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New in October and November

Mon, 2014-12-15 12:28

GB652.D47 2014  Design in the Terrain of Water

HT166.C75 2014  Critical Spaces : contemporary perspectives in urban spatial and landscape studies

HT166.U64 2014  Uneven Growth : tactical urbanisms for expanding megacities

HT169 .G7 T977 2013  Jaqueline Tyrwhitt : a transnational life in urban planning and design

HT178.H56 S53 2014  Himalayan Cities : settlement patterns, public spaces and architecture

NA100.A72 2014  Architecture and the Welfare State

NA208.I45 2012  Igloo : contemporary vernacular architecture

NA687.R33 2014  Building as Ornament

NA737.F48 R37 2014  California Moderne  and the Mid-Century Dream : the architecture of Edward H. Fickett

NA737.H25 K56 2014  George Hadfield : architect of the Federal City

NA737.S654 D83 2014  Stiff + Trevillion : practicing architecture

NA737.W7 F743 2014  Frank Lloyd Wright : the rooms : interiors and decorative arts

NA755.C37 2013 v.1-2  Architecture in Mexico : 1900-2010

NA803.C664 2014  Havana Modern

NA970.W35 2013  London Buildings : David Walker Architects

NA1053.C66 A4 2014  Concrete UnLtd.

NA1088.M65 K76 2014  Mies van der Rohe : the built work

NA1121.R66 K35 2014  The Third Rome : 1922-1943: the making of the Fascist capital

NA1153.H38 I24 2014  Havermans + Hielkema : architecten

NA1173.V36 A4 2014  Charles Vandenhove : architecture 1954-2014

NA1223.J83 H36 2014  Finn Juhl and His House

NA1455.F53 S24435 2014  Saarinen Houses

NA2005.A69 2014  Architecture LIVE Projects : pedagogy into practice

NA2500.A7125 2014  Architecture Against the Post-Political

NA2500.F667 2014  Forty Ways To Think About Architecture : architectural history and theory today

NA2500.P55 2014  Place and Displacement : exhibiting architecture

NA2500.S473 2014  Towards an Articulated Phenomenological Interpretation of Architecture

NA2542.3.P37713x 2014  Passive House Design

NA2542.36.L47 2014  Lessons from Vernacular Architecture

NA2543.T43 S53 2013  Rise Tectonic Machines! Construct the Exigent City!

NA2545.A1 B69 2014  Doing Disability Differently

NA2707.T73 A4 2014  Bernard Tschumi : notations : diagrams and sequences

NA3705.D87 2015  Architectural Tiles : conservation and restoration

NA4232.M48 C37 2014  Spectacular Mexico : design, propaganda, and the 1968 Olympics

NA4475.S8 G673 2014  Gunnar Asplund’s Gothenburg : the transformation of public architecture in Interwar Europe

NA5320.M2 H46 2014  Cathedral : an illness and healing

NA6011.L35 2014  The Golden Lands : Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam

NA6600.C69 205  University Trends : contemporary campus design

NA6696.C6 J33 2014  New Museums in China

NA9051.R69 2014  Urban Intensities : contemporary housing types and territories

NA9355.E3 M33 2014  Scotland’s Shrine : the Scottish National War Memorial

NC242.P37 A4 2014  In the City

NC363.M37 2014  Art-Centered Learning Across the Curriculum

NC845.D33 2014  Graphic Design School : the principles and practice of graphic design

NC997.M35 2014  Making a Splash : graphics that flow

NC1002.P33 E28 2014  Eat & Go : branding & design for takeaways & restaurants

NC1766.U53 B45 2014  The Art of Big Hero 6

NC1766.U53 B66 2014  Art of the Book of Life

NC1766.U53 H692 2014  The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2

NK1170.K84 2014  Designing Models

NK1175.H63 2014  When Design Really Works

NK1447.6.C73 A4 2014  A Frame For Life : the designs of StudioIlse

NK1510.H444 2014  Typographic Universe

NK2043.P68 2014  Bachelors of a Different Sort : queer aesthetics, material culture, and the modern interior in Britain

NK2195.S89 S792 2014 v.1-2  Stylish Stores II

NK2542.E73 BL47 2014  Ercol : furniture in the making

NK2542.W75 A4 2014  The Furniture of Rupert Williamson

NK7390.A1 S59 2014  Place and Adornment : a history of contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand

PN1992.77.A2596 M395 2014  Adventure Time : the art of Ooo

PN1997.2.B68 E76 2014  The Art of Boxtrolls

PN1997.2.F35 2013  The Hobbit : desolation of Smaug : chronicles : art & design

PN3365.L35 2014  Shoot Your Novel : cinematic techniques to supercharge your writing

PN6727.B36 C64 2005   One Hundred Demons

PN6727.B37 57 Z46 2007  Fun Home : a family tragicomic

PN6727.C565 A6 2012  Daniel Clowes : modern cartoonist

SB484.C2 R45 2014  Climber’s Paradise : making Canada’s mountain parks, 1906-1974

TA403.D46 2014  Material Innovation Architecture

TH880.I56 2014 v.1-2  Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials

TH1431.D34 2012 Icehotel Art & Design

TH1651.A43 2013  The Alchemy of Galvanizing : art, architecture and engineering

TT496.B35 2014  The Fight for Ethical Fashion : the origins and interactions of the clean clothes campaign

TT505.E53 A25 2014  Lanvin : I love you

TT507.F6325 2014  Why It Does Not Have To Fit : modern fashion explained

TT515.F37 2014  Haute Couture Ateliers : the artisans of fashion

Z116.A43 S38 2014  Book Designers from the Netherlands

Code+Art Visualization Contest

Thu, 2014-11-06 13:36

The NCSU Libraries is pleased to announce its inaugural Code+Art Visualization Contest. Through a competitive proposal process, the contest encourages students to create large-scale, data-driven “generative art” for the twenty-foot wide Art Wall at the James B. Hunt Jr. Library. Selected proposals will receive a budget, work closely with Libraries staff to realize their project vision, and then compete for a grand prize to be awarded at a Code+Art reception at the Hunt Library in spring 2015.

Find out more here: