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RISI pulp and paper titles now online

NRL News - Tue, 2012-06-26 14:56

Please note that we now have online access to the following pulp and paper titles:

–Annual Review of Global Pulp & Paper Statistics
–Lockwood-Post Global Advanced Access
–PPI Pulp & Paper Week

To access these resources, use the library’s Journal Titles list:


NRL Closed on 6/23 due to planned power outage

NRL News - Fri, 2012-06-22 15:49

The Natural Resources Library will be closed on Saturday, June 23 due to a planned power outage. We will resume our normal hours on Sunday, June 24, from 1pm-5pm. Sorry for any inconvenience.

-NRL Staff

Key Library Services Unavailable June 29 through July 1

Design Library News - Mon, 2012-06-18 13:33

On June 29, the NCSU Libraries will begin moving our entire server infrastructure from D. H. Hill Library to the new state-of-the-art server room in the Hunt Library. This move is a critical step along the way toward opening the Hunt Library in January 2013 and will help to keep the Libraries on the forefront of providing technology-rich spaces and services to our community. However, the move requires us to unplug every piece of server equipment in the D. H. Hill Library, pack it, transport it to the Hunt Library, and bring all services back up.

What services will be unavailable?

Starting at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 29, and lasting throughout the weekend, many significant services, including searching the Libraries’ catalog, accessing online journal articles and databases, and course reserves online will be down. Much of the content on the Libraries’ website will also be unavailable during the weekend.

While there are partial workarounds for some of these services, it is best to plan ahead and avoid having to depend on them over this period.

Other options for searching

You can use other search tools such as Search TRLN, WorldCat and Google Scholar during the outage and still, as usual, come to the Libraries and use books and articles that the Libraries has in print form.

However, because your access to many online research materials and databases is often authenticated behind the scenes through NCSU Libraries servers, you may not be able to use these resources online during this period.

How to get help

During the weekend, you can find links to useful workarounds for your research at the Libraries’ usual website address (www.lib.ncsu.edu). As always, library staff will be ready to help in-person, on the telephone, and by instant messaging.

See original post here.

New book, The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608 facsimile

Design Library News - Thu, 2012-06-14 10:07

One of the greatest treasures in the collection of the Folger Shakespeare Library, The Trevelyon Miscellany is a 400-year-old hand drawn and lettered book created by the skilled scribe and patternmaker Thomas Trevelyon. Borrowing words and images from English and European woodcuts, engravings, broadsides, almanacs, emblem books, and the Bible, Trevelyon created a rich and fascinating encyclopedia of daily life and thought in Shakespeare’s England. Familiar scenes of domesticity and husbandry are intertwined with accounts of the rulers of England, descriptions of local fairs, the colleges of Oxford and Cambridge, astronomy according to Ptolemy, illustrations of the seasons, the nine muses and seven deadly sins, Old Testament history, household proverbs, alphabets, and embroidery patterns. A massive volume (18 inches tall and weighing over 17 pounds), this monumental work is now available to be studied and enjoyed in a gorgeous facsimile edition, thanks to state-of-the-art conservation and high-resolution digitization.

A slideshow of images is available here: View Slideshow (requires Flash 9) or come by the Design Library to see it in person!

New today, Oscar Neimeyer Book

Design Library News - Thu, 2012-06-14 09:49

This stunning new book arrived today; come by and see it!  It will be in reference, as it’s quite large and rather fragile. From the publisher’s website: “The most complete and lavish exploration of one of the 20th century’s greatest and most influential architects. Includes sketches and original photography alongside contributions from Tadao Ando, Santiago Calatrava, and Zaha Hadid.”

