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Charles “Chuck” Flink Oral History now available in Special Collections

Mon, 2016-12-12 11:44

Oral history interview with Chuck Flink

The Special Collections Research Center now has available an oral history interview with Charles “Chuck” Flink. The interview can be accessed here. Too, Special Collections has the Greenways Incorporated Records and Charles A. Flink Papers which are also open for research.

There are other oral history resources relating to Landscape Architecture in Special Collections, including the Lewis Clarke Oral Histories. Those oral histories can be accessed here.

Also available is an oral history with Richard C. Bell.

For more information about landscape architecture collections, please visit our collections page here.

New books received this fall

Mon, 2016-12-05 13:02

BL65.C8 R4525 2016  Religion : material religion

GT525.E33 2015  Anti_Fashion : a manifesto for the next decade

HD53.S757 2016  Strategic Design Thinking : innovation in products, services, experiences, and beyond

HD69.B7 G38 2016 Design by Thinking : one hundred thoughts about corporate and brand identity

HT177.R35 B58 2012  Blue Ridge Road District Study

HT241.P75 2014  Projective Ecologies

HV6432.7.S224 2016  Power at Ground Zero : politics, money, and the remaking of lower Manhattan

HV6432.7.M47 2006  Aftermath : World Trade Center Archive

HV8077.5.F6 B629 2017 Forensic Footwear Evidence

LD3928.G74 2014  Greek Village Master Plan Update

LD3928.N3792 2008  NC State University Master Plan

LD3928.W468 2008  West Lot Master Plan

LD3928.W47 2013  Western Boulevard Crossing Study

ML85.R03 2016  Oh So Pretty : punk in print 1976-1980

N70.W44 2015  Design for Dasein : understanding the design of experiences

N7433.85.A86 A4 2011  The Art of Atomhawk : volume 2

N7745.A5 W456 2015  Principles of Creature Design : creating imaginary animals

N8250.C486 2013  Chum : 25 artists go fishing for meaning in fishing

NA680.J63 2016  The New Pavilions

NA737.B68 A4 2016  Breuer

NA737.S638 L37 2016 Community Architect : the life and vision of Clarence S. Stein

NA1121.F7 A85 2016  The Noisy Renaissance : sound, architecture, and Florentine urban life

NA1123.N4 G37 2016  The Rhetoric of Pier Luigi Nervi : concrete and ferrocement forms

NA1313.S165 A4 2016  Sanahuja & Partners : architecture from the Mediterranean

NA1329.A39 A48 2016  Algarve Building : modernism, regionalism and architecture in the south of Portugal, 1925-1965

NA1469.H33 H33 2016  The Complete Zaha Hadid

NA1526.P369 2016  Building in Indonesia 1660-1960

NA1545.6.C45 2016   Chinese Architecture Today

NA1995.W56 2017  Women Architects in India

NA1996.F58 2016  Constructing the Persuasive Portfolio

NA2500.A438 2016  Site and Composition : design strategies in architecture and urbanism

NA2500.H233 2016  Design/Build with Jersey Devil : a handbook for education and practice

NA2540.A6123 2016  Architecture and the Unconscious

NA2541.B34 2016  Architecture as the Ethics of Climate

NA2541.C544 2016  Climates : architecture and the planetary imaginary

NA2542.3.E456 2017  Energy Accounts : architectural representations of energy, climate, and the future

NA2542.4.D67 2016 Container and Modular Buildings

NA2542.4.S365 2016 Adaptable Architecture : theory and practice

NA2543.S47 L45 2017  Adaptive Sensory Environments : an introduction

NA2543.S6 A92 2016  Diasporic Agencies : mapping the city otherwise

NA2543.S6 R44 2017  Reflections on Architecture, Society, and Politics : social and cultural tectonics in the 21st century

NA2543.S6 S64 20016  Speculations Transformations : thoughts on the future of Germany’s cities and regions

NA2543.T43 H43 2014  Creative Engineering, Architecture, and Technology

NA2543.T43 R63 2014  The Robotic Touch : how robots change architecture

NA2545.P5 A29 2012  Accessible Architecture

NA2700.C46 2015  Architectural Graphics (6th edition)

NA2708.M38 2015 Drawing for Architects

NA2708.S58 2016  Sketching for Engineers and Architects

NA2750.B87 2016  Prototyping for Architects

NA2750.D38 2015  Material Imagination in Architecture

NA2750.H67 2016  Competition Panels and Diagrams

NA2775.L49 2016  Manual of Section

NA2941.O88 2016  German Façade Design : traditions of screening from 1500 to modernism

