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Vet Med Library Memorial Day Holiday Hours (May 25 – 28)

VetMed News - Tue, 2013-05-21 11:57

The Veterinary Medicine Library has the following Memorial Day Holiday hours:

May 25 (Saturday): 1:00pm – 5:00pm – Regular Hours

May 26 (Sunday): 1:00pm – 5:00pm – Regular Hours

May 27 (Monday): 1:00pm – 5:00pm Email to libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu will not be monitored Monday 5/27 so please call 919-513-6218 if you need immediate assistance.**

May 28 (Tuesday): 7:30am – 9:00pm  – Regular Hours Resume

** Memorial Day hours at D.H. Hill Library and James B. Hunt Library are 9:00am – 6:00 pm. See http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/hours/ for all NCSU Libraries Hours.

Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index now available online to NC State Readers

NRL News - Wed, 2013-05-15 11:59

The NCSU Libraries now provides NC State readers with Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index online.

NC State users will need to authenticate themselves with a Unity ID to get access to the 2nd Quarter 2013 Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index. This will be updated quarterly. February 2012 and older listings of the Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index can be found in the “Economic Indicators” page of the journal Chemical Engineering.

Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Index was created to make comparisons between two former quarters or years. Index comparisons are developed by dividing the index for the date for which a cost is desired by the index for the date of the known cost and multiplying the resulting factor by the known cost. The Marshall & Swift Equipment Cost Indexesare based on a national average for 47 different industries. A cost index is made up of a market basket of equipment and indicates the general direction in which equipment costs are moving. They represent an estimate of the trends in installed equipment costs from 1914 to date.
An individual industry index represents a composite of the entire plant equipment and does not consider machinery or other major items individually. The cost of individual plants or pieces of equipment may deviate from the given index, but in a typical industry, the overall costs will follow the
index. The indexes are national averages, and are computed quarterly. Costs representing industrial and manufacturing engineering, machinery, mechanical and electrical
installation, office equipment, furniture, fixtures, hand tools, and other items are combined in the proportion to their average occurrence in each of the listed industries. These are additionally weighted by a factor representing the general business activity and status of the economy at the time of computation.

These digital texts are copyright protected and are licensed for use only by enrolled students and faculty at NC State University. Use by any other person is prohibited by law and subject to copyright infringement penalties.

New books received in April

Design Library News - Mon, 2013-05-06 12:35

DK265.15.K56 2012  Russian Revolutionary Posters : from civil war to socialist realism, from bolshevism to the end of Stalinism

F1059.5.T684 C86 2012  Full Frontal T.O. : exploring Toronto’s architectural vernacular

GT3203.E44 2010 Cemeteries

GT3911.44.J3 G85 2011  Guide Sign Design

GV1469.32.B56 B74 2007  Breaking the Mold: The Art of Bioshock

GV1469.35.B55 A78 2013 The Art of Bioshock Infinite

GV1469.6.K63 2012 The Kobold Guide to World Building

HD9999.H362 C528 2012  Grow Your Handmade Business

HD9999 .H362 D49 2012  Crafting a Successful Small Business

HF5386.S54 2012 Success By Design

HF5439.H27 R37 2012  Handmade to Sell : Hello Craft’s guide to owning, running and growing your crafty biz

HF5439.H27 S88 2011  How To Sell Your Crafts Online

LB1068 .H69 2012  Visual Culture

N72.A75 A34 2012 David Adjaye: re-placing art and architecture

N6494.A2.I58 2012   Inventing Abstraction 1910-1925

N6494.R4 R668 2012 The Changing Concept of Reality in Art

N6537.T86 A4 2008 Cycles and Seasons

N7345.6.A786 2012 Art of Change: New Directions from China

N7430.J4613 2012  The Artist’s Eye

N7430.J56 2011   Artist’s Journal Workshop

N7430.7.D56 2012  Operative Design : a catalogue of spatial verbs

N8253.T5 J48 2011 Jetzt/Now

NA123.B47 2012 2012  Structural Systems : study guide

NA123.H372 2012  Building Systems : questions & answers

NA123.H373 2012  Construction Documents & Services : questions & answers

NA123.H374 2012  Programming, Planning &  Practice : questions & answers

NA123.H375 2012  Site Planning & Design : questions & answers

NA123.H376 2012 2012 Structural Systems : questions and answers:

NA123.K67 2012 2012 Construction Documents & Services : study guide

NA123.S55 2012 2012 Study Guide: Building Systems

NA123.W4736 2012 2012 Study Guide: Schematic Design

NA123.S64 2012  Programming, Planning & Practice : 2012 ARE study guide

NA123.S645 2012  Site Planning & Design : 2012 ARE study guide

NA493.D52 2012 Walls: Travels Along the Barricades

NA680.A53 2012 DP Architects

NA680.N85 2012 How To Make A Japanese House

NA703.F73 2012 Five North American Architects

NA712.F57 2012 Pickard Chilton

NA735.N4 V47 2009  Delirious New Orleans : manifesto for an extraordinary American city

NA735.N5 J66 2012 How to Read New York: A Crash Course in Big Apple Architecture

NA737.W28 A4 2011  Mill Reef Style : the mid-century modern architecture of Robertson Ward

NA755.6.M49 2012 México: Ajijic House CB29 Apartments

NA963.A445 2013  The Medieval Peasant House in Midland England

NA970.C589 2012 The City of London

NA997.F37 C66 2012 Continuum

NA997.H43 A4 2012b Making

NA997.S77 A4 2012 Pamphlet Architecture 32: Resilience

NA1053.B78 B45 2013 Brunet Saunier Architecture: Monospace and Simplexity

NA1022.5.S43 D83 2012 In Search of a Forgotten Architect

NA1120.L67 2012 Letarouilly on Renaissance Rome

NA1123.P2 B39 2012  The Private Palladio

NA1353.D78 A4 2012 Max Dudler

NA1530.S53 W64 2012 Architektur Atmet/Breathing Architecture

NA1549.M28 A35 2012 Bright City

NA1545.B67 2013  Original Copies : architectural mimicry in contemporary China

NA2310.G74 A721 2012 AA Book Projects Review 2012

NA2349.M5 2011  European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture : Mies Van Der Rohe Award

NA2500.L48 2012 Four Conversations on the Architecture of Discourse

NA2500.P635 2012 Public Occasion Agency

NA2500.S468 Sharp Words: Selected Essays of Dennis Sharp

NA2545.P5 M37 2011 Code Source: Accessibility

NA2545.3.W75 2012 Make Your Home Sustainable

NA2542.36.L3 2012 Carbon-neutral Architectural Design

NA2543.G46 A336 2012  The Globalisation of Modern Architecture : the impact of politics, economies, and social change on architecture and urban design since 1990

NA2543.S6 M667 2012 Why We Build

NA2543.S6 P48 2013  Peripheries

NA2543.T43 E454 2012 The Living Breathing Thinking Responsive Buildings of the Future

NA2850.L57 2012 Grand Interiors

NA2930.A845 2012 Preposterous Erections

NA4125.C663 2012 Concrete Ideas: Material to Shape a City

NA5461.J43 2012 England’s Other Cathedrals

NA6313.N4 R63 2013  Grand Central Terminal : 100 years of a New York landmark

NA6315.G72 L673 2012 Transforming King’s Cross

NA7328.D46 2012 The Life of the British Home – An Architectural History

NA7860.L4413 2011 House Design: A Manual

NA8080.G85 2012 The Guild and Guild Buildings of Shakespeare’s Stratford

NA8390.S3 2012 Fences, Gates, & Garden Houses

NA9050.5.G65 2012 Going Public

NA9053.S7 Y8 2012  Chang’an Avenue and the Modernization of Chinese Architecture

NA9070.W34 2013  Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza : from primordial sea to public space

NA9127.B68 M67 2013 Community by Design

NB1049.A3 A4 2011 Ai Weiwei

NC96.J89 2011 Juxtapoz Illustration 2

NC760.F67 2011  The Influence of Bones and Muscles on Form

NC965.L58 2012 Little Big Books: Illustrations for Children’s Picture Books

NC 973.8.D38 B45 2011 The Book Jackets of Ismar David

NC997.A1I584 2012/2013 V.1-2 International Yearbook Communication Design 2012/2013

NC997.G33 2012   Geo/Graphics

NC997.G34 2012   Geometrix

NC997.H36 2012 Hands On: Interactive Design in Print

NC997.L32 2014   Graphic Design Solutions

NC997.M5335 2012 Mini Graphics 2

NC998.4.D48 2012  Design : Paper : a seductive collection of alluring paper designs

NC999.4 C375A 2000   The End of Print: The Grafik Design of David Carson

NC999.6.B67 K75 2012 Mirko Ilić Fist to Face

NC999.6 C2 V352 2011   Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Work of Julien Valleé

