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Imag(e)ine That! Image Discovery Week

Design Library News - Tue, 2012-09-25 13:10

We’re highlighting the image collections in the Design Library and the Special Collections Research Center this week for Image Discovery Week! We’d like to be sure everyone is aware of the resources for images like ARTstor, the Design Library Image Database, and the Special Collections Image Collections. If you’re curious about what these collections hold, we’ll be showing off images from our collection and Special Collections on an eboard in the Design Library, so come by the library and see it. And if you’d like us to help you learn to use these databases, or if you would like us to come talk to your students, please let Barbara (barbara_brenny@ncsu.edu) or me (karen_dewitt@ncsu.edu) know, and we will be happy to help you.

Go to this site to see an overview of the image collections relevant to Design:


And go here to see the images that Special Collections has digitized from their archives:


New books received in August

Design Library News - Tue, 2012-09-11 16:51

HT169.A8 G87 2011 Australian Land Use Planning : principles, systems, and practice

HT384.M47 M4313 2012 The Medina : the restoration and conservation of historic Islamic cities

N5070.K3 F57 2011 Ian Wallace

N6496.3.G3 K37 2007 Bilderbuch

N6537.L965 L96 2011 David Lynch : works on paper

N7359.N38 A45 v.1-2 2011 Yoshitomo Nara : the complete works

NA687.D74 2010 100 X 400 vol. 2

NA737.D675 A35 2012 Andrew Jackson Downing : essential texts

NA737.H56 A4 2012B Steven Holl : color, light, time

NA869.A73 A4 2011 Alejandro Aravena : the forces in architecture

NA1123.S35 G85 2011 Carlo Scarpa’s Tomba Brion

NA1550.S49 2012 Learning from the Japanese City : looking east in urban design

NA1569.U67 A4 2010 Compound Body : Unsangdong Architects

NA1997.A734 2011 Architecture : a woman’s profession

NA2543.P46 C36 2012 Camera Constructs : photography, architecture and the modern city

NA2760.H37 2012 Fractal Architecture : organic design philosophy in theory and practice

NA4135.P67 2012 Post-Ductility : metals in architecture and engineering

NA5235.N63 R44 2012 Gothic Pride : the story of building a great cathedral in Newark

NA6275.M43 2012 Making Modern Paris : Victor Baltard’s central markets and the urban practice of architecture

NA7469.C69 2011 Home : evolution of the Australian dream : an illustrated review of housing in Australia

NA8360.P38 2008 Conservatories and Orangeries

NA9053.E58 P5 2012 Systemic Architecture : operating manual for the self-organizing city

NA9263.V47 2012 The Vertical Village : individual, informal, intense

NC825.C43 S8 2011 Alive Character Design : for game, animation and film

NC825.S58 N34 2012 Blast : spaceship sketches and renderings

NC980.5.G67 Y68 2012 Balzac, Grandville, and the Rise of Book Illustration

NC997.L37 2011 Damn Good : top designers discuss their all-time favorite projects

NC997.O54 2011 100 Best Annual Reports 2011

NC997.P63 2011 The Language of Graphic Design : an illustrated handbook for understanding fundamental design principles

NC997.T56 2012 Thou Shall Not Use Comic Sans : a designer’s almanac of do and don’ts

NC998.4.G675 2011 Graphic Design Worlds / Words

NC998.6.A65 A732 2011 Arabesque 2 : graphic design from the Arab world and Persia

NC1002.L47 L475 2011 Letterhead + Logo Design 12

NC1002.L63 D66 2011 999 Logo Design Elements

NC1002.L63 F57 2011 LogoLounge 6 : 2,000 international identities by leading designers

NC1002.S85 C74 2011 The Storyboard Artist : a guide to freelancing in film, tv, and advertising

