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Image Discovery Week

Mon, 2014-09-22 13:28

From  September 22nd to the 26th the Design Library and the Special Collections Research Center are hosting Image Discovery Week to highlight all of the image collections available through NCSU Libraries. Follow our blog blitz each day to learn about a wide variety of image-related resources. Stop by the Design Library for bookmarks, brochures, candy…and fun with Viewmasters!

The Design Library Image Database/ Image Discovery Week

Mon, 2014-09-22 12:49

For Image Discovery Week, todays featured resource is the Design Library Image Collection. It is an evolving and rapidly growing collection of images accessible through LUNA, a web-based digital library. The collection contains more than 70,000 digital images covering art, architecture, landscape architecture, industrial design and graphic design, including plans, sections, and other drawings. Records for the Design Library’s 80,000 35mm slides, can also be searched via LUNA. Library staff will digitize slides from the collection and make the images accessible through LUNA upon request. With LUNA, patrons can export high-resolution images, create media groups, and even share images and media groups using persistent URLs.

The most recent additions to the Design Library Image Collection include images, plans, sections, drawing, etc. of the following:

Portable Architecture – including Jennifer Siegal, Renzo Piano, LOT-EK, Tado Ando, Shigeru Ban, and

many others.

Contemporary Landscape Architecture – including Maya Lin, Landworks Studio, Laurie Olin, and more.

Works by Michael Van Valkenburgh, SWA Group, Turenscape, Sasaki Associates, EDAW, Shigeru Ban, and Harwell Hamilton Harris. Also, images on the topics of Post-Katrina New Orleans and Ideal Cities/Utopias.

Please remember that you must login with your Unity ID to see the high resolution images.
Check our blog each day this week to learn more about exciting and value image resources!

Multimedia Research Contest

Wed, 2014-09-03 13:39

What is it?

Students at NC State are experimenting with new and interesting methods of conducting and presenting research through visualization and digital media.  The 1st Annual Multimedia Research Contest seeks to recognize and promote this innovation by offering prizes for student projects using animations, web sites, digital maps, 3D visualizations, video games, or other creative formats.  Here’s your chance to develop your skills, and try to win some cash in the process!

Completed projects are due February 1, 2015, and should include a bibliography, 50-100 word abstract, and a 200-300 word overview of the research process.

Who is eligible?

Any NC State undergraduate or master’s student is eligible to enter. Students may enter either individually or in groups. Groups may have both undergraduates and graduates within the same group. Students from all departments in the university are encouraged to enter.


Select projects will be publicly showcased within the NCSU Libraries.

Through a generous grant from Gale Cengage Learning, the Libraries will offer:

  • Total prizes of $1500, including a grand prize of at least $1000.
  • A catered awards reception in Spring 2015.

For more information see:

Free Workshops for Makers and Creators at the Libraries

Wed, 2014-09-03 13:03

Do you want to build a robot that interacts with Twitter, a banana piano, or your own wearable electronics project? Are you interested in learning about 3D Printing but aren’t sure where to start? The Libraries are offering several exciting Makerspace workshops this semester that will provide an awesome introduction to a variety of innovative technologies. All workshops are free for all NCSU students, faculty, and staff, and no prior experience is required to participate!

Register here for workshops: Getting Started with 3D Printing – Friday Aug. 29, 2-3:30pm, Hunt Introduction to Arduino & MaKey MaKey – Thursday Sept. 4, 6-7:30pm, Hill Getting Started with 3D Design – Friday Sept. 12, 2-3:30pm, Hill Getting Started with 3D Printing – Tuesday Sept. 30, 6-7:30pm, Hill Introduction to Arduino & MaKey MaKey – Friday, Oct. 3, 2-3:30pm, Hunt Getting Started with 3D Design – Thursday Oct. 9, 6-7:30pm, Hunt Introduction to Arduino & MaKey MaKey – Tuesday Oct. 21, 6-7:30pm, Hunt Spooky Sounds with Arduino – Tuesday Oct. 28, 6-7:30pm, Hill
A full calendar of workshops is also available at

Architecture and Design Collection – Dean Marvin J. Malecha’s Papers

Tue, 2014-09-02 08:20

Post contributed by Sarah Breen, Library Associate.

