2014  Graphic Digits