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New books received in December and January

Tue, 2015-02-03 16:41

BH39.P66825 2013  The Power of Glamour : longing and the art of visual persuasion

DU124.C45 K74 2015  Children and the Environment in an Australian Indigenous Community : a psychological approach

GT511.S545 2014  100 Ideas that Changed Street Style

GT523.9.G38 2012  Power & Style : a world history of politics and dress

GT1040.A44 2009  Magnificence of the Tsars

HD75.6.K75 2013  Innovate or Die : the universal survival philosophy

HD7306.M49 A73 2013  Architecture Does (Not) Matter : Lisboa7 by AT103

HD9773.S84 I45513 2014  Design by Ikea : a cultural history

HE336.P43 C36 2012  Made for Walking : density and neighborhood form

HF5386.P473 2015  Talent is Not Enough : business secrets for designers

HF6161.C44 B35 2013  Visual Merchandising for Fashion

HT166.I655 2013  Intersections : health and the built environment

HT166.T86 2014   Living in Wonderland : urban development and placemaking

HT166.K3598 2014  Building Together : case studies in participatory planning and community building

HT166.O77 2014  The Art of Shaping the Metropolis

HT166.W39 2014  We Own The City : enabling community practice in architecture and urban planning

HT166.W483 2010  What We See: advancing the observations of Jane Jacobs

HT169.N4 N43 2013  The Netherlands in Projects (Design and Politics #7)

HT170.L46 2014  Urban Acupuncture : celebrating pinpricks of change that enrich city life

HT175.C637 2014  Americans Against the City : anti-urbanism in the twentieth century

HT177.N5 G68 2014  Crisis Cities : disaster and redevelopment in New York and New Orleans

HT384.C6 H66 2013  Homecoming : contextualizing, materializing, and practicing the rural in China

N72.P6 L37 2013  A People’s Art History of the United States

N72.S6 B398 2012  Red Brick, Black Mountain, White Clay : reflections on art, family, and survival

N5300.B38x 2013  The Museum of Scandals : art that shocked the world

N6497.G75 2014  The 21st Century Art Book

N6498.C65 K79 2014  Collage : contemporary artists hunt and gather, cut and paste, mash up and transform

N6498.I56 N38 2014  Natural Architecture Now : new projects from outside the boundaries of design

N6537.M3962 A4 2013  The Universe of Peter Max

N6537.P57 H37 2014  Jackson Pollock

N6537.T96 E87 2014  The Essential Cy Twombly

N6537.W28 A4 2014  Warhol : paintings and sculpture late 1974-1976

N6537.W28 S75 2014  Citizen Warhol

N6797.T88 A4 2013  Turner & the Sea

N6811.5.M6 A4 2013  Koloman Moser : designing modern Vienna : 1897-1907

N6831.P7513 2013  Pictures of Czech Modernism

N6834.5.P74 V52 2012  Vojtech Preissig

N7430.D47 2014  Designa : technical secrets of the traditional visual arts

N7433.3.P37 v.3 2004  The Photobook : a history, volume III

N7433.4.M87 Y47 2014  Yes It Is

N7433.4.T67 E55 2012  In This Dark Wood

N7433.8.M38 2014  The Art of Titanfall

N7445.2.R68x 2014  Wild Vegetation : from art to nature

N7475.H83 2015  The Art of Writing About Art

N7476.B37 2015  A Short Guide to Writing About Art (11th edition)

N7483.K7 R48 2014  Retracing the Expanded Field : encounters between art and architecture

N8217.B85 A72 2014 The Architectural Capriccio : memory, fantasy and invention

NA1.A852 2014  Arts & Architecture : 1945-1949

NA106.D43 2014  Historic Preservation for Designers

NA200.A77 2014  Architecture : the whole story

NA200.W594 2014  Bricks & Mortals : ten great buildings and the people they made

NA204.H66 2014  Architectural Styles : a visual guide

NA209.N634 2014  Vernacular Buildings : a global survey

NA275.W55 2014  Origins of Classical Architecture

NA350.L68 2013  The Low Countries at the Crossroads : Netherlandish architecture as an export product in early modern Europe (1480-1680)