New books received in May

Design Library News - Tue, 2012-06-05 16:09

BD214.S44 2011  See Yourself Sensing : redefining human perception

DS609.3.D38 2010x  Singapore Shophouse

DX145.M377 2010  Mapping the Invisible : Eu-Roma Gypsies

GE350.M33 2006  Ecological Engineer : keen engineering

GV1469.3.K553 2011  Aesthetic Theory and the Video Game

HD69.B7 G23 2011  Indie Brands : 30 independent brands that inspire and tell a story

HE9849.D4 L84 2011  Luftansa + Graphic Design

HM647.J66 2011  The Tribes of Burning Man : how an experimental city in the desert is shaping the new American counterculture

HT165.5.O55 2012  Online Research Methods in Urban and Planning Studies : design and outcomes

N70.G733 2012  The Philosophy of Art

N72.S6 A7622 2011  The Art of Engagement : culture, collaboration, innovation

N85.S44 2011  See It Again, Say It Again : the artist as researcher

N715.R2 F73 2011  Light in Nature : North Carolina Museum of Art : Fishers Island House

N5300.G25 2013  Gardner’s Art through the Ages (14th edition)

N5300.J3 2011  Janson’s History of Art 8th edition

N5310.5.F7 C38 2011  Cave of Forgotten Dreams (dvd)

N6447.M594 2011 v.1-2  Modern Art

N6490.D358 2011  Defining Contemporary Art : 25 years in 200 pivotal artworks

N6494.C63 C587 3022  Conceptual Art

N6498.V53 W55 2011  Robert Wilson : video portraits

N6512.5.C55 R67 2011  Collage Culture : examining the 21st century’s identity crisis

N6537.D43 L36 2011  Willem de Kooning

N6537.G485 W67 2011  The World of William Glackens

N6537.K645 A73 2011 Jeff Koons : one ball total equilibrium tank

N6537.Z58 A35 2011  Andrea Zittel : lay of my land

N6797.S52 S5 2011  Eran Shakine : sunny side up

N7400.C36 2011  Australian Art

N7425.P74 2012  Art is Not What You Think It is

N7432.7.B33 2011  Colour and Light : materials for a theory of colour and light

N7433.5.S76 2011  Extraordinary Sketchbooks

N7433.7.L46 2011  New Creative Collage Techniques

N7433.8.C63 2011 Coded Cultures : new creative practices out of diversity

N7433.8.D485 2011 Digital Art Masters volume 6

N7433.8.E38 2011  The 3D Art Book

N7433.8.S85 2011  Digital Art Wonderland : creative techniques for inspirational journaling & beautiful blogging

N7433.8.T665 2011  Digital Painting : tricks & techniques

N7433.92.C97 2011  Experimental Painting : inspirational approaches to mixed media art

N8217.G8 D37 2010  Dark Inspiration

N8343.S57 B65 2011  Bones and Skulls

NA680.G22 no. 110  2009  GA Document 110 : special issue : Steven Holl

NA682.P67 J46 2011  The Story of Post-Modernism

NA745.A44 2012  The Allied Arts : architecture and craft in postwar Canada

NA737.D675 Y39 2011  The Complete House and Grounds : learning from Andrew Jackson Downing’s domestic architecture

NA737.G44 A4 2011  Frank Gehry : recent project

NA737.G48 G47 2012 Houses of the Sundown Sea : the architecture of Harry Gesner

NA737.H56 S34 2012  Steven Holl : scale

NA737.S48 A4 2012  Shop : out of practice

NA737.S555 C73 2012  The Architecture of Francis Palmer Smith : Atlanta’s scholar-architect

NA759.B37 F87 2009  Luis Barragan : Barragan House, Mexico City, Mexico, 1947-48

NA804.H3 I57 2011  Inside Havana

NA859.N5 A4 2008  Oscar Niemeyer : form and space

NA997.R64 S87 2012 Supercrit #3 : Richard Rogers : the Pompidou Centre

NA1041.C59 2011  Mediterranean & Mountain Living

NA1123.C527 A4 2011  Antonio Citterio, Patricia Viel and Partners : contemporary Italian design workshop

