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What You Need to Know About Copyright When Entering the Workforce

Design Library News - Wed, 2016-03-02 10:45

On Thursday, Will Cross, the University’s Director of Copyright and Digital Scholarship, and Barbara Brenny, Visual Resources Librarian in the Design Library, will speak on “What You Need to Know About Copyright When Entering the Workforce” as part of Image Discovery Week.

We encourage students to attend the session and hope you will join us in Brooks 318 on Thursday, March 3 from 1:30 to 2:45 for this presentation on copyright law, especially as it pertains to image copyright.

We welcome your participation!

VML open regular hours during NCSU Spring Break (Mar 5-12)

VetMed News - Tue, 2016-03-01 08:29

The Veterinary Medicine Library (VML) will be open regular hours during the NCSU spring break.  VML regular hours are:

  • Mar 7-10: Monday – Thursday, 7:00am – 11:00pm
  • Mar 11: Friday, 7:00am – 7:00pm
  • Mar 12: Saturday, 11:00am – 7:00pm
  • Mar 13: Sunday, 11:00am – 10:00pm

On Monday, March 14, VML will begin its reduced hours during the CVM Spring Break from March 14-19. See http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/hours/vetmed/general for VML hours.

The D. H. Hill Library, James B. Hunt Library, Natural Resources Library and Design Library will have shortened hours during the NCSU Campus Spring Break (March 5-12).  See http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/hours for all NCSU Libraries Hours.

Try out Oculus Rift virtual reality viewer!

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-02-29 14:39

Try out an Oculus Rift Virtual Reality viewer in the Design Library, room 209 in Brooks Hall, on Wednesday March 2nd from noon until 4pm.  We’ll have it set up and ready to go; just stop by.   We’ll also have Google Cardboard available to try out all week for Image Awareness Week, from February 29 to March 4.

Students and faculty in Design are making use of this virtual reality technology in their classes and their research.  The James B. Hunt Jr. Library has an Oculus Rift viewer that can be checked out, and for Design students and faculty, the College of Design IT lab also has some.

Come by the Design Library on Wednesday, 3/2, and experience it for yourself!

Design Classes Meet with Special Collections

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-02-29 13:36

Two of Dr. Russell Flinchum’s classes recently met with Special Collections as they continued to explore materials in the collections relating to design. This photograph, taken by undergraduate Art and Design student Tyler Farlow, shows Dr. Flinchum as he discusses a series of volumes available in Special Collections, The coal tar colours of Farbwerke vorm. Meister Lucius & Brüning: Hoechst on Main: and their application in dyeing cotton and other vegetable fibres. This item can be viewed here.

Dr. Flinchum noted, “Hoechst immediately jumped out at me because I knew it was part of I.G. Farben, the massive German dyeworks and chemistry cartel, for whom Peter Behrens designed a beautiful headquarters in the early 1920s making extensive use of color. I’ve always been interested in the ‘coal tar revolution’ and how garbage became gold and led to organic chemistry. This beautifully preserved copy demonstrated to my students that there was a fully-formed system of color specifications as early as 1907, as seen in this example, and that the ‘pre-Pantone’ world was a very sophisticated one…even if it was analog.”

In light of Image Discovery Week, courtesy of the Design Library, we in the Special Collections Research Center will be highlighting some of our visual resources this week.

The Design Library Image Database – Image Discovery Week

Design Library News - Mon, 2016-02-29 10:42

For Image Discovery Week, today’s featured resource is the Design Library Image Collection. It is an evolving and rapidly growing collection of images accessible through LUNA, a web-based digital library. The collection contains more than 75,000 digital images covering art, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design and graphic design, including plans, sections, and other drawings. Records for the Design Library’s 80,000 35mm slides, can also be searched via LUNA. Library staff will digitize slides from the collection and make the images accessible through LUNA upon request.

With LUNA, patrons can export high-resolution images, create media groups, and even share images and media groups using persistent URLs.