NA500.S24 2013  Traditional Architecture : timeless building for the twenty-first century

NA680.B67 2014  Built Environment

NA680.P45x 2014  L.A. [Ten] : interviews on Los Angeles architecture 1970s – 1990s

NA680.R3145 2014 The Elements of Modern Architecture : understanding contemporary buildings

NA712.H65 2014  Abandoned : America’s vanishing landscape

NA735.C4 S43 2014  Last is More : Mies, IBM, and the transformation of Chicago

NA725.S45 S53 2014  Shaping Seattle Architecture : a historical guide to the architects

NA737.C33 A4 2013  Eat Live Work : CCS Architecture

NA737.G45 G67 2002  Beach Houses : Andrew Geller

NA737.K32 G37 2014  Louis I. Kahn : exposed concrete and hollow stones

NA737.P55 A4 2014  Build, Memory : James Stewart Polshek

NA737.R8 R64 2014  The Architecture of Paul Rudolph

NA737.W276 W37 2014  In the Shadow of the Tetons

NA737.W7 F6787 2014  Frank Lloyd Wright : preservation, design, and adding to iconic buildings

NA755.6.B38 2014  Contemporary Mexican Architecture

NA971.B3 J455 2013  The Classical Buildings of Bath

NA971.O8 S74 2013  Traditional Buildings in the Oxford Region, C. 1300-1840

NA997.B27 A4 2013  Crossover

NA997.C54 A4 2013  Chris Dyson Architects : practise & projects

NA997.J34 M534 2014  Michael Wilford : selected buildings and projects 1992-2012

NA997.P9 A4 2014  The Architectural Works of A.W.N. Pugin

NA997.O35 A4 2014  Space for Architecture : the work of O’Donnell + Tuomey

NA1053.O93 A66 2013  Et in Suburbia Ego : Jose Ouberie’s Miller House

NA1053.P72 C652 2013  Jean Prouve : demountable house

NA1068.B35 2013  Balance : HPP Architects

NA1085.S445 2013  Selfmade City : self-initiated urban living and architectural interventions

NA1088.B74 A4x 2013 Alexander Brenner

NA1088.K73 F47 2014  Ferdinand Kramer/SSP SchürmannSpannel, Forschungszentrum BiK-F, Frankfurt am Main

NA1088.S3 P6 2014  Karl Friedrich Schinkel : late projects

NA1123.G735 A4 2014  Gregotti & Associates : the architecture of the urban landscape

NA1123.P2.B413 2014  The Buildings and Designs of Andrea Palladio

NA1123.P47 A4 2014  Piano : Renzo Piano Building Workshop,  1966 to today

NA1148.6.A73 2013  Archiprix : the Netherlands 2013

NA1151.D4 S73 2013  Deventer

NA1153.M3 P76 2013  Hugh Maaskant : architect of progress

NA1199.N68 B45 2013  Felix Novikov : architect of the Soviet modernism

NA1273.K57 T6713 2014  Planetveien 12 : the Korsmo house : a Scandinavian icon

NA1308.N54 2013  Nieto Sobejano : memory and invention

NA1373.T33 O95 2014  Transparency & Modernity : Tabanlioglu Architects

NA1545.C33 2013  CCDI Architecture : interaction with a complex context

NA1550.B53 2014  Zen Places and Neon Spaces : reflections on Japanese architecture and urbanism

NA1550.S7 C64 2014  The Sainte-Chapelle and the Construction of Sacral Monarchy

NA1997.T56 2013  Women, Architecture and Building in the East of Ireland, c. 1790-1840

NA2000.M37 2014  Masterclass Architecture : guide to the world’s leading graduate schools