NE538.L67 P76 2011 Proof : the rise of printmaking in Southern California

NK1505.W75 2012 Writing Design : words and objects

NK2597.B46 2010 IKEA the Book : designers, products and other stuff

PN1997.C368 M366 2011 The Art of Captain America : The First Avenger

PN1997.2.A945 S87 2012 The Art of Marvel’s The Avengers

PN1997.2 .B7297 L47 2012 The Art of Brave

QA76.9.U83 R47 2012 Usable Usability : simple steps for making stuff better

TH153.S44 2012 Manufacturing the Bespoke : making and prototyping architecture

TH4961.N47 2009 A Shelter in the Garden : playhouses, treehouses, gazebos, sheds, and other outdoor structures

TR139.C677 2011 Conversations with Photographers

TR820.5.N49 2011 The New York Times Magazine : photographs

TR897.7.M466 A475 2012 Creating Plants in Maya/Mental Ray (dvd)

TS195.4.B87 2011 The Big Book of Packaging

Z246.A62 2011 Layout

Z246.S267 2012 The Electric Information Age Book : McLuhan/Agel/Fiore and the experimental paperback

Z250.A2 Z374 2011 What Our Lettering Needs : the contribution of Hermann Zapf to calligraphy & type design

Z250.T985 2012 Typography Referenced : a comprehensive visual guide to the language, history, and practice of typography

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) downtime on Saturday

NRL News - Thu, 2012-08-23 17:36

ScienceDirect is expected to be offline and unavailable for approximately 19 hours beginning Saturday, August 25th for scheduled maintenance. The outage is scheduled from 7:30 AM EDT Saturday, August 25th until 2:30 AM EDT, Sunday, August 26th.

During this time online journals from Elsevier will be unavailable. If you have questions or need help, contact us at www.lib.ncsu.edu/askus.

ScienceDirect (Elsevier) downtime on Saturday

Design Library News - Thu, 2012-08-23 17:36

ScienceDirect is expected to be offline and unavailable for approximately 19 hours beginning Saturday, August 25th for scheduled maintenance. The outage is scheduled from 7:30 AM EDT Saturday, August 25th until 2:30 AM EDT, Sunday, August 26th.

During this time online journals from Elsevier will be unavailable. If you have questions or need help, contact us at www.lib.ncsu.edu/askus.

New books received in June and July

Design Library News - Fri, 2012-08-03 09:17

AM153.D98 2012  Virtuality and the Art of the Exhibition : curatorial design for the multimedial museum

BD621.B613 2011  Human Space

BF408.S4486 2010  Creative Workshop : 80 challenges to sharpen your design skills

D522.27.S28 2011 Trench Art (2nd edition)

D743.25.W55 2011  Windows on the War : Soviet Tass posters at home and abroad : 1941-1945

DA550.V535 2011  A Victorian Lady’s Scrapbook

F128.65.H54 D38 2011  High Line : the inside story of New York City’s park in the sky

F128.7.R35 2011  New New York

GT2345.J898 2011 Juxtapoz Tattoo 2

GT2370.C67 2011  Fashions in Eyeglasses from the Fourteenth Century to the Present Day

GT2370.H35 2011  Cult Eyewear : the world’s enduring classics

GV413.S547 2007  Sports (GA Contemporary Architecture series)

HE305.A42 2011  Urban Transformation : transit oriented development and the sustainable city

HF5825,C668 2011  The Copy Book

HF6146.I58 O54 v.14  One Show Interactive volume 14

HM621.C74 2012  v.1-4  Creative Industries : critical readings

HN980.T487 2012  Rural Design : a new design discipline

HT165.5.R43 2011  Readings in Planning Theory

HT169.57.U6 P59 2011  Master-Planned Communities : lessons from the developments of Chuck Cobb

N61.A27 2011  Aesthetics and Contemporary Art

N72.H63 B88 2011  Holocaust Images and Picturing Catastrophe : the cultural politics of seeing

N72.S6 S956 2004  Swindle no. 1

N72.S6 W47 2011  100 Days of Active Resistance

N72.T4 W35 2011  Steampunk Sourcebook

N6489.A78 2011   Art Always Has Its Consequences : artists’ texts from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia

N6497.A23 2011  Activity

N6497.G38 2011  100 New Artists

N6498.I56 2010  Installation Art

N6537.F55 I8 2011  It Is What It Is : writings on Dan Flavin since 1964

N6537.S6175 A4 2011  Robert E. Smith

N6559.E5 A4 2011   Eos México : the design of Mauricio and Sebastián Lara

N6659.S49 A4 2011 Regina Silveira

N6853.B35 A35 2011 George Barbier : master of art deco

N6853.M336 A413 2011  Charles Matton : enclosures

N7307.J36 H46 2011 Memorials of the Jeypore Exhibition 1833

N7430.5.A78 2011  Artwork : seeing inside the creative process

N7432.5.A78 C65 2011 Collecting Worlds : contemporary international outsider art

N7432.5.A78 R87 2011  Groundwaters : a century of art by self-taught and outsider artists

N7433.3.H36 2011  Hanging Quotes : talking book arts, typography & poetry

N7433.4.K36 A54 2011  Anish Kapoor

N7433.8.G38 2011  Gateways : art and networked culture

N7433.85.A86 A4 2011  The Art of Atomhawk Design volume 1

N8217.F5 K74 2011  Burning Issues : fire in art and the social imagination

N8219.L5 Y68 2011  Light for Visual Artists : understanding and using light in art & design

N8237.8.R8 S33 2011 Ruins : reflexions about violence, chaos and transience

N8351.B69 2011  A Guide to Preparing your Portfolio

NA31.B83 2012  Illustrated Dictionary of Architecture (3rd edition)

NA680.N663 2012  Non West Modernist Past : on architecture & modernities

NA705.C4 v.16 2012  Center 16 : Latitudes : architecture in the Americas

NA712.T54 2011 Schlepping through Ambivalence : essays on an American architectural condition

NA735.L55 E55 2011  Modern Tract Homes of Los Angeles

NA737.C267 W44 2012  Beyond Surface Appeal : literalism, sensibilities, and constituencies in the work of James Carpenter

NA737.W52 H84 2012  Paul R. Williams : classic Hollywood style

NA737.W7 B75 2011  Tales of Taliesin

NA737.W7 F28 2009  Frank Lloyd Wright : Fallingwater : Mill Run, Pennsylvania, USA, 1934-37

NA737.W7 P43 2011  Frank Lloyd Wright : 1885-1916 : the complete works

NA759.R56 A4 2011  Alberto Rimoch arquitecto

NA759.R625 A4 2011  Mauricio Rocha : taller de arquitectura

NA859.N5 S25 2009  Oscar Niemeyer

NA997.N5 A4 2011  Grimshaw Architecture : the first 30 years

NA997.S6 D87 2011  The Smythson Circle : the story of six great English houses

NA1088.B4 A827 2000  Peter Behrens and a New Architecture for the Twentieth Century

NA1173.B873 A4 2011  (Re)inventing – (Re)visiting : Buro II

NA1353.O54 A35 2011 Olgiati

NA1510.D67 A6 2011  Paths Uncharted

NA1555.6.S83 2011  Sublime : new design and architecture from Japan

NA1555.5.M48 K66 2011  Project Japan : metabolism talks…

NA2005.U59 2012  Exercises in Architecture : learning to think as an architect

NA2642.8.W3846 2011  Water Sensitive Urban Design : principles and inspiration for sustainable stormwater management in the city of the future

NA2543.H42 I46 2012  Imperfect Health : the medicalization of architecture

NA2543.S6 T47 2011  Testify! : the consequences of architecture

NA2543.T43 S47 2011  Sentient City : ubiquitous computing, architecture, and the future of urban space

NA2543.Y6 P63 2011  Play : indoor, outdoor

NA2750.Y35 2011  Mapping Controversies in Architecture

NA2794.P485 2012  Nordic Light : modern Scandinavian architecture

NA2850.G35 2011  Japanese Interior Design

NA2850.R46 2012  The Interior Plan : concepts and exercises

NA6026.6.B6 B673 2010  Borobudur

NA6230.E96 2012  eVolo: re-imagining the contemporary museum, exhibition & performance space

NA6230.O32 2007  Office 1 (GA Contemporary Architecture series)