NA1153.K64 A4 2009  OMA, Villa Dall’Ava,  Paris, France, 1985-91,  Maison a Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France 1994-98

NA1308.S683 2011  Spanish Architects Abroad

NA1455.F53 A23358 2009  Alvar Aalto, Villa Mairea, Noormarkku, Finland, 1937-39

NA1502.M534 2011 Mughal Architecture & Gardens

NA1559.A5 I76 2008  Toyo Ito : recent project

NA2000.D47 2012  Design Innovation for the Built Environment

NA2105.A73 2012  Architecture School : three centuries of educating architects in North America

NA2500.C58 2012  Narrative Architectures

NA2541.H39 2012  Architecture and Climate : an environmental history of British architecture 1600-2000

NA2541.H55 2012  Weather Architecture

NA2542.3.U45 2011  Energy City : an experimental process of energy scenarios : Pescara, architecture and public space

NA2542.35.C64 2012  The Modern Architectural Landscape

NA2543.S6 A395 2012  Governing by Design : architecture, economy, and politics in the twentieth century

NA2543.S6 A86 2012  Atomic Dwelling : anxiety, domesticity, and postwar architecture

NA2543.S6 C79 2012  The Cultural Role of Architecture : contemporary and historical perspectives

NA2543.S6 K25 2012  Retailising Space : architecture, retail, and the territorialisation of public space

NA2543.S6 S783 2012  Toward a Minor Architecture

NA2543.T43 L88 2012  Co-Designers : cultures of computer simulation in architecture

NA2543.W65 H36 2011  Architects, Angels, Activists, and the City of Bath, 1765-1965 : engaging with women’s spatial intervention in buildings and landscape

NA2545.A3 D48 2012  Design for Aging : international case studies of building and program

NA2560.R38 2012  Reading Architecture and Culture : researching buildings, spaces and documents

NA2707.B65 B65 2011  Bolles + Wilson : inspiration and process in architecture

NA2728.P46 2012  Problem Seeking : an architectural program primer (5th edition)

NA2707.H33 Z35 2011  Zaha Hadid : inspiration and process in architecture

NA2750.P6953 2012  Designing Architecture : the elements of process

NA2850.L49 2012  Design & Intuition : structures, interiors & the mind

NA4110.V46 2011  Timeless Wood : outdoor living with style

NA4177.D38 2012  Living Over the Store : architecture and local urban life

NA4177.D65 2012  Live-Work Planning and Design : zero-commute housing

NA4210.B46 2012 Meetinghouses of Early New England

NA4600.A73 2012  Architecture of the Sacred : space, ritual, and experience from classical Greece to Byzantium

NA4829.L8 L88 2011  Lutheran Churches in Early Modern Europe

NA5471.B31 D59 2011  Downside Abbey : an architectural history

NA6690.M8685 2012  Museum Making : narratives, architecture, exhibitions

NA7126.S264 2011  The Sourcebook of Contemporary Houses

NA7205.S39 2011  Mediterranean Architecture :  a sourcebook of architectural elements

NA7208.2.M35 2011  Making a Case

NA7238.L6 C49 2011  Saving Wright : the Freeman House and the preservation of meaning, materials, and modernity

NA7238.P26 S65 2011  Greene & Greene : developing a California architecture

NA7533.H543 2011  Small Houses : contemporary Japanese dwellings

NA7860.B75 2011  Apartment Buildings Today

NA8230.F35 2012  Barns of New York : rural architecture of the Empire State

NA9050.S76 2010  The Spontaneous City

NA9051.V46 2012  Designing the Sustainable Site : integrated design strategies for small-scale sites and residential landscapes

NA9053.H76 E54 2012  Enhancing Building Performance

NA9072.P364 M37 2012 The Italian Piazza Transformed : Parma in the communal age

NA9350.N5 F28 2010  New York NY 10047/48 : the public process of rebuilding the World Trade Center after September 11, 2001