Cal Poly Amphitheater Concept Sketch

Marvin J. Malecha, dean of North Carolina State University’s College of Design and professor of architecture, has contributed to the profession through wide-ranging endeavors as a practicing architect, educator, administrator, researcher, and member and leader of professional organizations. In 2011, Dean Malecha shared a sample of sketches with the public through an exhibition held by NCSU Libraries. Prior to joining the University as dean of the College of Design, Malecha was dean of the College of Environmental Design at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, where he was active in teaching and research.

North Carolina State University Mace

The Special Collections Research Center in NCSU Libraries holds a collection of Malecha’s papers containing drawings, concept sketches, prototypes, correspondence, speeches, articles and papers, publications, personal notes, meeting minutes and conference notes, presentation materials and photographic materials related to his work over the last five decades. Malecha has contributed more than just leadership to the university–he has also designed images for various departments, the University Mace, and has led the design effort for the Chancellor’s Residence on NCSU’s Centennial Campus.

Angels in the Architecture

To read more about the Marvin J. Malecha Papers, take a look at the guide to the collection found here.

UNC-TV airs documentary on the Dorton Arena that features Special Collections items

Fri, 2014-08-01 15:47

UNC-TV recently aired a brief documentary program on the Dorton Arena that includes several items from Special Collections, including an architectural model (see above image) of the Dorton Arena.

The documentary included an interview with NCSU School of Architecture’s Alumni Distinguished Professor of Architecture Dr. Wayne Place, who noted that the architects of the Dorton Arena were “pushing the envelope in ways that are almost unimaginable.” The Dorton Arena was conceived of by the Polish modernist architect Matthew Nowicki, but completed by William Henley Dietrich after Nowicki’s untimely death in a plane crash over North Africa. The documentary includes several images of Nowicki’s drawings of the Dorton Arena as he began to conceptualize the design of the building.

William Henley Deitrick’s drawings of the Dorton Arena that represent the final design can be viewed here.

For more information about the Special Collections Research Center and architectural materials, please contact us at

New books received this summer

Fri, 2014-08-01 10:26

BH201.K67 2010  Which “Aesthetics” Do You Mean?  : ten definitions

D848.F66 2009  A Grin Without A Cat (dvd)

GT511.B74 1995 The Culture of Fashion

GT511.F37 2007 Fashion Theory : a reader

GT511.W54 2013  Adorned in Dreams

GT525.A75 2001 Fashion, Desire, and Anxiety

GT525.E34 2011 Fashion in Focus : concepts, practices, and politics

GT525.E57 2000  The Fashioned Body

GT596.D57 2012  1930s Fashion : the definitive sourcebook

GT596.D57 2013  1940s Fashion : the definitive sourcebook

GT596.V35 2014  Valentin Yudashikin

GT2110.S356 2014  Hats by Madame Paulette

GV1469.62.F56 H37 2007  Final Fantasy XII : the complete guide

GV1469.62.F56 P75 2012  Final Fantasy XIII-2 : the complete official guide

HD7288.78.C72 H47 2013  Public Space in Informal Settlements : the barrios of Bogota

HF5430.5.N48 W66 2010  Street Value : shopping, planning and politics at Fulton Mall

HM1231.M39 2013  Spinfluence : the hardcore propaganda manual for controlling the masses

HQ1154.H86 2012  American Women in Cartoons, 1890-1920

HT166.K588 2011 Cities and Design

KF390.A7 C73 2010  Legal Guide for the Visual Artist (5th edition)

LB1050.5.I2 2014  I Wonder What It’s Like to be Dyslexic

N71.F653 2003  Art Theory : a very short introduction

N72.F45 P655 2013  Politics in a Glass Case : feminism, exhibition cultures, and curatorial transgressions