NA6230.O322 2008  Office 2 (GA Contemporary Architecture series)

NA6230.S36 2012  Planning for Tall Buildings

NA6230.S48 2008 Skyscraper for the XXI Century

NA6700.B47 D55 2011 Diller Scofidio + Renfro : Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Boston

NA6700.B47 J96 2011  Daniel Libeskind : Jewish Museum Berlin

NA6750.A2 U6 2012  Corn Palaces and Butter Queens : a history of crop art and dairy sculpture

NA6821.T43 2006 Theater (GA Contemporary Architecture series)

NA6862.S72 M33 2011  The Magic Box

NA7238.S395 P49 2011  Under Arizona Skies : the apprentice desert shelters at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin

NA8480.J63 2011  Temporary Architecture Now!

NA9050.U72 2010  Urban Asymmetries : studies and projects on neoliberal urbanization

NA9053.W38 W374 2010  Waterfront : resewing the city : plaza and square in Europe

NC735.S56 2011  Learning Curves : an inspiring guide to improve your design sketch skills

NC780.7.R53 2011  Endangered Species

NC974.4.N48 M67 2012  Blown Covers : New Yorker covers you were never meant to see

NC994.5.S75 A2 2011  Stitt : autobiographics : 50 years of the graphic design work of Alexander Stitt

NC997.A1 N49 2011 Graphis New Talent Annual 2011

NC997.A1 O54 2011  One Show Design volume 5

NC997.E94 2013  Exploring the Elements of Design (3rd edition)

NC997.F74 2011 Fresh/1 : cutting-edge illustrations – object

NC997.F743 2011 Fresh/3 : cutting-edge illustrations – print

NC997.N68 2011  Not For Sale : for promo only

NC998.D78 2013 Graphic Design History : a critical guide

NC998.6.S34 S28 2012 Scandinavian Graphic Design

NC999.4.B377 A4 2011  Saul Bass ; a life in film & design

NC1001.5.C74 2011  Creativity 40 : Creativity Awards Annual

NC1001.5.O53 v.33 2011 The One Show volume 33

NC1002.L63 F59 v.4  LogoLounge Master Library : 3000 type & calligraphy logos

NC1002.L63 L584 2011  Logo Design volume 3

NC1002.P33 M67 2010  Promotional Packaging and Design : creative concepts, folding and templates

NC1002.S85 T67 2011  Storyboarding : turning script to motion

NC1849.T68 M34 2010  Posters : traveling around Italy through advertising 1895-1960

ND195.V55 2011  Vitamin P2

ND1505.M3613 2010  Treatise on Paint

NE539.C56 A4 2003  Chuck Close Prints : process and collaboration

NE965.N535 2011  Nice To Meet You Too! : visual greetings from business cards to identity packages

NK480.B38 B47 2011  Folk Art from the American Museum in Britain

NK700.B43 2011  Decorative Arts : from the middle ages to the renaissance

NK925.R43 2011  Inspired Design : European and North American decorative arts from the Art Gallery of South Australia

NK928.C76 2012  Award Winning British Design 1957-1988

NK1170.L96 2011  Design Education : learning, teaching and researching through design

NK1173.H65 2011  The Strategic Designer : tools for managing the design process

NK1175.V53 2011 v.1-4  V&A Pattern : v.1 Walter Crane, v.2 Chinese Textiles, v.3 Pop Patterns, v.4 Spitalfields Silks

NK1397.Q56 2011  Design Futures

NK1413.A1 C65 2011  The Modern Eye

NK1457.S64 2010  Nordic Designers

NK1459.A1 R36 2011  On the Cutting Edge : design in Iceland

NK1460.A1 D47 2010  Design by Nature

NK1510.L57 2011  The Little Know-It-All : common sense for designers

NK1520.B48 2012  Sustainable Design : a critical guide

NK1520.D47 2011  Design for Change

NK1520.H67 2012 The Shape of Green : aesthetics, ecology, and design

NK1520.V56 2011  Visual Rhetoric and the Eloquence of Design

NK1530.G55 2011  Flourish, Banner, Frame : 555 ornamentals and motifs for design and illustration