NC999.6.S63 S4 2011  Claret Serrahima from Head to Feet : graphic design made in

NC1000.G73 2012  Grids and Page Layouts : an essential guide for graphic

NC1002.L63 L67 2012  Los Logos 6

NC1002.P33 P3453 2012  The Package Design Book 2

NC1002.S54 W38 2011   Way of the Sign

NC1709.O86 A4 2012   Genga: Otomo Katsuhiro Original Pictures

NC1764.85.W35 2012 v.1-10  Walt Disney’s Nine Old Men : the flipbooks

NC1765.L355 2012 Animation

NC1766.S65 P66 2012  Soviet Animation and the Thaw of the 1960s : not only for

NC 1766.U5 W65 2011  Animators of Film and Television

NC1766.U52 L38 2011 Layout and Background

NC1766.U52 S5658 2011 Walt Before Mickey

NC1807.S9 M87 2012 The Magic of Things

NC1807.U5 A76 2012  Art of the Dead : a celebration of the artists behind the
American rock poster movement

NC1849.S54 C87 2012   All of Us or None

NC 1850.K645 A4 2011 Vision and Communism

NC1850.K645 W65 2012 Koretsky: The Soviet Photo Poster: 1930-1984

NC1875.F45 2011  The World in Pocket-Sized Format

NC1883.U6 M373 2011 Coast to Coast Album Covers

ND588.S37 A4 2012  Nun : paper cuts 2008-2011

ND1489.H67 2012   Color: A Workshop for Artists and Designers

NE850.G354 2012 The Printmakers’ Bible

NK460.N4 M487 2012 Decorative Arts in the Robert Lehman Collection

NK480.D8 D74 2011 The Dream of a King

NK775.B87 2012  Inventing the Modern World : decorative arts at the world’s
fairs 1851-1939

NK789.5.A7 A4 2012 Amsterdam Design 1900-1930

NK792.F73 2011 Christopher Frayling On Craftmanship

NK808.2 B45 2012 40 Under 40: Craft Futures

NK835.M7 D54 2012 I am a Craftsman 40 at 40

NK950.B68.A4 2012 Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: Works

NK1047.D35 2012 Dalit Art and Visual Imagery

NK1172.P38 2012  Graduation Guide for Design Students

NK1380.P83 2011 Dokumente Zum Jugendstil/Art Nouveau Documents

NK1412.A565 H53 2010  Ruth Ansel

NK1412.B37 H53 2010  Lillian Bassman

NK1449.C73 A4 2011  Matali Crasset Works

NK1452.Z9 C652 2011  Joe Columbo

NK1452.Z9 C372 2012  Achille Castiglione

NK1452.Z9 P6642 2011  Gio Ponti

NK1457.S23 2012 Scandinavian Design

NK1548.B59 2012  Black and White : new monochrome graphics

NK2115.5 AR25 M63 2012   Modern Living Accessories

NK2195.R4 B48 2007 Best Ugly

NK2195.R4 J64 2012 Architecture Now!: Eat Shop Drink

NK2399.9.R765 2012 Bespoke: Furniture from 101 International Artists

NK2439.C3 A4 2012  Wendell Castle : wandering forms – works from 1959-1979

NK3119.C38 2012   AQS Catalogue of Show Quilts 2012

NK7356.S26 T5498 2012 Jewels from Imperial St. Petersburg

NK8806.T49 2012 v. 1-4   Textiles : critical and primary sources

NK8810.S523 2012 The Collier Campbel Archive

NK8843.A433 2012  The Ambassador Magazine : promoting post-war British textiles
and fashion

NK9105.T85 2011   Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge

NK9112.C75 2012  Creation Story : Gee’s Bend quilts and the art of Thornton Dial

NK9212.W57 2011 With Needle and Brush

NK9798.E88 A35 2012 The Lost Carving

PN1997.2.A678 A78 2011  The Art and Making of Arthur Christmas : an inside look
at behind-the-scenes artwork with filmmaker commentary

QA 76.76.D47 S84 2011 Appillionaires

RC952.G47 2011 Geriatric Care by Design

SB466.I8 G565 2011 Il Giardino Nobile

SB466 .I8 M66 2012  Monty Don’s Italian Gardens (dvd)

SB 469.37.J64 2012 Landscape Architecture Now!

SB472.7.N67 2013  Operative Landscapes : building community through public space

T385.A362 2013 Masterclass: Illustrator

T385.R668.D47 2013  Design Basics 3D

TH4818.P35 P54 2012  Arish: Palm-Leaf Architecture

TK4198.C66 2012  The Complete Designer’s Lights (1950-1990)

TK5105.888.M42 2012 The Designer’s Web Handbook

TK5105.8884.C46 2012  Blog Inc. : blogging for passion, profit and to create

TK5105.8884.H68 2012  Blogging For Creatives

TL4020.T76 2011 Chase for Space: An Architecture Challenge for the Future

TR15.M27 2012  One Hundred Ideas That Changed Photography

TR 646.N4 U64 2012x Unfixed: Photography and Postcolonial Perspectives in
Contemporary Art