N72.G46 S784 2012  L’Europe en un Clin D’Oeil

N6484.I57 S74 2013  Interactive Art and Embodiment

N6494.I56 B66 2009  Installations by Architects : experiments in building and design

N6494.I57 K89 2013  Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital Art

N6537.N644 A4 2011  British Rubbish

N6537.R27 A63 2013  Rauschenberg Canyon

N6888.M835 A4 2014 Rolf Muller : stories, systems, marks

N7260.A8165 2013  150 Asian Creatives

N7433.84.C6 C4 2013  CG Galaxy : top Chinese CG artists and their works

N7433.84.C6 S44 2013  CG Galaxy II : top Chinese CG artists and their works

N7593.3.F33 2013  Face Value : portraiture in the age of abstraction

N7618.H35 2014  The Self-Portrait : a cultural history

N7660.T65 2011  Creatures’ Paradise : animals in art from the Kyoto National Museum

N8217.B85 K58 2013  Designing Legends

N8217.C63 H64 1993  Seeing Through Clothes

N8243.S57 E46 2013  Art of the Skull

NA31.J36 2014  Fundamental Concepts of Architecture

NA105.V58 2014  Architectural Heritage Revisited : a holistic engagement of its tangible and intangible constituents

NA200.M38 2011 Meuser Architekten : buildings and projects 1995-2010

NA203.B64 2014 Architectural Atmospheres : on the experience and politics of architecture

NA680.L47 2014  Lessons from Modernism : environmental design strategies in architecture 1925-1970

NA712.F57 2012 Packard Chilton

NA737.H56 A4 2014  Urban Hopes  : made in China

NA737.L25 A4 2014  Lake / Flato Houses : embracing the landscape

NA737.S64 A4 2014  Designs for Living : houses by Robert A.M. Stern Architects

NA737.T494 A4 2014 Tihany : iconic hotel and restaurant interiors

NA747.T6 A75 2014  Making Toronto Modern

NA879.V47 S56 2013  Simon Velez : architect / mastering / bamboo

NA1053.V7 B74 2014  Architecture and the Historical Imagination

NA1080.M65 M47 2014  Mies

NA1115.B86 2012  Italian Renaissance Architecture

NA1115.W49 2014  Victorian Perceptions of Renaissance Architecture

NA1121.M6 M39 2013  Fascism, Architecture, And The Claiming of Modern Milan, 1922-1943

NA1123.D393 A4 2013  Federico Delrosso Architects

NA1313.D63 A4 2013  Diaz & Diaz Arquitectos : architecture and site

NA1460.A625 2014  Architecturalized Asia : mapping a continent through history

NA1545.C66 2014  Constructing the Colonized Land : entwined perspectives of East Asia around WWII

NA1549.S36 D46 2014  Luke Him Sau, Architect : China’s missing modern

NA1605.D46 H68 2013  Houses

NA1995.A334 2013  AIA Compensation Report 2013

NA18995.J46 2014  Mapping the Global Architect of Alternity : practice, representation, and education

NA1995.P74 2014  Designing Relationships : the art of collaboration in architecture

NA1995.W35 2014  Becoming an Architect  (third edition)

NA2000.K76 2014  What an Architecture Student Should Know

NA2300.A9 F74 2014  Rural Studio at Twenty : designing and building in Hale County, Alabama

NA2340.Y679955 2014  Young Architects 15 : range

NA2500.E54 2014 Emerging Landscapes : between production and representation

NA2540.L255 2014  The Air From Other Planets : a brief history of the architecture to come

NA2542.36.P482 2014  Material Revolution II : new sustainable and multi-purpose materials for design and architecture

NA2542.36.T333 2013  The Greening of Architecture : a critical history and survey of contemporary sustainable architecture and urban design

NA25423.4.C655 2014  The Architecture of Luxury

NA2542.4.D36 2014  Places of the Soul : architecture and environmental design as healing art (3rd edition)