NK1530.N49 2011  The Chronology of Pattern : pattern in art from lotus flower to flower power

NK1530.S4329 2011  Ultra Pop : textures vol. 2

NK1555.R53 2011  Marine Animals

NK2049.Z9 P4652 2011  Maria Pergay : complete works 1957-2010

NK2072.G47 2011  Contemporary Living in Asia

NK2083.W47 2011  Chinese Motifs of Good Fortune

NK2115.5.L5 L52 2010  Licht Kunst Licht 3 : lighting design for architecture 1

NK2405.A623 2011  American Furniture

NK2598.O34 O34 2011  Offecct Voices : furniture, passion and entrepreneurs

NK3064.A3 H3 1998  The Making of Modern Tapestry

NK3668.5.E48 2012  On The Button : the significance of an ordinary item

NK4890.C67 C66 2011  Contemporary Jewelry Art : innovative materials

NK7310.U64 2012  Unexpected Pleasures : the art and design of contemporary jewellery

NX180.S6 D477 2012  I Must Not Think Bad Things : drive-by essays on American dread, American dreams

NX456.5.S8 S87 2011  Surrealism : the poetry of dreams

PN6245.T74 2007  The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608

Q180.55.M4 M35 2012  Universal Methods of Design

QA76.9.C65 L56 2012 disc 1-5  Motorcycles and Bikes : hard surface modeling : precision SubD modeling in 3DS Max

SB451.36 E85 T87 2011  European Gardens : history, philosophy and design

SB466.S7 B65 2011  Great Gardens of Spain

SB472.45.D44 2012  To Design Landscape : art, nature & utility

SB472.45.J66 2012  Mediterranean Landscape Design : vernacular contemporary

SB473.H5155 2004  The Jewel Box Garden

T385.R668 D47 2013  Design Basics 3D

TA403.6.B76 2012  Material Strategies : innovative applications in architecture

TD277.A1 M48 2012  Sweet & Salt : water and the Dutch

TH453.B875 2011  Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation

TK260.N44 2005  National Electrical Code 2005  Handbook

TP919.G272 2011  Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia : colors of Provence using sustainable methods

TR139.W365 2011  Artful Lives : Edward Weston, Margrethe Mather, and the Bohemians of Los Angeles

TR685.A48 2011  Altered Images : new visionaries in 21st century photography

TR854.Z665 2012  3-DIY : stereoscopic moviemaking on an indie budget

TS149.G46 2010  The Genius of Design

TS171.A1 R43 2011 v.1-2  Red Dot Design Yearbook 2011/2012

TS171.A1 R44 2011/12  Red Dot Design Concept Yearbook 2011/2012

TS171.B473 2012  Best CreatiFes 2012 : international designers and companies in the iF ranking

TS171.I356 2011  iF Concept Design Yearbook 2011: design talents

TS171.4.H85 2011  100 Eco Ideas : by a global body of untiring advocates of an extraordinary green reform

TT157.A68 2012  The Pulse of Mixed Media : secrets and passions of 100 artists revealed

TT174.Z36 2010  The Vinyl Frontier (dvd)

TT505.S58 A5 2012  Paul Smith : A to Z

TT870.M82 2011  Exquisite Modular Origami

Z246.M54 2011 Type Navigator : the independent foundries handbook

Z246.N5313 2011 Ready to Print : handbook for media designers

Z246.S88 2011  A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days : 1776-1994

Z250.A2 Z3748 2011 About More Alphabets : the types of Hermann Zapf

Z250.W5985 2012 Type Matters! : simple tips for everyday typography

Z250.5.N6 T94 2011  Twenty-five Characters : an alphabetical book about Nokia Pure

Z253.5.B46 2011  The Best of News Design 32

Z261.W58 2011 Paper Folding Templates for Print Design : formats, techniques, and design considerations for innovative paper folding

Z286.Z54 B44 2011  Behind the Zines : self-publishing culture

Z679.R25 2006  Library (GA Contemporary Architecture series)