NC730.L6665 2012  Successful Drawing

NC975.5.N54 A35 2012  Abstract City

NC997.D476 2011  Know Your Onions : graphic design

NC997.G88 2011  Good Design 11

NC997.S28 2011  Inspiration Guide for Designers

NC997.S375 2011  Minimalist Graphics

NC999.4.G55 A4 2012  In Search of the Miraculous or One Thing Leads to Another

NC1001.D69 2011  The Graphic Communication Handbook

NC1002.M4 M46 2011  Menu Design in America

ND217.S4216 A4 2011 Maps

ND259.R5 A7 2011  Diego Rivera : a biography

ND497.C372 A4 2011 The Opening

ND1059.Y64 A4 2011  Color Engineering

NE490.S89 2011  What is a Print? : selections from The Museum of Modern Art

NK770.P75 2011  Princely Treasures : European masterpieces 1600-1800 from the Victoria and Albert Museum

NK806.E973 2011  Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence : selections from the Jane Katcher Collection of Americana, volume II

NK808.C72 2011 Crafting Modernism : midcentury American art and design

NK835.C3 C35 2011  California Design 1930-1965 : living in a modern way

NK884.B37 2011  Women in Mexican Folk Art

NK1037.C65 2010  Collector’s Choice, Collector’s Voice

NK1068.J5813 2011  Chinese Folk Arts

NK1173.G73 2011  The Business of Design : balancing creativity and profitability

NK1390.R17 2011  R 20th Century : 10 years in Tribeca

NK1404.Y35 2011 A Modern World : American design from the Yale University Art Gallery, 1920-1950

NK1452.Z9 J642 2011  Funcooldesign : JoeVelluto (JVLT)

NK1454.A1 K65 2011  Ootje Oxenaar : designer + commissioner

NK1476.7.A1 E453 2010  On Wings of Diesel : trucks, identity, and culture in Pakistan

NK1483.A1 J87 2012  China’s Design Revolution

NK1505.M39 2011  Art in Consumer Culture : mis-design

NK1520.C48 2011  Design for Sustainable Change : how design and designers can drive the sustainability agenda

NK1520.D45 2011  Integral Sustainable Design : transformative perspectives

NK1520.H69 2011  Designers Don’t Have Influence

NK1520.W52 2011 Wicked! : design on the edge of  bad taste

NK1525.D56 2012  Dirt

NK1525.G58 2011  Global Design History

NK1525.I87 2011  It’s Not a Garden Table : art and design in the expanded field

NK1530.R313 2011  The World Ornament Sourcebook

NK1548.E39 2011  Pantone : the 20th century in color

NK1548.H86 2011  Colour Hunting : how color influences what we buy, make and feel

NK1548.S54 2011  Design Elements : color fundamentals

NK1570.M39 2011  Wirrwarr

NK1570.S79 2010  Print & Pattern 2

NK2115.Q85 2011  It’s Lonely in the Modern World : the essential guide to form, function, and ennui from the creators of Unhappy Hipsters

NK2231.S28 2011  Furniture with Soul : master woodworkers and their craft

NK2439.M28 A4 2011  The House That Sam Built : Sam Maloof and art in the Pomona Valley, 1945-1985

NK2550.A53 A53 2011  Pepe Andreu : thinking furniture

NK2550.R84 A4 2011  Ruhlmann

NK2668.Z3913 2011  Chinese Furniture

NK5198.C43 A4 2011b   Chihuly : garden installations

NK7301.B45 B45 2012  Knitted, Knotted, Twisted & Twined : the jewelry of Mary Lee Hu

NK7398.B45 R38 2011 Suzanne Belperron

NK7398.D87 W55 2011 Tony Duquette, Hutton Wilkinson : jewelry

NK7398.V36 A4 2011  Set in Style : the jewelry of Van Cleef & Arpels

NX163.A78 2011  Art Entrepreneurship

NX180.G56 S56 2011  Globalized Arts : the entertainment economy and cultural identity