TR658.5.A36 2011  The Crafter’s Guide to Taking Great Photos

TR820.P54 2012  The Best of Photojournalism 2012

TR897.7.D69 2012  The Dozer – part 2 : low poly modeling, uving, and baking

TR897.7.D693 2012  The Dozer – part 3 : texturing and shading

TS943.I82 F4775 2011  Salvatore Ferragamo : inspiration and vision

TT515 .S43 2006  The Secret World of Haute Couture  (dvd)
TX.656.K58 2012 Küchen Werkzeug/Kitchen Tools

Z246.C37 2012 Dialog

Z246.L456 2013 Idea Generation

Z250.A2 F78 2009 Adrian Frutiger – Typefaces. The Complete Works.

Z253.Y3365 2012   Logo Construction: How to Design and Build a Logo

April 2013 Publications from CVM Authors

VetMed News - Thu, 2013-05-02 09:16

April 2013 Publications from CVM Authors

Take a look at the CVM author publications for April 2013 courtesy of the NCSU Scholarly Publications Repository.

CVM and other NCSU authors are specifically highlighted with their department affiliation and links to their other publications in the repository. To access the full text of any of these articles, click on “Find Text (NCSU Only)” link.

If you have questions or would like information about the repository or NCSU publications, please email libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu or call us at 919-513-6218.

VML Intersession Hours Begin May 9

VetMed News - Wed, 2013-05-01 13:17

The Veterinary Medicine Library has the following hours for Semester Intersession:

  • May 9 (Thursday) : 8:00am – 8:00pm
  • May 10 (Friday) : 8:00am – 5:00pm
  • May 11-12 (Saturday – Sunday) : 1:00pm – 5:00pm
  • May 13-15 (Monday – Wednesday) : 8:00am – 6:00pm
  • May 16-17 (Thursday – Friday) : 8:00am – 10:00pm*
  • May 18 (Saturday) : 10:00am – 7:00pm*
  • May 19 (Sunday) : 10:00am – 5:00pm*

May 20 (Monday) : 7:30am – 9:00pm – Regular Summer Hours Begin

*Hours have been extended for Workshop in Laboratory Animal Medicine (May 16-19)

Longer hours are available at the D.H. Hill Library and James B. Hunt Library – see http://www.lib.ncsu.du/hours/ for all NCSU Libraries Hours.

VML Extends Hours for Workshop in Laboratory Animal Medicine (5/16 – 5/19)

VetMed News - Wed, 2013-05-01 13:04

The Vet Med Library will have the following hours during the Workshop in Laboratory Animal Medicine:

May 16 (Thursday) : 8:00am – 10:00pm
May 17 (Friday) : 8:00am – 10:00pm
May 18 (Saturday) : 10:00am – 7:00pm
May 19 (Sunday) : 10:00am – 5:00pm

Longer hours at D.H. Hill Library and James B. Hunt Library – see http://www.lib.ncsu.edu/hours for all NCSU Libraries Hours.

DVM Seniors – Return Library materials by May 5.

VetMed News - Mon, 2013-04-29 11:00

Sunday, May 5th is the due date for returning all materials borrowed from the NCSU Libraries.   Materials may be returned to any NCSU Libraries location in person or via the book drop.  The Vet Med Library book drop is outside the front CVM Main entrance.

All materials must be returned and any financial obligations paid prior to graduation.

Those returning to CVM for internship/residency/graduate school may continue to check out materials; see Veterinary Medicine Library staff for assistance with renewals and due dates.

View your Library Account at any time via the  Libraries website.  Select the “My Account” link at the right on the Libraries banner on any library web page.

Contact the Vet Med Library  at libraryvetmed@ncsu.edu or 919-513-6218 if you have  questions.

Congratulations on graduating!!

Cats win the Open House “What’s Your Favorite Animal” drawing contest

VetMed News - Sat, 2013-04-27 16:33

Thanks to all the CVM Open House visitors who drew their favorite animals on one of the whiteboards in the Veterinary Medicine Library on Saturday, April 27!

Drawings by visitors to the CVM Open House

Cats ruled the boards with 27 drawings!
Dogs were the second place runner up with 19 drawings, followed by 12 birds (chickens, penguins, owls, eagles, and others) and 9 horses.

Other species in order of appearance were undetermined small mammals (3); two each of wolves, tigers, elephants, cows, fish, and pigs; and 1 each of dolphin, panda, butterfly, bear, giraffe, frog, rhinoceros, lizard, turtle, bearded worm, nautilus, a unicorn, and an amoeba.

The drawing with the most comments was the panda featured here:

The Panda was the most commented on drawing.