NA2300.U58 C3 2013 Catalyst

NA2300.Y35 R46 2014  Renewing Architectural Typologies

NA2305.C5 U6 2013  Talca : matter of education

NA2500.T73 2014  Transgression : towards and expanded field of architecture

NA2540.C32 2014  Buildings Must Die : a perverse view of architecture

NA2542.3.S26 2014  AGC Glass Building

NA2542.36.A48 2014  Sustainable Residential Architecture

NA2542.36.G75 2014  Green Walls, Green Roofs : designing sustainable architecture

NA2542.36.L53 2013 Eco-Minimalism : the antidote to eco-bling

NA2542.36.Z36 2013  150 Best Sustainable House Ideas

NA2542.4.K75 2014  Building for Wellness : the business case

NA2543.S6 D475 2014  Architectural Temperance : Spain and Rome, 1700-1759

NA2543.S6 K66 2014  Preservation is Overtaking Us

NA2599.8.J67 B38x 2014  L’Architecture Sauvage : Asger Jorn’s critique and concept of architecture

NA2710.R89 2014  Sketching Basics : one point perspective

NA2750.E46 2014  Design Management for Architects

NA2750.E554 2013  Simply Design : ways of shaping architecture

NA2750.S34 2014  The Death of Drawing : architecture in the age of simulation

NA2750 .S575 2015  Developing your design process : six key concepts for studio

NA2765.B5813 2014  Threshold Spaces : transitions in architecture : analysis and design tools

NA2765.E23 2014  Extrastatecraft : the power of infrastructure space

NA2765.M373 2013  Codesigning Space : a primer

NA2930.S23 2014  Sabato Rodia’s Towers in Watts

NA4110.P383 2013  Wooden Dreams in Landscape & Garden : poolhouses, garden rooms, guesthouses, carports

NA4125.B76 2014  Tiltwallism : a treatise on the architectural potential of tiltwall construction

NA5235.C65 Y68 2014  Saint John’s Abbey Church : Marcel Breuer and the creation of a modern sacred space

NA5870.A9 S34 2014  Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Aesthetic Experience

NA6002.S43 2014  Worldly Gurus and Spiritual Kings : architecture and asceticism in Medieval India

NA6230.E96 2014  Evolo Skyscrapers 2

NA6234.C42 H48 2013  Supermodel : making one of the world’s tallest towers

NA6403.D4 N49 2014  Copenhagen New Energies : land art generator initiative

NA6835.C65 C78 2013  Columbus, Indiana’s Historic Crump Theatre

NA6840.F7 C36 2015  The First Frame : theatre space in enlightenment France

NA7120.H68 2014  Houses for All Regions : CRAN residential collection

NA7125.H53x 2014  Hide and Seek : the architecture of cabins and hide-outs

NA7125.O97 2014  Our House in the City : new urban homes and architecture

NA7126.H47x 2014  Ground Floor Interface

NA7205.M35 2013  A  Field Guide to American Houses

NA7298.B73 2014  New Brazilian House

NA7223.H56 2014  The Work of Art

NA7235.C2 A37 2013  California Cool : residential modernism reborn

NA7238.N36 M38 2014  Midcentury Houses Today

NA7373.L36 2014  Landmarks : the modern house in Denmark

NA7412.H8 H86 2014  Katharina Roters | Hungarian Cubes

NA7860.B76 2014  The Urban House : townhouses, apartments, lofts, and other spaces for city living

NA8375.P398 2014  Patios, Terraces & Roofgardens

NA8460.G83x 2012  Gwangju Folly II

NA9031.B44 2014  Pop-Up City : city-making in a fluid world

NA9031.H47 2014 Heritage as an Asset for Inner-City Development : an urban manager’s guide book

NA9031.P33 2014  Situational Urbanism

NA9053.I53 I53 2013  Industrial Heritage Sites in Transformation : clash of discourses

NA9053.S6 Z45 2014  Temporary Stages in the Urban Space : the ‘cooperative formats’ of the BMW Guggenheim Lab and the Syntopic Salon

NA9053.S7 M36 2014  The Urban Section : an analytical tool for cities and streets