NA3860.R45 G37 2016  Winold Reiss and the Cincinnati Union Terminal : fanfare for the common man

NA3950.M58 2017  Conservation of Architectural Ironwork

NA4050.I5 L38 2016  Archigraphy : lettering on buildings

NA4110.M48 2016  Advancing Wood Architecture : a computational approach

NA5230.G4 S43 2016  Historic Rural Churches of Georgia

NA5551.R5 N58 2016 The North Transept of Reims Cathedral : design, construction, and visual programs

NA6002.M57 2017 The Archaeology of Sacred Spaces : the temple in western India, 2nd century BCE – 8th century CE

NA6232.S75 2016  NY Skyscrapers

NA6233.N5 W67 2011  The World Trade Center

NA6690.H64 2016  Museum Buildings : construction and design manual

NA6695.L56 2016  The User Perspective on Twenty-First Century Art Museums

NA6700.W37 W66 2016  Begin with the Past : building the National Museum of African American History and Culture

NA6860.S58 2016  Architecture on Ice : a history of the hockey arena

NA6860.W5613 2016  Stadium Buildings

NA8200.T42 2017  Architecture and Agriculture : a rural design guide

NA8480.B35 2014  Temporary Architecture

NA9050.V5413 2016  Territories of Urbanism : the project as a knowledge producer

NA9053.E58 D4 2016  Local Code : 3,659 proposals about data, design & the nature of cities

NA9053.W38 W38 2016  Waterfronts Revisited : European ports in a historic and global perspective

NA9070.L36 2017 Urban Squares as Places, Links, and Displays : successes and failures

NA9265.C66 2016  Common Frameworks : rethinking the developmental city in China

NC139.T86 A4 2011 Cy Twombly : drawings

NC242.D8 G46 2016 George Du Maurier : illustrator, author, critic : beyond Svengali

NC730.I373 2011 IDRAW Cars : sketchbook and reference guide

NC730.I377 2014 IDRAW Shoes : sketchbook and reference guide

NC730.S36 2015  Skeren : idea, sketch & rendering

NC825.R56 N88 2012 Nuthin’ But Mech : sketches and renderings

NC825.R56 N88 2014  Nuthin’ But Mech 2 : sketches and renderings

NC825.R56 N88 2015  Nuthin’ But Mech 3 : sketches and renderings

NC965.M35 2016 Making Childhood Colorful : designing books for children

NC997.D639 2016  Dotted Visuals : polka dots in contemporary graphic design

NC997.M38 2015  Make it Happen : materials and techniques for graphic design

NC997.T96 2016 Type Hybrid : typography in multilingual design

NC998.6.S92 L383 2016  ECAL Graphic Design

NC999.4.D74 2016  George Giusti : the idea is the heart of the matter

NC1000.F55 2015  Sustainable Graphic Design : principles & practices

NC1002.B85 C53 2016  Classic Penguin Cover to Cover

NC1002.P33 O55 2015  Sales Promotion Design for Shop

NC1002.L63 A55 2015  Animal Logos

NC1002.S54 W39 2010  Wayfinding and Signage

NC1764.I375 2013  IDRAW Comics

NC1766.J32 S55 2015  A Sky Longing for Memories

NC1766.U52 D5413 2016 They Drew as They Pleased : the hidden art of Disney’s musical years

NC1766.U52 P58345 2015  Funny : twenty-five years of laughter from the Pixar Story Room

NC1766.U53 F5637 2016  The Art of Disney-Pixar Finding Dory

NK1320.C6984 2014  Making Design

NK1390 .M27 1995  Functionalist Design : an ongoing history

NK1412.P37 G69 2015  Victor Papanek : path of a design prophet

NX650.S49 N63 2016  No Day Shall Erase You : the story of 9/11 as told at the National September 11 Memorial Museum

PN1995.9.S695 M4883 2016  Vol. 1-2   Star Wars Art : Ralph McQuarrie

PN1997.2.I635 A78 2015  The Art of Disney-Pixar Inside Out

PN1997.2.K78 H39 2016  The Art of Kubo and the Two Strings

PN1997.99.K8644 2011  Kung Fu Panda 2 (dvd)

PN1997.99.T351 2015  Tales from Earthsea (dvd)

SB470.55.G7 B76 2016 Lancelot Brown and the Capability Men : landscape revolution in England

SB472.T45 2016  Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

SB472.45.C66 2016 v. 1-2   Comprehensive Examples of Landscape Classification

SB472.45.R64 2016  The Planting Design Handbook (3rd edition)