During the last year, we have added a large quantity of high resolution images, plans, sections, drawings, etc. to the Design Library Image Collection. The following folders contain merely a sampling of our new content and we continue to add additional items each week.

History of Costume – Over 1400 images on the development and changes in dress from ancient Egypt to 1992

Works by Sasaki Associates, Buckminster Fuller, Mia Lehrer + Associates, Michael Van Valkenburgh, and OLIN Partnership. We also have images on the topics of Art Deco Industrial Design, 20th-21st Century Industrial Design, McCall’s Modern Homes, Contemporary Graphic Design, Edible Landscapes, and 1930s and 1940s Fashion.

Please remember that you must login with your Unity ID to see the high resolution images.

Check our blog each day this week to learn more about exciting and value image resources!

Image Discovery Week : see what there is to see at the NCSU Libraries!

Design Library News - Fri, 2016-02-26 13:58

From Monday, 2/29 to Friday, 3/4, the Design Library and the Special Collections Research Center will be holding Image Discovery Week to highlight the image and visual resources available from the NCSU Libraries.  We’ll have an eboard set up in the Design Library, displaying a rotating sample of images from the ARTstor Digital Library and the Design Library Image Database. We’ll also have bookmarks and a brochure listing image resources to hand out.

For information on image databases and other image resources available at the NCSU Libraries:


And for image collections created by the NCSU Libraries:


Special Collections digital image collections:


Try out Oculus Rift!

On Wednesday, 3/2, from noon until 4pm, we’ll have an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset available for patrons try in the Design Library.  This is the most common high-end virtual reality headset, and we’ll have it in the Design Library just for Wednesday afternoon.  The Hunt Library has an Oculus Rift that is available for patrons to check out, and the College of Design also has some that can be used by grad students and faculty in Design. For more information on Oculus Rift:


And Google Cardboard

We’ll also have the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer available for people to try out at the desk in the Design Library all week.  This simple and inexpensive VR viewer lets people use a smartphone or similar device to experience virtual reality.  There are viewers available at Design and Hunt Library, and for Design students and faculty, in the College of Design IT Lab.   For more information on Google Cardboard:


Image Copyright Presentation

Will Cross, Director of Copyright and Digital Scholarship, and Barbara Brenny, Visual Resources Librarian, will present on image copyright issues on Thursday in room 318 of Brooks Hall.   This event, originally intended as an in-class presentation for Design students, has been opened to anyone with an interest in image copyright.

Art, Film, Music, Lectures — Animal activities across NC State

VetMed News - Thu, 2016-02-25 17:11

NC State has lots of great Earth Month and National Agricultural Day events, from art about amphibians to an orchestra filled with sounds from the wild.

This spring is the Great Animal Semester of Seminars, including talks on the 70 Years of the International Whaling Commission, The Art and Science of the Duck Stamp, and What the Elephants are saying.

The Disappearing Frogs Project shares the importance of amphibians to our health as well as the planets by using art to convey what they mean to our ecosystem. To see this collaborative display meant to raise awareness of the decline of frogs as well as other amphibians, visit the Crafts Center by March 3rd.

If documentaries are more your speed, consider The Last Barn Dance on March 15th at 7 p.m. in D.H. Hill Library. This 30 minute film shares the story of a dairy farmer’s struggle to maintain his farm in an economy which caused most others to go out of business. Jason Arthurs, director and producer, will discuss the film and answer questions.

Here at the CVM, on Tuesday, March 22nd we have two lectures by Elizabeth S. Leet from the University of Virginia. Ms. Leet’s visit is sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • 12:15 (South Theatre)  “Medieval Horses and their Healers: Preventative Medicine, Nutrition, And Surgery In The 13th Century.”
  • 6 pm  (South Theatre)  “Bits and Spurs: Where Human Tools Meet Equine Flesh, a Historical View.”