NA2543.G46 T47 2013  The Territories of Identity : architecture in the age of evolving globalisation

NA2543.S6 A435 2014  Traditions : the ‘real’, the hyper and the virtual in the built environment

NA2543.S6 A44 2014  American City “X” : Syracuse after the master plan

NA2543.S6 C654 2014  Consuming Architecture : on the occupation, appropriation, and interpretation of buildings

NA2543.S6 M39 2014  Radical Cities

NA2543.S6 P85 2013  The Struggle for Jerusalem’s Holy Places

NA2728.C625 2013  Digital poetics : an open theory of design-research in architecture

NA2750.D413 2013  Design Research in Architecture : an overview

NA2750.M85 2014  Ecology and the Architectural Imagination

NA2750.T69 2014 Toward an Integral Practice of Architecture

NA2760.C64 2013  Beyond Beauty : reexamining architectural proportion through the Basilicas of San Lorenzo and Santo Spirito in Florence

NA2760.M4413 2013  Elements of Architecture : from form to place + tectonics

NA4412.W4 W55 2014  Cass Gilbert’s West Virginia State Capitol

NA4430.C58 2014  City Halls and Civic Materialism : towards a global history of urban public space

NA4443.W3 S45 2014 The Architecture of Diplomacy : the British ambassador’s residence in Washington

NA5468.P76 2014  Building the Modern Church

NA5471.O9 K46 2013  The Chapel of Trinity College, Oxford

NA6040.L53 2012  Ritual and Ceremonial Buildings

NA6141.B67 2014  Columbarium Tombs and Collective Identity in Augustan Rome

NA6230.D38 2013  The Style of Coworking : contemporary shared workspaces

NA6230.T35 2014  Tall and Supertall Buildings

NA6603.G78 2014  White Elephants on Campus : the decline of the university chapel in America, 1920-1960

NA6695.S45 2014  The Architecture of Art Museums

NA7235.C2 W42 2009  Ranch Houses : living the California dream

NA9050.M48x 2013 Metaphors in Architecture and Urbanism

NA9052.Y68 2014  Street Art, Public City : law, crime, and the urban imagination

NA9085.H35 H57 2014  City Choreographer : Lawrence Halprin  in urban renewal America

NA9095.E94 2014  Exhibitions and the Development of Modern Planning Culture

NC251.M45 A4 2013  Ludwig Meidner : catalog raisonne of his sketchbooks

NC590.M55 2014  Apple : learning to design, designing to learn

NC973.8.Y65 Y65 2013  Tadanori Yokoo 1957-2012 : complete book designs

NC974.5.V63 K35 2011  Vogue : the covers

NC997.G57 2013  Girly & Cute Graphics

NC997.S54 2013  Type Only : unit 12

NC998.4.T32 2013  Texts : Graphic 2007-2011 (no. 1-20)

NC998.5.A1 F66 2014  The Business Side of Creativity : the comprehensive guide to starting and running a small graphic design or communications business

NC999.4.D68 A4 2014  Black Panther : the revolutionary art of Emory Douglas

NC999.4.S45 A4 2014  Self-Help Graphics : art in the heart of east Los Angeles (2nd edition)

NC1001.S76 2010  Managing the Design Process

NC1001.5.F66 2011  The 2011 FPO Awards

NC1766.U53 G63 2014  Godzilla : the art of destruction

ND196.A2 S25 2012  Journeys to Abstraction

NK1484.A1 R48 2013  Retro Designs of Japan : ready to use ornaments and frames

NK1484.A1 T69 2014  Traditional Japanese Patterns and Motifs

NK1505.D474 2014  Design School Wisdom : make first, stay awake, and other essential lessons for work and life

NK1520.D33 2013  D.A. : a transdisciplinary handbook of design anthropology

NK1520.M55 2013  Self-Portrait as Your Traitor

NK8812.N49 2014 A Stitch in Time : the needlework of aging women in antebellum America