NA9224.B3 B57 2014  Barcelona : the urban evolution of a compact city

NA9266.C46 R266 2014  Rethinking Chongqing : mixed use and super dense

NC353.6.S84 A4x 2014  Do Ho Suh : drawings

NC593.K65 2014  Masterclass : graphic design : guide to the world’s leading graduate schools

NC730.E373 2014  Sketching Product Design Presentation

NC730.H527 2014  The Exceptionally Simple Theory of Sketching

NC825.C57 H65 2014  The Urban Sketcher : techniques for seeing and drawing on location

NC960.Z44 2014 Fifty Years of Illustration

NC975.M354 2014  Illustration : meeting the brief

NC975.W37 A4 2014  Andy Warhol : the complete commissioned magazine work

NC997.A1 G73 2015  Graphis Design Annual 2015

NC997.B368 2014  Critiqued : inside the minds of 23 leaders in design

NC997.C63 2014  An Introduction to Information Design

NC997.D47 2014  Design for Business

NC997.G557 2014  The Graphic Design Exercise Book

NC997.R3 2014  Thoughts on Design

NC997.T654 2014  Collector’s Edition : innovative packaging and graphics

NC998.P76 2013  Promotion

NC998.2.C5313 2014  Arttitude

NC998.4.H45 2014 Design Literacy : understanding graphic design

NC998.6.J3 N48 2014  New Traditional Japanese Design

NC998.6.J3 S56 2013  Shop Promotional Design

NC999.2.C53 213 2014  Arttitude 2

NC999.4.C75 S54 2014  Criterion Designs

NC999.4.N4 N54 2014 A Hermetic Compendium of Typographic Masonry

NC1001.M67 2014  Make Your Own Luck : a DIY attitude to graphic design & illustration

NC1002.L63 G37 43 2014  Logo Lounge 8

NC1002.L63 L672 2014  Los Logos no. 7

NC1002.L63 S55 2014  The Untold Stories Behind 29 Classic Logos

NC1429.R438 A4 2013  How to Look : Ad Reinhardt : art comics

NC1764.M29 2007  How to Draw Noir Comics : the art and technique of visual storytelling

NC1765.A535 2014  Animating Film Theory

NC1766.U5 L44 2006  American Animated Cartoons of the Vietnam Era : a study of social commentary in films and television, 1961-1973

NC1807.G7 V35 2014  Keep Britain Tidy and Other Posters from the Nanny State

NC1849.F38 M36 2012  Posters : advertising and Italian fashion 1890-1950

NC1882.7.P86 P865 2013  Punk 45 : the singles cover art of punk 1976-80

ND237.M411743 A4 2014  The Art of Robert McGinnis

ND245.6.C43 2013  Glow, Not Gold

ND547.5.I4 M28 2012  Fashion in Impressionist Paris

ND623.L5 A68 2014  Lumière on The Lady with an Ermine : unprecedented discoveries

ND1942.R38 P69 2013  Eric Ravilious : artist & designer

NE1135.5.W35 A4 2014  Written in Wood : three wordless graphic narratives

NK1035.C83 N552 2013  Libuše Niklova

NK1053.F53 M372 2014   In Patterns :  Marimekko

NK1175.I29 2014  Iconic Designs : 50 stories about 50 things

NK1264.T48 2013  Celtic Pattern : visual rhythms of the ancient mind

NK1320.B4713 2013  Ornamental Design Prints

NK1390.A7813 2014 The Art of Things : product design since 1945

NK1390.B73 2014  Mid-Century Modern Complete

NK1390.S94 2013  Szenasy : design advocate

NK1397.R63 2014  DesignPOP

NK1397.S53 2014  Shape

NK1398.K78 A4 2014  Kruger : no title

NK1452.Z9 F85 2014  Fuksas : object

NK1454.A1 D88 2012  Dutch Design Yearbook 2012

NK1471.F6 K6713 2014  Finnish Design : a concise history

NK1505.D474 2014  Design School Wisdom : make first, stay awake, and other essential lessons for work and life