On Wednesday, March 23 on main campus at noon in the Burlington Labs 1202, she will present “Horses and Husbands:  Modeling Equestrianism and Marriage in Medieval France and England.”

Finally, April 17 is the Great Animal Orchestra Symphony at the Talley Center.

All of us at the Vet Med Library hope that one or more of these events have caught your interest, as they’ve certainly caught ours. Here’s to a wonderful Earth, as well as a deeper understanding of animals and those who care for them. Thanks to Emily Hoffman for preparing this post.

Video and Audio Editing Workshops at Vet Med

VetMed News - Thu, 2016-02-11 15:20

I’m excited to announce Video and Audio Editing Workshops at Vet Med Library taught by the NCSU Libraries digital media librarian this spring!  Descriptions and sign-up links are below.

If you have questions, please contact libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu.

Video Production and Editing Basics – Wednesday, February 24, 2016 (05:00 PM – 06:30 PM)

Veterinary Medicine Library / Room A103

Sign up https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/events/registration/workshop/schedule/event-details?eventId=874

Learn how to plan, produce, and edit a video using library equipment and iMovie in this hands-on workshop. You’ll be taught the basics of script-writing and storyboarding, shooting video, and editing, and you will, by the end of the project, complete a short video with cuts, transitions, text, and a soundtrack. Appropriate for beginners or for those at any skill level who wish to better familiarize themselves with iMovie, technology lending devices, and gain essential skills for both school and personal projects.  Mac laptops will be provided. Instructor: Jason Evans Groth

Basic Audio Editing with Audacity – Thursday, March 10, 2016 (05:00 PM – 06:30 PM)

Veterinary Medicine Library/Room A101

Sign up: https://www.lib.ncsu.edu/events/registration/workshop/schedule/event-details?eventId=873

Learn how to edit audio projects using the powerful, cross-platform, and free digital audio workstation Audacity. You’ll become familiar with the software by editing together a multitrack podcast using pre-recorded clips. Appropriate for beginners but also for those at any skill level who wish to better familiarize themselves with Audacity while gaining essential skills for both school and personal projects. Mac laptops will be provided, but, if you prefer, you may use your own so long as you come to the workshop with Audacity already installed on your machine - http://www.audacityteam.org/download/ Instructor: Jason Evans Groth

New Materials February 8

VetMed News - Tue, 2016-02-09 10:15
Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. The gastrointestinal tract : clinical cases Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. Bloodless surgery
Rodríguez Gómez, José (Veterinarian), author, editor. Surgical atlas, a step-by-step guide. The thorax
Rodríguez Gómez, José (Veterinarian), author, editor. Enfermedades inmunosupresoras en avicultura. English. Atlas of ovine parasitology
Valcárcel Sancho, Félix, author. Atlas of ovine pathology
Ferrer, Luis Miguel, author. Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. The cranial abdomen
Rodríguez Gómez, José (Veterinarian), author. Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. The caudal abdomen
Rodríguez Gómez, José (Veterinarian), author. Surgery atlas, a step-by-step guide. The pelvic area
Rodríguez Gómez, José (Veterinarian), author. The oestrus cycle of the cow : a photographic atlas
Fernández Sánchez, Manuel. Visual atlas of dental pathologies in dogs
Soto, Javier Collados. Atlas of tumours : oncology in daily clinical practice
Duarte, Adrián Romairone. Bone surgery in small animals : resolution of the most frequent fractuces
Polo, Juan Pablo Zaere. Feline ophthalmology : the manual
Mitchell, Natasha. Artrología canina en 3D. English. 3D cardiology in small animals : pathophysiological basis and diagnostic keys
Gómez Ochoa, Pablo, author. Canine and feline dermatology atlas
Machiote Goth, Gustavo, author. Atlas of radiographic interpretation in small animals : includes the most common diagnostic errors
García Real, M. Isabel. Graphic handbook, immunology and infectious diseases of the dog and cat
Blanco Gutiérrez, María del Mar, author. Reproduction and ultrasound examination in cattle : a new perspective on the oestrous cycle
Sánchez, Manuel Fernández. Practical physiotherapy for veterinary nurses
Carver, Donna, 1968- author. Clinical anatomy and physiology for veterinary technicians
Colville, Thomas P., author. Finishing pigs & health : a practical guide to healthy pigs and healthy meat
Houben, Manon, author. Equine osteopathy : “what the horses have told me”
Giniaux, Dominique. The peripartum cow : practical notes
Sánchez, Manuel Fernández, author. Q fever : an emerging disease
Guatteo, Raphaël, author. Atlas of embryonic development
Cepero Briz, Ricardo, author. Behavioural changes associated with pain in companion animals
Camps Morey, Tomàs, author. The unnatural history of the Kakapo [videorecording] : [the story of the world's rarest and strangest wild parrot] The diagnosis and treatment of the failing student : (standardized patient exam failures)
Klamen, Debra L.