SB472.45.W55 2014  Drawing for Landscape Architects

SB472.47.R474 2016  Representing Landscapes : hybrid

SB472.5.B56 2016  BIM for Landscape

T385.W6456 2015  The Graphic Designer’s Digital Toolkit

TL240.A84 2016  Automobile Design Graphics : a visual history from the goden age to the gas crisis  1900-1973

TR897.7.M684 2015  Motion Graphics

TR897.72.B53 L36 2017  Digital Compositing with Blackmagic Fusion : essential techniques

TS171.4.K37 2016 Biomimicry for Designers : applying nature’s processes and materials in the real world

TS990.S334 2013  The Science of Footwear

TT515.N83 2016  The Art of Couture Sewing (2nd edition)

TT520.C66 2016  Patternmaking with Stretch Knit Fabrics

Z144.A88 2016  Atelier national de recherché typographique ANRT : archives 1985-2006

Z246.D35 2016  Delicious Book Design

Z246.H453 2016  The Typography Idea Book : inspiration from 50 masters

Z250.H45 2016  Slab Serif Type : a century of bold letterforms

Z250.5.P35 B75 2016  Palatino : the natural history of a typeface

Collection Highlights on Display at ‘Focus on Comics’ Event Series

Mon, 2016-11-07 14:50

The NCSU Libraries’ Focus on Comics Event Series has highlighted the cultural and academic importance of comic books, both emerging and historical. At two of the series’ events, the screening of the documentary She Makes Comics and Dr. Maggie Simon’s discussion Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature, the Special Collection Research Center showed off highlights of our collections related to comic books, graphic novels, and books as art objects. The featured items were selected because of their connections to comic book history and cultural context, women in comics as creators and characters, and unique approaches to graphic media.

Display at She Makes Comics screening

Display of comics at Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature discussion

Display at Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature discussion: Graphic novel God's Man: A Novel in Woodcuts, and comic collection The Pogo Party

Display of books as art objects at Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature discussion

Display of comics at Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature discussion

Display at Comics and Graphic Novels: The New Literature discussion: Book as art object Aunt Sallie's Lament, and The Wizard of Oz pop-up book

Display at She Makes Comics screening

The displays included highlights from the Douglas Ward American Comic Books Collection, the Scott Green Collection of Comics-Related Publications, rare books such as Lynd Ward’s wordless novel God’s Man, Thomas Ockerse’s A-Z Book, and Claire Van Vliet’s Aunt Sallie’s Lament, and highlights from our collection of pop-up books. 

If you are interested in using these or any other Special Collections materials, or would like to learn more about the Special Collections Research Center, please contact us!

Special Collections Landscape Architecture Archive Show and Tell this Wednesday

Mon, 2016-10-31 10:18
Author: Lindsey Naylor The Special Collections Research Center is organizing a show-and-tell of Landscape Architecture collections this Wednesday at the NCSU College of Design!

Special Collections Landscape Architecture Archive Show and Tell

Landscape Architecture Archive Show-and-Tell Belk Rotunda, Brooks Hall
NCSU College of Design
Wednesday, November 2 12-1pm
Stop by to view a sampling of highlights from our Landscape Architecture collections, including: Dick Bell’s design iterations and renderings for the Brickyard; Lewis Clarke’s studies for his 1965 downtown capital plan; and Lewis Clarke’s careful precedent studies, design iterations, and funky renderings for the Fayetteville Street Mall. Other materials on display will include correspondence between faculty member  Gil Thurlow and other leaders in Landscape Architecture such as Garrett Eckbo and Roberto Burle Marx; Bill Flournoy’s master’s thesis; modernist design at the Tallywood shopping center in Fayetteville; and recently acquired, detailed 1930s residential planting plans from High Point landscape architect R. D. Tillson.  The show and tell is free and open to the public.  We hope to see you there!

New Dorton Arena construction photographs acquired and digitized in Special Collections

Wed, 2016-10-26 16:44

Mies van der Rohe and others at the construction site of Dorton Arena

Thanks to a recent donation from Fayetteville architect and NC State graduate Dan MacMillan, Special Collections now has 73 new photographs of the Dorton Arena that were taken during its construction, circa 1951. During the time in which these photographs were taken, Dan MacMillan worked as a project engineer for Muirhead Construction on Raleigh’s Dorton Arena. The photographs that he donated include snapshots of famous visitors to the construction site such as Mies van der Rohe. Also included are photographs of some of the laborers who worked on the site.

Dorton Arena workmen atop riveted scaffolding

These materials are all a part of a new collection donated by Dan MacMillan, the MacMillan and MacMillan Architectural Papers. They include original drawings of important modernist architectural projects in Fayetteville.