NK1505.D4715 2014  Design in the Borderlands

NK1505.Z56x 2013  Art/Design? : transdisciplinary studies

NK1510.L865 2014  Beautiful Users : designing for people

NK1510.S74 2105  Launching the Imagination : a comprehensive guide to basic design

NK1520.A45 2014  User Experience Design : creating designs users really love

NK1520.D75 2014  Driving Desired Futures : turning design thinking into real innovation

NK1520.R534 2014  The Return of Nature : sustaining architecture in the face of sustainability

NK1530.C53 2014  Classic Patterns

NK1530.D45 2013  Curves : flowers, foliates & flourishes in the formal decorative arts

NK1535.M48 A35 2014  Abbott Miller : design and content

NK1535.W4 L66 2014  Kem Weber : designer and architect

NK1548.O63 2014  Color Works : best practices for graphic designers : an essential guide to understanding and applying color design principles

NK1560.S48 2013  Natural Pop Textures

NK1570.K84 2014  Designing Patterns : for decoration, fashion, and graphics

NK1570.M63 2014  Modern Patterns

NK2115.5.L5 L58 2014  Designing with Light : the art, science, and practice of architectural lighting design

NK2115.5.L5 O34 2013  Lighting Design &  Process

NK2195.R4 K55x 2104  Knife and Fork : visual identities for restaurants, food and beverage

NK2195.R4 V57 2013  Visual Image Design : restaurants and hotels

NK2231.J64 2013  Speaking of Furniture : conversations with 14 American masters

NK2438.W37 M66 2014  The White House : its historical furnishings & first families

NK2500.S355 A4 2013  Claudia Moreira Salles

NK2516.C36 2013  A Surviving Legacy in Spanish America : seventeenth and eighteenth century furniture from the Viceroyalty of Peru

NK2550.L44 A4x 2014  Hubert LeGall : design unbound

NK2562.G38 A4 2014 Carlo Scarpa, Sandro Bagnoli : design for Dino Gavina

NK2562.J63 A4 2014    1968

NK2673.6.A1 D47 2013  Korean Antique Furniture & Accessories

NK7310.R36x 2014  Unique by Design : contemporary jewelry in the Donna Schneier Collection

NK8998.B38 S65 2014 Bauhaus Weaving Theory : from feminine craft to mode of design

NK3073.7.A3 E842 2013  Noa Eshkol : wall carpets

NK3600.L33 2014  Calligraphy : a book of contemporary inspiration

NK3636.5.C34 2013  Calligraphy and Architecture in the Muslim World

NK4210.D49 E45 2014  Edmund de Waal

NK4565.5.S77 2013  Ming : porcelain for a globalised trade

NK4891.R53 2013  To Spin a Yarn : distaffs : folk art and material culture

NK5101.5.I88 I6 2013  In Grimani : Ritsue Mishima Glass Works

NK7198.Z54 A4 2014  Cosmic Debris : meteorites and jewellery objects

NK7310.5.E23 2014  Eclat : masters of jewellery design

NK7310.5.R46 2014  On Body and Soul : contemporary armor and amulets

NK7361.A1 W37x 2013  Contemporary Swedish Art Jewellery

NK7398.M66 A4 2014  Two Turtle Doves : a memoir of making things

NK7457.S36 A413x 2014  Bernhard Schobinger : the rings of Saturn

NK8243.D63 2014  Iron, Ornament, and Architecture in Victorian Britain : myth and modernity, excess and enchantment

NK8805.D43 2014  War Imagery In Women’s Textiles : an international study of weaving, knitting, sewing, quilting, rug making, and other fabric arts

NK8830.T49 2014  Textiles, Technical Practice, and Power in the Andes

NK8898.K84 A4 2013  Interwoven : Kvadrat textile and design

NK9102.5.G7 L668 2014  Embroidery Designs for Fashion and Furnishings

NK9176.A1 F56 2014  Quilts of India : timeless textiles

NK9204.S75 2013  Stitch Show

NK9243.A1 W37 1991  Embroidery : a history

NK9247.E54 2008  ‘Twixt Art and Nature : English embroidery from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1580-1700

