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Case Studies in Sport Management: a new online journal

NRL News - Wed, 2013-08-14 10:10

The NCSU Libraries now has online access to Case Studies in Sport Management (CSSM), a peer-reviewed journal that facilitates teaching the discipline through case studies. According to the CSSM Mission Statement, “The purpose of Case Studies in Sport Management is to enhance pedagogy in the discipline through the dissemination of teaching cases across varied topics consistent with the COSMA Common Professional Component topical areas, including sport management, marketing, finance, and law.” CSSM articles can be easily searched on their website, so finding an article that pertains to a particular topic is quite simple. Access this title using the search box on the NCSU Libraries website.

BrowZine app: trial through the end of Aug.

NRL News - Mon, 2013-08-05 09:31

Through the end of August, the library has trial access to BrowZine, an iPad and Android app that facilitates browsing of library journal collections. If you are interested in testing the product, please follow the instructions below. Your feedback about this product would be greatly appreciated and can be sent to Karen Ciccone (kacollin@ncsu.edu).

To access the trial:

• From your iPad or Android device, download BrowZine from the App Store and install it.
• When you open BrowZine for the first time, you will see a list of schools. Select “North Carolina State University,” then enter your Unity ID and Password.
• Select subject areas or titles of interest and start browsing. You may notice that only a limited portion of our collection is available for browsing through BrowZine.

Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index now available online to NC State Readers

NRL News - Wed, 2013-05-15 11:59

The NCSU Libraries now provides NC State readers with Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index online.

NC State users will need to authenticate themselves with a Unity ID to get access to the 2nd Quarter 2013 Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index. This will be updated quarterly. February 2012 and older listings of the Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index can be found in the “Economic Indicators” page of the journal Chemical Engineering.

Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index was created to make comparisons between two former quarters or years. Index comparisons are developed by dividing the index for the date for which a cost is desired by the index for the date of the known cost and multiplying the resulting factor by the known cost. The Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Indexesare based on a national average for 47 different industries. A cost index is made up of a market basket of equipment and indicates the general direction in which equipment costs are moving. They represent an estimate of the trends in installed equipment costs from 1914 to date.
An individual industry index represents a composite of the entire plant equipment and does not consider machinery or other major items individually. The cost of individual plants or pieces of equipment may deviate from the given index, but in a typical industry, the overall costs will follow the
index. The indexes are national averages, and are computed quarterly. Costs representing industrial and manufacturing engineering, machinery, mechanical and electrical
installation, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, hand tools, and other items are combined in the proportion to their average occurrence in each of the listed industries. These are additionally weighted by a factor representing the general business activity and status of the economy at the time of computation.

These digital texts are copyright protected and are licensed for use only by enrolled students and faculty at NC State University. Use by any other person is prohibited by law and subject to copyright infringement penalties.

New Life Cycle Inventory Database: ecoinvent data v2.2

NRL News - Thu, 2013-04-11 09:18

NCSU Libraries has purchased an educational license for the ecoinvent data
– a database of Life Cycle Inventory data. It is accessible through the

library catalog and the library’s databases list:

ecoinvent data v2.2 is a database of life cycle inventory (LCI) data on
energy supply, resource extraction, material supply, chemicals,
metals, agriculture, waste management services, and transport
services. Data sets from 2003 through 2010 are currently available
through Ecoinvent. LCI data (raw data and results) of more than 4,000
processes, products and services including infrastructure (such as the
manufacturing of cars, erection of power plants, construction of
roads, etc.) are available.

The following are some of the life cycle impact assessment methods
available through ecoinvent data v2.2:

- Cumulative Energy Demand (CED),
- Cumulative Exergy Demand (CExD),
- Environmental Design of Industrial Products (EDIP 2003),
- Eco-indicator 99 (all three perspectives),
- Ecological Footprint,
- Environmental Damage Potential (EDP),
- Impact 2002+,
- TRACI, and others

For information on how to use ecoinvent data v2.2 see their How to
information .

Below are some ebooks on Life Cycle Assessment (mouse over a cover
image for full title, or click on it for a link to content):

Please read ecoinvent’s End User Licence Agreement carefully before using ecoinvent data to
find information about your rights and duties when using ecoinvent data.

My #HuntLibrary iPad Mini contest ends February 22

NCSU Libraries News - Tue, 2013-02-12 15:02

The My #HuntLibrary photo contest has been a huge success! The NC State community has contributed over 1200 Instagram images to the project, simply by adding the hashtag #HuntLibrary to their Instagram photos. This crowdsourced photo project has really captured the spirit of the Hunt Library and has been a great way to introduce it to the world. While the My #HuntLibrary website will live on, the contest will end at 11:59PM February 22, 2013.

The winner will be selected by a jury of librarians from among the most popular photographs in My #HuntLibrary. The popularity score is determined by a combination of battle wins and “likes” on the photograph. Please note – likes on Instagram do not count towards the popularity score! “Likes” have to be submitted on the My #HuntLibrary app. Also, only public images taken with Instagram are eligible to win the iPad Mini. We currently don’t have the ability to include pictures from other social media sites or private photos on Instagram.

The winner will be awarded and recognized at an upcoming NCSU Libraries Student Advisory Board meeting.

The iPad Mini isn’t the only reason to participate! NCSU Libraries will preserve the best #HuntLibrary photos forever in the University’s official digital archives so they become a permanent part of NC State history. If your photo is selected, watch for a comment from us on your #HuntLibrary photo!

To browse #HuntLibrary photos, vote on your favorites, and see complete contest rules and terms of use, head to My #HuntLibrary at http://go.ncsu.edu/myhunt!

Any questions? Email myhuntlibrary@lists.ncsu.edu.

Show the World Your New Library and Win an iPad Mini

NCSU Libraries News - Wed, 2013-01-02 07:45

You’ve been waiting patiently for the James B. Hunt Jr. Library to open, and today is the big day! Now we want everyone to see the library of the future . . . through your Instagram photos!

NCSU Libraries is happy to announce the My #HuntLibrary photo contest. Through My #HuntLibrary you can participate in the story of the Hunt Library’s opening . . . and one lucky photographer will win an iPad Mini!

Participating in My #HuntLibrary is easy:

  1. Take an awesome Hunt Library photo
  2. Upload it to Instagram
  3. Tag it #HuntLibrary

At go.ncsu.edu/myhunt you can also vote on your favorite #HuntLibrary photos, see popular images, browse staff picks, and more. One of the most popular #HuntLibrary shutterbugs will win an iPad Mini, and NCSU Libraries will preserve the best #HuntLibrary photos forever in the University’s official digital archives so they become a permanent part of NC State history.

A Different Point of View

Have fun, be creative! Show us a feature that you love or a view that takes your breath away. Here are some ideas to get you going:

  • Use Virtual Browse & the bookBot for the first time
  • Lounge on the Skyline Terrace
  • Get Roman on the Monumental Stairs
  • Draw a giant picture in the Idea Alcove
  • Strike a pose in a cool chair
  • Get collaborative in a group study room
  • Immerse yourself in the Immersion Theater
  • Hang out in the Learning Commons

To browse #HuntLibrary photos, vote on your favorites, and see complete contest rules and terms of use, head to My #HuntLibrary at http://go.ncsu.edu/myhunt!