NX180.I57 B67 2011  Nettitudes : let’s talk net art

NX180.I57 N47 2012  Net Works : case studies in web art and design

NX180.S6 A735 2012  The Art of Social Critique : painting mirrors of social life

NX280.R68 2010  The Routledge Companion to Research in the Arts

NX650.R84 R85 2011  Ruins

NX650.S68 S685 2011  Sound

P94.6.B46 2012  Engendering Interaction with Images

PN1997.99.U63 2012 The Jolly Frolics Collection (dvd)

QC495.C65 2011  Colour in Art, Design & Nature

SB454.3.P45 I58 2012  Interlacing Word and Things : bridging the nature-culture opposition in gardens and landscape

SB457.53.F75 2011  Private Paradise : contemporary American gardens

SB457.55.L6813 2011  Chinese Gardens

SB466.A7 A143 2011  100 Australian Gardens & Landscapes

SB469.37.H65 2011 Construction for Landscape Architecture

SB470.A53 W36 2011  Wandering Ecologies : a plantsman’s journey : the landscape architecture of Charles Anderson

SB470.V3 D35 2012  Sir John Vanbrugh and the Vitruvian Landscape

SB472.C6613 2011  Constructing Shadows

SB472.45.J64 2012  Garden Source : inspirational design ideas for gardens and landscapes

T385.D698 2012  Dosch 3D Utility Vehicles (dvd)

TA174.D964 2012  Engineeering Design : representation and reasoning (2nd edition)

TG300.T66 2012  Bridge Engineering : design, rehabilitation, and maintenance of modern highway bridges  (3rd edition)

TH146.R93 2011 Traditional Construction for a Sustainable Future

TH880.I585 2011  Green Building : technologies and materials

TH1088.56.F736 2010  Fire Design of Steel Structures

TH3401.G45 2012 Sustainable Renovation : strategies for commercial building systems and envelope

TH4819.P7 P74 2011  Prefab Houses

TH4965.M3313 2011  Walls : elements of garden and landscape architecture

TH7414.L84 2010  Live.Light

TR121.M37 2010  Look : contemporary Australian photography since 1980

TR145.P37 2011  Photography and the Art of Seeing : a visual perception workshop for film and digital photography

TR654.C373 2011  James Casebere : works 1975-2010

TR891.C355 2011  Digital Technical Theater Simplified

TS57.K46 2011  Kenneth Grange : making Britain modern

TS79.I885 2011  Italian Uniqueness : the making of a national identity : 1961-2011

TS171.A1 I3 2011 v.1-2  iF Product Design Yearbook 2011

TS171.4.A58 2011  Talk to Me : design and the communication between people and objects

TS171.4.D488 2011 Design with the other 90% : cities

TS176.I57 2011  Product Design and Manufacturing

TS195.A4 H48 2011  The Heinz Tomato Ketchup Bottle (Iconic Packaging series)

TS195.2.B692 2011  Boxed & Labeled Two!

TS195.4.A43 2011  Packaging the Brand : the relationship between packaging design and brand identity

TS806.T4 T39 2012  Texas Furniture volume 1

TT195.S78 2011  DIY Furniture : a step-by-step guide

TT505.B529 L88 2011  Celia Birtwell

TT506.M56 2011  Minä Perhonen?

TT840.F33 R88 2011  Shadowfolds : surprisingly easy–to-make geometric designs in fabric

TT870.G49 2009  Origami Tessellations : awe-inspiring geometric designs

TT870.M822 2009  Ornamental Origami : exploring 3D geometric designs

TT870.S7276 2011  Sculptural Origami

Z246.M64 2011  The Modernist

Z246.R56 2011  Hand Made Type Workshop : tips, tools & techniques for creating custom typography

Z250.A2 S64 2011  Counterpunch : making type in the sixteenth century, designing typefaces now