NX180.A36 S64 2014  Rebels Rebel : AIDS, art and activism in New York, 1979-1989

NX180.E8 E845 2014  The Ethics of Art : ecological turns in the performing arts

NX457.U8613 2013  Utopia 1900-1940 : visions of a new world

NX504.2.M65 2014  Mold. v. 2 : ebb : a collaborative response to 1 word, from 3 writers and 3 artists

PN1993.5.J3 E449 2013  100/2013 : Japanese motion graphic creators 2013

PN1997.A32253 A45 2014  Alien : the archive : the ultimate guide to the classic movies

PN1997.2.C37 A78 2014  The Art of Captain America: the Winter Soldier

PN1997.2.T4996 J38 2013 Marvel’s Thor : the Dark World : the art of the movie

PN6710.B46 2014  Words for Pictures : the art and business of writing comics and graphic novels

PN7433.8.J38 2014  Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy : the art of the movie

PN4783.F73 2013  Designing News : changing the world of editorial design and information graphics

QA76.76.C672 G53 2015  Introduction to Game Design, Prototyping, and Development

QA76.76.U83 K79 2014  Refining Design for Business : using analytics, marketing, and technology to inform customer-centric design

RA967.R35 2014  Architecture as Medicine : the UF Health Shands Cancer Hospital : a case study

SB449.K27 2013  Floral Art by Sergey Karpunin

SB457.66.H37 2014  Chinese Garden Pleasures : an appreciation

SB466.F83 P3719513 2014  The Gardener of Versailles

SB466.U65 C324 2014  Paradise Transplanted : migration and the making of California gardens

SB469.5.P44 W45 2014  Transects : 100 years of landscape architecture and regional planning at the School of Design of the University of Pennsylvania

SB470.M65 T47 2014  Unveiling the Landscape

SB470.T39 T39 2013  Taylor Cullity Lethlean  : making sense of landscape

SB472.T4825 2014  Landscape Architecture : a very short introduction

SB472.45.G373 2014  The Gardener’s Garden

SB472.45.W549 2014  Structuring Confluence

SB475.5.D37 C35 2015  Digital Drawing for Landscape Architecture : contemporary techniques and tools for digital representation in site design

T173.8 .M57 2014  Design for Innovative Technology : from disruption to acceptance

T183.K4 M33 2013  Made in Slums : Mathare/Nairobi

TA174.A38 2015  Advanced Design Cultures : long-term perspective and continuous innovation

TA672.F355 2012  Stereotomy : stone architecture and new research

TH4860.S69 2014  A Place in the Sun : green living and the solar home

TK7882.I6 F47 2013 Interactive Visualization : insight through inquiry

TR139.P49 2014  The Photography Book

TR642.S567 2014  Post-Photography : the artist with a camera

TR647.A442 2014  Transfigurations : Tarek Al-Ghoussein

TR655.B53 2014  Nail Houses : the destruction of lower Shanghai

TR659.D853 2014  Filip Dujardin : fictions

TR679.K436 2014  Fashion Photography Next

TS171.S54 2014  Situated Design Methods

TS171.4.H64 2014  Managing Strategic Design

TS171.4.K653 2014  Well Designed : how to use empathy to create products people love

TS171.95.B470 2014

TT149.C73 2014  Craftivism : the art of craft and activism

TT504.F37 2013  Fashion : the whole story

TT504.T67 2014  Art Nouveau Fashion

TT504.6.G7 H85 2014  The Biba Years : 1963-1975

TT505.A1 G68 2013  Europe : rising fashion designers 2

TT505.Y36 A25 2014  Yamamato & Yohji

TT506.E44 2010  Emerging Fashion Designers 3

TT507.C67 2014  Why Fashion Matters

TT507.F295 2015  Sustainable Fashion : past, present and future

TT507.F58 2014  1000 Dresses : the fashion design resource

TT507.S66 2014  Fabrics in Fashion Design : the way successful fashion designers use fabrics