New books received in December and January

Design Library News - Fri, 2016-02-05 16:06

BF241.S645 2015  Unflattening

BJ1533.H9 A78 2015  Human : a portrait of our world

GB665.E36 2015 Water

HD7287.K5588 2016  The Principles of Housing

HD7288.78.C434 2015  Last Project Standing : civics and sympathy in post-welfare Chicago

HE147.65.I58 2015  Integrated Transport & Land Use Modeling for Sustainable Cities

HM881.R615 2014  RLF

HT166.P5455 2015  Building the Urban Environment

HT185.P827 2015 vol.1-4  Public Space

HT241.S87 2015  Sustainable Cities : inspirational case studies

HT241.U69798 2015 vol.1-4 Urban Ecology

LD1253.S377 2015  The Most Beautiful Universities in the World

N71.N64 2015 Strange Tools : art and human nature

N72.B56 M93 2015  Bio Art : altered realities

N72.S6 P55 2014  Planning Unplanned : towards a new positioning of art in the context of urban development

N84.A77 2015  Arts Education Beyond Art : teaching art in times of change

N85.S53 2015  The Pleasure of Research

N6494.P34 Z56 2015 The Art of Cardboard : big ideas for creativity, collaboration, storytelling and reuse

N6494.P5 S66 2015  Pop Art : a colourful history

N6498.M8 R677 2015  Brian Roettinger : reproductions

N6530.N32 B534 2015  Art of Burning Man

N6537.G377 A4 2015  Theaster Gates

N6537.H67 A4x 2015  Hack Wit

N6537.M396546 A62 2015  Constellation

N6549.B865 A4 2015  Hans Ulrich Obrist : hear us

N6797.B656 A4 2015  Derek Boshier : rethink/re-entry

N6797.M587 A4 2015 Letters : Michael Morris and concrete poetry

N6811.5.S24 A4 2015  Marusa Sagadin : selected works 2009-2014

N6853.M534 S54 20154  Monet’s Trees

N6923.B4525 A4 2015  Riccardo Benassi : techno casa

N7405.B58 Q5 2015  Bauhaus on the Swan : Elise Blumann, an émigré artist in Western Australia, 1938-1948

N7425.L39 2016  Exploring Art : a global, thematic approach

N7570.M855 2015  Picturing People

N8520.S885 2015  Studios for Artists : concepts and concrete

N8795.3.E85 R66 2015  Hitler’s Art Thief : Hildebrand Gurlitt, the Nazis, and the looting of Europe’s treasures

NA1.A785 V49 2015  Shotgun

NA190.L43 2010 What is Architectural History

NA200.C76 2015  A History of Architecture in 100 Buildings

NA680.L34813 2015  On Loos, Ornament and Crime

NA680.T965 2015  Typology : Paris, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Athens

NA687.O64 2015 Open City : existential urbanity

NA737.C6 P7 2015  I.W. Colburn : emotion in modern architecture

NA737.S553 A4 2015  The Architecture of Adrian Smith : the SOM years : toward a sustainable future

NA968.H375 2014  Space, Hope and Brutalism

NA1085.K73 2015  Architektur : der Moderne in Berlin

NA1086.M86 A45 2014  Allmann Sattler Wappner Archikten : options

NA1123.P56 M56 2015  Piranesi’s Lost Words

NA1181.A65 2015  Russia

NA1199.K78 K53513 2015  Georgii Krutikov : the flying city and beyond

NA1199.K89 A4 2014  Sergey Kuznetsov  : architecture drawings

NA1313.M55 G65 2015  Rafael Moneo : building, teaching, writing

NA1341.G73 2015  New Swiss Architecture

NA1368.5.M63 M53 2016  Mid-Century Modernism in Turkey : architecture across cultures in the 1950s and 1960s

NA1480.H57 2016  Historiography of Persian Architecture

NA1510.5.A55 2016 The Architectural Heritage of Sri Lanka

NA1510.7.E39 2015  Of Brick and Myth : the genesis of Islamic architecture in the Indus Valley

NA1545.D56 2015 Constructing a Place of Critical Architecture in China

NA1605.A65 M65 2015  Mongrel Raptures : the architecture of Ashton Raggatt McDougall

NA1995.R68 2016 The Routledge Companion for Architecture Design and Practice

NA2335.A44 2015  A+ Awards 2015

NA2500.H376 2015 A New Look at Humanism in Architecture, Landscape and Urban Design

NA2540.A6125 2015 Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality

NA2542.T7 L58x 2015  Living Under the Sun : tropical interiors and architecture

NA2542.35.A77 2015  The Art of Natural Building : design, construction, resources

NA2542.36.G56 2015  Bali : sustainable visions

NA2542.36.S865 2015  Sustainable Building Conservation : theory and practice of responsive design in the heritage environment

NA2542.36.V58 2012  Vitamin Green

NA2543.S6 A6345 2015  Architecture RePerformed : the politics of reconstruction

NA2543.S6 B343 2015  Building and Living in Communities

NA2543.S6 D67 2015  The Practice Turn in Architecture : Brussels after 1968

NA2543.S6 E29 2015  Economy and Architecture

NA2543.S6 H54 2015  Portrait of an Island : the architecture & material culture of Goree, Senegal, 1758-1837

NA2750.A6806 2015  Architectural Diagrams 1

NA2750.B457 2015  Creative Design in Industry and Architecture

NA2765.H46 2015  Grounds and Envelopes : reshaping architecture and the built environment

NA2794.S87 2015  Superlux : smart light art, design & architecture for cities

NA5811.T63 N53 2015  Toledo Cathedral : building histories in Medieval Castile

NA6007.E45 V64 2015  The Kailas at Ellora : a new view of a misunderstood masterwork

NA6234.T252 T356 2015  Winsing Ait Residential Towers

NA6303.N5 R56 2015  Designing TWA : Eero Saarinen’s airport terminal in New York

NA6750.A1 A73 2015  Architecture of Great Expositions 1937-1959

NA6750.C65 G596 2016  Bruno Taut’s Design Inspiration for the Glashaus

NA6862.C62 S53 2015  Shanghai Oriental Sports Center in China

NA7125.B659 2015 Waterside Modern

NA7126.V7319 2015  202 Outstanding House Ideas

NA7208.I55 2015  The New Shingled House

NA7367.V37 2015  Stories of House and Home : Soviet apartment life during the Khrushchev years

NA7451.P65 2015  Jutaku : Japanese houses

NA7511.4.N35 D37 2015  Longuevue : house and gardens

NA7571.L37 2015  Houses for a New World : builders and buyers in American suburbs, 1945-1965