NK8880.A1 A3 2013  Textiles from Borneo : Iban, Kantu, Ketungau and Mualang peoples

NK9112.S625 2013  Amish Quilts : crafting an American icon

NK9444.N68 L33 2013  Lace Here Now

NK5198.G27 D663 2014  Galle Lamps

NK7310.5.L3 2013  21st-Century Jewellery Designers : an inspired style

P93.5.B6 2013  The Best American Infographics 2013

PN1995.9.C55 A63786468 2007  The Apartment (dvd)

PN1995.9.C56 F385 2011  Fashion in Film

PN1995.9.D6 B393 2009  Archival Storytelling : a filmmaker’s guide to finding, using, and licensing third-party visuals and music

PN1995.9.H6 D73 2012  Dracula,  Frankenstein, The Bride of Frankenstein, and Creature from the Black Lagoon

PN1995.9.S695 S765 2013  Star Wars Art : concept

PN1995.9.S695 S826 2013  Star Wars Storyboards : the prequel trilogy

PN1995.9.S695 S83 2014  Star Wars Storyboards : the original trilogy

PN1997.A2 2009 2 or 3 Things I Know About Her (dvd)

PN1997.A32 2002  Accion Mutante (dvd)

PN1997.G74 2010  Greatest Gangster Films Collection (dvd)

PN1997.T3745 2010  TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection  : sci-fi adventures

PN1997.2.B535 2011  The Last Circus (dvd)

PN1997.2.B65 2009  Bolt (dvd)

PN1997.2.F769 2014  Frozen (dvd)

PN1997.2.J854 2014  Jules and Jim (dvd)

PN1997.2.K295 M59 2014  The Art of The Wind Rises

PN1997.2.M55 2003  Millenium Actress (dvd)

PN1997.2.P571 2012  The Pirates : band of misfits (dvd)

PN1997.2.W74 2013  Wreck-It Ralph (dvd)

PN1997.5.M39 2008  Mary and Max (dvd)

PN1997.99.B56 2010  Studio Classics (dvd) : Black Widow:  Call Northside 777 ; Dangerous Crossing ; Laura

PN1997.99.F5226 2006  Film Noir : bringing darkness to light (dvd)

PN1997.99.I257 2004  I Vitelloni (dvd)

PN1997.99.L6784 2000  The Lost Weekend (dvd)

PN1997.99.M3547 2009  Made In U.S.A. (dvd)

PN1997.99.O395 2005  Oldboy (dvd)

PN1997.99.P468 2007 The Perfect Crime (dvd)

PN1997.99.R49625 2001  Remembrance of Things to Come (dvd)

PN1997.99.T6575 2004 Tokyo Godfathers (dvd)

PN1997.99.V594 2010 Vivre Sa Vie (dvd)

PN2068.C595 2012  A Complete Guide to Special Effects Makeup

QL63.T77 2013  Taxidermy

S477.C82 C56 2014  Farming Cuba : urban agriculture from the ground up

S494.5.U72 G76 2013  Growing Cities (dvd)

SB470.K55 L36 2013  The Landscape Architecture Legacy of Dan Kiley

SB470.S565 S37 2013  Difficult Places : landscapes of remembrance by sinai

SB470.55.C2 W54 2014  Landscape Architecture in Canada

SB472.4.C67 2014  The Landscape Imagination : the collected essays of James Corner

SB476.H86 2014  Historical Ground : the role of history in contemporary landscape architecture

TE301.N38 2014  Urban Bikeway Design Guide

TH4961.D86 2011  Technology and the Garden

TK7836.K79 1999  Digital Dreams : the work of the Sony Design Center

TK7885.A5 E87 2013  Keep it Simple : the early design years of Apple

TS171.C55 2013  Design Incubator : a prototype for new design practice

TS171.4.D46 2014  Product Design

TS171.4.M55 2013  Research Methods for Product Design

TT497.G95 2014  A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

TT505.H4 A33 2008  Edith Head’s Hollywood

TT505.J36 K63X 2014  Charles James

TT505.R42 B38 2012  Maurice Renoma : a singular adventure

TT515.F54 2012  Fashion & Sustainability : design for change

TT518.B77 2003  Fashion

TT848.C43 2013  Charlotte Glencross : the fabric of her life

Z119.T99552 2013  30 Years of Swiss Typographic Discourse in the Typographiche Monatsblätter