TT509.D7813 2011  Figure Drawing for Men’s Fashion

TT520.K55 2013  Draping : the complete course

TT699.P73 2014  Strange Material : storytelling through textiles

TT777.M47 B76 2007  Goldwork Embroidery

TT778.C3 D693 2013  Canvaswork

TT820.A11968 2007  A to Z of Knitting

TT854.K57 2014  Natural Colorants for Dyeing and Lake Pigments

TT870.H51735 2014  Playing with Pop-Ups : the art of dimensional, moving paper designs

TT870.P374 2015  Paper Quilling Chinese Style

Z151.J65 2013  Transitional Faces : the lives & work of Richard Austin, type-cutter, & Richard Turner Austin, wood-engraver

Z231.5.L5 C32 2013  Small Press, or Else

Z232.D83 D83 2013  Dubuffet Typographer

Z246.A53 2014  Design Genius : the ways and working of creative thinkers

Z246.A556 2014  Print & Finish

Z246.C217 2015  Typographic Design : form and communication

Z246.C36 2014  Editorial Design : digital and print

Z246.D78 2013  What is?  : nine epistemological essays

Z246.F69 2014  Drawing Type : an introduction to illustrating letterforms

Z246.I473 2013  Imprint 2 : innovative books and promo design

Z253.532.A34 C64 2014  InDesign : visual quickstart guide

Alexander Isley visits NCSU Libraries

Mon, 2015-02-02 11:18

On January 22, NCSU Design graduate Alexander Isley visited NCSU Libraries for an “Amazing Alumni” talk in D.H. Hill Library. Isley is the 2014 winner of the prestigious AIGA medal. During his lecture, he talked about his time at NCSU’s College of Design as well as his more recent work. Isley is known for his work designing the signage program at Hunt Library, in addition to other major projects, such as the 9/11 memorial.

Isley is in the process of donating his papers to NCSU Libraries. The finding aid to the Alexander Isley Papers is now available. Please check this link periodically for future additions to his papers.

New in October and November

Mon, 2014-12-15 12:28

GB652.D47 2014  Design in the Terrain of Water

HT166.C75 2014  Critical Spaces : contemporary perspectives in urban spatial and landscape studies

HT166.U64 2014  Uneven Growth : tactical urbanisms for expanding megacities

HT169 .G7 T977 2013  Jaqueline Tyrwhitt : a transnational life in urban planning and design

HT178.H56 S53 2014  Himalayan Cities : settlement patterns, public spaces and architecture

NA100.A72 2014  Architecture and the Welfare State

NA208.I45 2012  Igloo : contemporary vernacular architecture

NA687.R33 2014  Building as Ornament

NA737.F48 R37 2014  California Moderne  and the Mid-Century Dream : the architecture of Edward H. Fickett

NA737.H25 K56 2014  George Hadfield : architect of the Federal City

NA737.S654 D83 2014  Stiff + Trevillion : practicing architecture

NA737.W7 F743 2014  Frank Lloyd Wright : the rooms : interiors and decorative arts

NA755.C37 2013 v.1-2  Architecture in Mexico : 1900-2010

NA803.C664 2014  Havana Modern

NA970.W35 2013  London Buildings : David Walker Architects

NA1053.C66 A4 2014  Concrete UnLtd.