Dan MacMillan and his brother, Frank MacMillan, founded Dan MacMillan Architect and Associates in Fayetteville in 1952. They renamed the firm MacMillan and MacMillan after Frank received his license. They were joined for several years by Mason Hicks (MacMillan, Hicks, and MacMillan) before Hicks left in 1960 to found his own firm. From 1968-1970, the MacMillans joined with Shawcroft and Thames to form MacMillan, MacMillan, Shawcroft and Thames. After the foursome split, Dan and Frank continued as a duo until Frank’s death in 1991. At this time, Dan MacMillan sold the business to George Ellinwood. He worked for a few more years before retiring and returning to Fayetteville.

Dorton Arena's steel latticework during its construction

MacMillan collaborated in several instances with landscape architect Richard C. “Dick” Bell. Among their most well-known collaborations were the Charles E. Kistler-Dell Hollstein House in Fayetteville, NC, which was destroyed in 2005, and the William S. and Mary Jane Ward Residence, a U-shaped home in Raleigh, NC, built on 3.4 acres over a stream.

For more information about Special Collections, please contact us here.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Friends of the Library event at the Design Library!

Fri, 2016-10-14 09:24

This image was taken with a Ricoh Theta Camera; if you’d like to take similar images, you can borrow one from the Libraries.

Special Collections Holds Landscape Architecture Class Session for Dr. Magallanes’ students

Fri, 2016-10-14 08:30

Blog post written by Lindsey Naylor

The Special Collections Research Center offered an archival show-and-tell for students enrolled in LAR 444: History of Landscape Architecture, taught by associate professor Fernando Magallanes. The session featured works from the Landscape Architecture Archive in addition to rare books and images that reflect broader trends in design, botany, agriculture, and more. Magallanes requested diverse materials to support the aim of the course, which is to provide a broad overview of landscape architecture history grounded in a larger social, scientific, and artistic context.

The event was also meant to give students a sense of the Archive’s scope, and its potential as a source of inspiration and insight for design and research projects.

Highlights from the Landscape Architecture Archive included architectural drawings, renderings, and presentation materials from the collections of Lewis Clarke, Richard C. Bell, Edwin Gilbert Thurlow, and Reynolds & Jewell. Featured design and planning projects included the Brickyard, the 1965 Raleigh downtown capital plan, and the N.C. Zoo, giving students a peek into the historic context of familiar places. Students also could flip through correspondence between NCSU landscape architecture faculty members and their prominent international design colleagues, like Roberto Burle Marx and Garrett Eckbo.

Professor Magallanes discusses Lewis Clarke’s master plans for the N.C. Zoo and downtown Raleigh open space.

Sketches, photographs, and architectural drawings were on display for Fayetteville’s iconic Tallywood Shopping Center sign. The modernist 1960s design was by Bill Baron, an industrial designer and NCSU graduate who also worked on projects with Clarke and Bell. Baron recently donated his Tallywood drawings, correspondence, and photographs to the SCRC. The finding aid for this collection will be available in a few weeks.

SCRC Associate Head and Curator Gwynn Thayer talks with students about Bill Baron's Tallywood design.

Students got a sneak peek at the work of R. D. Tillson, a landscape architect who practiced in the High Point area from the 1930s to the 1970s. The Tillson drawings, which fill more than 250 tubes and flat folders, are another recent acquisition and are currently being processed and organized. The collection promises to provide unique insight into the way the practice of landscape architecture evolved in the Southeast during the 20th century. At the show-and-tell, students examined grading and general development plans for Rock Creek Park, an Albemarle, N.C., project funded in the 1930s by the Works Progress Administration.

SCRC staff shared a couple of the hand-colored lantern slides of B.W. Wells, a celebrated NCSU ecologist who built a deep knowledge of the state’s native plants and ecosystems. The slides included in the exhibit showed the trumpet plant and the venus fly trap, Wells’ personal favorite.

Eli Brown, Head of the SCRC, shows students the hand-colored lantern slides of B. W. Wells.

Magallanes’ students were particularly drawn to the exhibit’s selection of rare books, including an original 1856 edition of The Grammar of Ornament, the work of architect Owen Jones that is often referred to as “the Bible of design.” Also on hand was an original 1803 edition of Observation on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening, by English landscape designer Humphry Repton. Repton is known for his series of Red Books and for the innovative layering of before-and-after drawings of his planned landscapes.

Students peruse “The Grammar of Ornament” and “Observation on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening.”