NA9031.C65 2015  Concurrent Urbanities : designing infrastructures of inclusion

NA9050.5.P53 2015  Places : public architecture

NA9053.S6 L362 2015  Landscape Installation Art II

NA9053.S82 V37 2015  Variations of Suburbanism : approaching a global phenomenon

NA9085.W75 L48 2015  The Urbanism of Frank Lloyd Wright

NA9266.H66 B67 2015  Hong Kong : in between

NB237.N6 A4 2015  The Noguchi Museum : a portrait

NB237.S776 A4 2015  Strong-Cuevas Sculpture

NB1007.E43 M53 2014  Elephanta

NB1105.J64 N48 2015 Edge of Time : Greg Johns sculptures 1977-2015

NC139.P26 A4 2015  The Leonardo Series

NC703.L5313 2015  Experimental Design

NC975.5.C66 A3 2015  Drawing Blood

NC997.A5 H45 2014  Graphic Style Lab

NC997.C7513 2015  The Debate : the legendary contest between two giants of graphic design

NC997.G65 2016  Notes on Type

NC997.L87 2015  Graphic Design : the new basics (2nd edition)

NC998.6.G7 B74 2015  Try It! Buy it! : vintage adverts

NC999.4.S76 A35 2015  Variations on a Rectangle : 30 years of graphic design from Texas Monthly to Pentagram

NC1002.P33 T73 2015  Transparent : transparencies in design

NC1002.S85 P36 2015  Storyboarding : a critical history

NC1429.M1296 Z68 2015  Dinomania : the lost art of Windsor McCay, the secret origins of King Kong, and the urge to destroy New York

NC1763.M4 CX96 2015  Graphic Medicine Manifesto

NC1763.M6 D67 2015  Doppelgangers

NC1764.5.U62 S3825 2015  Only What’s Necessary : Charles M. Schulz and the art of Peanuts

NC1764.5.U62 C652 2015  Black Light : the world of L.B. Cole

NC1765.A525 2015  Animated Landscapes : history, form and function

NC1766.J3 B85 2015  Anime, Religion and Spirituality : profane and sacred worlds in contemporary Japan

NC1849.R63 H38 2015  Die Not hat ein Ende : the Swiss art of rock

NC1849.S54 G73 2015  Social & Political Protest Posters

NC1849.T68 C67 2015  Vintage Travel Posters : going places in style

ND237.D62 A94 2015  Enrico Donati

ND237.S465 L563 2015  Ben Shahn’s New Deal Murals

ND1101.B76 2015  Warnarn Painters of Place and Time

ND1105.c533 A4 2015 Timothy Cook : dancing with the moon

ND1140.P35 2014  Painting : the infinite body

ND1150.A78 2015  Art Students’ League of New York on Painting

ND1954.N65 A4 2015  Emil Nolde : the sea

NE1300.V65 2015  Japanese Woodblock Print Workshop

NK1457.G86 2015  New Nordic Design

NK1505.D28 2015  De-Signing Design : cartographies of theory and practice

NK1510.L38 2916  Design Basics (9th edition)

NK1520.W46 2015  100 More Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People

NK1530.S4322 2015  Ethno Pop : textures : black edition

NK1570.S75 2015  Patternalia : an unconventional history of polka dots, stripes, plaid, camouflage, & other graphic patterns

NK2115.5.L5 T45 2015  Le Corbusier and the Gras Lamp

NK2394.A77 A53 2015  Arts and Crafts Furniture

NK2399.2.Y83 2015  Furnitecture : furniture that transforms space

NK2446.V3 M3613 2014  Design by Van Beuren

NK2531.S88 J47 2015  Roman Splendor, English Arcadia

NK2554.N55 2015  Moormann

NK4696.2.G7 B76 2015  Ivory Vikings : the mystery of the most famous chessmen in the world and the woman who made them

NX650.W74 E27 2015  East Meets West

P93.5.I54 2015  Information Made Beautiful : infographic design

PN1995.9.S695 H533 2015  Star Wars : the Force Awakens : the visual dictionary

PN6727.E4 Z69 2015  Will Eisner : champion of the graphic novel

PN6727.B53 2015  Black River

PN6728.B38 D67 2015  Dorfler

PN6728.C585 M37 2015  Marvel Comics’ Civil War and the Age of Terror :  critical essays on the comic saga

PN6737.F73 D43 2015  Death of the Artist : a graphic novel

PN6737.G65 B56 2015  The Bind

PN6790.P43 A43313 2015  City of Clowns

SB458.54.M57 2015  The Monster in the Garden : the grotesque and the gigantic in Renaissance landscape design

SB469.386.G3 L88 2015  5+2 Landscapes

SB469.386.G7 G37 2015  Professional Practice for Landscape Architects (3rd edition)

SB470.5.C66 2015  Constructing Landscape : materials, techniques, structural components

SB470.55.N4 B55 2014  Yearbook:  Landscape Architecture and Urban Design in the Netherlands 2014

SB472.I7 2016  Is Landscape …? : essays on the identity of landscape

SB472.45.S66 2016  Regions and Designed Landscapes

SB472.47 R53 2015  Landscape and Garden Design Sketchbooks

SB473.R46 2014  Residential Landscape

TP450.P33 2014  Package Design for Food Gifts in Japan

TR140.G724 D38 2015  Landscapes of the People

TR140.H257 C36 2015 The Photojournalism of Del Hall : New Orleans and beyond, 1950s -2000s

TR147.M3754 2014  Kyoto : a landscape mediation

TR187.C67 2015  Photography is Magic

TR642.C43 2015  The Art of Mali Olatunji : painterly photography from Antigua and Barbuda

TR642.R445 2015  Reflections, Refractions

TR647.B5472 2015  Everybody Needs Good Neighbors

TR647.S4776 2015  Rear Views : a star-forming nebula, and the office of foreign propaganda

TR650.S28 2015  Pitt Saurwein : private tourism

TR655.C75 2015 Cristina de Middel

TR655.J73 2015  JR : can art change the world

TR659.8.C655 2015  Frame

TR659.8.K57 2015  Kiripi Katembo

TR659.8.K83 2015  Hiroji Kubota : photographer

TR660.K465 2015  Forms of Japan

TR679.M435 2015  Fashion’s Front Line : fashion show photography from the runway to backstage

TR680.T73 2015  Lunchtime

TR685.T67 2014 The Random Series : berliner trato, romananzo madrileño trip

TR685.W66x 2015 Beomsik Won : archisculpture

TR820.C25 2015  Mario Calabresi : eyes wide open

TR897.77.Z46 2016  Essential Skills in Character Rigging

TS73.B8713 2015  Design : history, theory, and practice of product design

TS73.H33 2014  Gerd Lange Design : in the context of serial production 1962-2007

TS91.A15 2015  100 Years of Swiss Design

TS171.D4695 2015  Design Thinking : new product development essentials from the PDMA

TS171.R687 2016  Consumer Product Innovation and Sustainable Design : the evolution and impacts of successful products

TS171.4.W66 2015  Wood Art : innovative wood design

TS171.95.C595 2016  3D Printing and CNC Fabrication with Sketchup

TS171.95.D78 2016  Make : 3D Printing Projects

TS171.95.W56 2015  3D Printing with Biomaterials : towards a sustainable and circular economy

TT6.A1 C73 2015  Crafting Exhibitions

TT185.M33 2014  Woodworking

TT505.S24 F73 2015  Vogue on Yves Saint Laurent

Z246.C557 2014  Commercial Prints Design

January 2016 Publications from CVM Authors

VetMed News - Tue, 2016-02-02 08:27

January 2016 Publications from CVM Authors
Take a look at the CVM author publications for January 2016 courtesy of the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.
CVM and other NCSU authors are specifically highlighted with their department affiliation and links to their other publications in the repository. To access the full text of any of these articles, click on “Find Text (NCSU Only)” link.
If you have questions or would like information about the repository or NCSU publications, please email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu or call us at 919-513-6218.