NA1088.M65 K76 2014  Mies van der Rohe : the built work

NA1121.R66 K35 2014  The Third Rome : 1922-1943: the making of the Fascist capital

NA1153.H38 I24 2014  Havermans + Hielkema : architecten

NA1173.V36 A4 2014  Charles Vandenhove : architecture 1954-2014

NA1223.J83 H36 2014  Finn Juhl and His House

NA1455.F53 S24435 2014  Saarinen Houses

NA2005.A69 2014  Architecture LIVE Projects : pedagogy into practice

NA2500.A7125 2014  Architecture Against the Post-Political

NA2500.F667 2014  Forty Ways To Think About Architecture : architectural history and theory today

NA2500.P55 2014  Place and Displacement : exhibiting architecture

NA2500.S473 2014  Towards an Articulated Phenomenological Interpretation of Architecture

NA2542.3.P37713x 2014  Passive House Design

NA2542.36.L47 2014  Lessons from Vernacular Architecture

NA2543.T43 S53 2013  Rise Tectonic Machines! Construct the Exigent City!

NA2545.A1 B69 2014  Doing Disability Differently

NA2707.T73 A4 2014  Bernard Tschumi : notations : diagrams and sequences

NA3705.D87 2015  Architectural Tiles : conservation and restoration

NA4232.M48 C37 2014  Spectacular Mexico : design, propaganda, and the 1968 Olympics

NA4475.S8 G673 2014  Gunnar Asplund’s Gothenburg : the transformation of public architecture in Interwar Europe

NA5320.M2 H46 2014  Cathedral : an illness and healing

NA6011.L35 2014  The Golden Lands : Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand & Vietnam

NA6600.C69 205  University Trends : contemporary campus design

NA6696.C6 J33 2014  New Museums in China

NA9051.R69 2014  Urban Intensities : contemporary housing types and territories

NA9355.E3 M33 2014  Scotland’s Shrine : the Scottish National War Memorial

NC242.P37 A4 2014  In the City

NC363.M37 2014  Art-Centered Learning Across the Curriculum

NC845.D33 2014  Graphic Design School : the principles and practice of graphic design

NC997.M35 2014  Making a Splash : graphics that flow

NC1002.P33 E28 2014  Eat & Go : branding & design for takeaways & restaurants

NC1766.U53 B45 2014  The Art of Big Hero 6

NC1766.U53 B66 2014  Art of the Book of Life

NC1766.U53 H692 2014  The Art of How To Train Your Dragon 2

NK1170.K84 2014  Designing Models

NK1175.H63 2014  When Design Really Works

NK1447.6.C73 A4 2014  A Frame For Life : the designs of StudioIlse

NK1510.H444 2014  Typographic Universe

NK2043.P68 2014  Bachelors of a Different Sort : queer aesthetics, material culture, and the modern interior in Britain

NK2195.S89 S792 2014 v.1-2  Stylish Stores II

NK2542.E73 BL47 2014  Ercol : furniture in the making

NK2542.W75 A4 2014  The Furniture of Rupert Williamson

NK7390.A1 S59 2014  Place and Adornment : a history of contemporary jewellery in Australia and New Zealand

PN1992.77.A2596 M395 2014  Adventure Time : the art of Ooo

PN1997.2.B68 E76 2014  The Art of Boxtrolls

PN1997.2.F35 2013  The Hobbit : desolation of Smaug : chronicles : art & design

PN3365.L35 2014  Shoot Your Novel : cinematic techniques to supercharge your writing

PN6727.B36 C64 2005   One Hundred Demons

PN6727.B37 57 Z46 2007  Fun Home : a family tragicomic

PN6727.C565 A6 2012  Daniel Clowes : modern cartoonist

SB484.C2 R45 2014  Climber’s Paradise : making Canada’s mountain parks, 1906-1974

TA403.D46 2014  Material Innovation Architecture

TH880.I56 2014 v.1-2  Innovation and Application of Green Building Materials

TH1431.D34 2012 Icehotel Art & Design

TH1651.A43 2013  The Alchemy of Galvanizing : art, architecture and engineering

TT496.B35 2014  The Fight for Ethical Fashion : the origins and interactions of the clean clothes campaign

TT505.E53 A25 2014  Lanvin : I love you

TT507.F6325 2014  Why It Does Not Have To Fit : modern fashion explained

TT515.F37 2014  Haute Couture Ateliers : the artisans of fashion

Z116.A43 S38 2014  Book Designers from the Netherlands