Z246.S6537 2013  Sculpting Type

Z250.A2.O65 2013  Ornament and Initial : beauty of graphic design, 17- 20th century

Z250.5.L6 Y68 2003  The Art of the Letter

New books received in February and March

Fri, 2014-04-04 09:40

BH151.R3413 2013  Aisthesis : scenes from the aesthetic regime of art

CB357.S658 2012  Traces of Modernity

DA679.L66 2014/2015  London Design Guide 2014-2015

F128.36.C66 2013  Mapping Manhattan : a love (and sometimes hate) story in maps by 75 New Yorkers

F128.65.C3 Z44 2013  Central Park NYC : an architectural view

G1015.B4825 2010  Atlas Maior of 1665

GT580.F37 2006 v. 1-2 Fashion : a history from the 18th to the 20th century

GV1469.27.A878 2013  The Art of Assassin’s Creed IV : Black Flag

HF5438.5.T46 2012  Sales Promotion Design  for the Favorite Shops

HT166.A328 2012  City Sense : shaping our environment with real-time data

HT166.G43713 2013  How to Study Public Life

HT395.E8 E87 2013  Europe’s Changing Geography : the impact of inter-regional networks

N72.P6 S766 2013  Seeing is Believing : the politics of the visual

N410.C8697 2013  The Curatorial : a philosophy of curating

N6494.E6 Y47 2013  Yes Naturally : how art saves the world

N6537.W28 A4 2012  Andy Warhol : from silverpoint to silver screen : 1950s drawings

N6606.2.R87 2013  Masterpieces of Haitian Art

N6822.5.M63 A4 2011  Moholy-Nagy : laboratory of vision

N7276.8.H32 A4 2012  Pascal Hachem

N7300.L55 2012  Lines of Control : partition as a productive space

N7433.4.B66 C64 2012  Colour : based on nature

N7433.8.E98 2013  Expose 11

N7433.8 .L37 2012  The Digital Art Technique Manual : for illustrators & artists : the essential guide to creating digital illustration and artworks using Photoshop, Illustrator, and other software

N7433.8.Z43 2012  Fantasy + : world’s most imaginative artworks

NA27.L66 2013  Adolf Loos : creating your home with style

NA201.J63 2013  Discovering Architecture : how the world’s great buildings were designed
and built

NA355.M628 S449 2013  Temples and Sanctuaries in the Roman East

NA350.P43 2013  The Most Beautiful Opera Houses in the World

NA380.A733 2013  Architecture is Life

NA645.6.L33 M3 2013  Buildings of the Labour Movement

NA680.K518 2013  A Question of Qualities : essays on architecture

NA687.A85 2010 v. 4  Atlas Europe : architectures of the 21st century

NA687.C65 2012  Architecture : the common

NA687.C76 2013  Pelli Clarke Pelli Associates

NA687.P56 2013  Pin-Up : interviews

NA705.S36 2013  American Architecture and Urbanism

NA710.U33 2013  Evolving Transcendentalism in Literature and Architecture : Frank Furness, Louis Sullivan, and Frank Lloyd Wright

NA735.L66 O95 2014  The Oyler  House : Richard Neutra’s desert retreat  (dvd)

NA737.E3294 P46 2012  People in Glass Houses : the legacy of Joseph Eichler (dvd)

NA737.L327 A4 2012  Myth, Modernity, and the Nature of Things : the design of Salvatore Larosa

NA737.M44 A4 2013  Richard Meier Architect 6

NA737.M645 M66 2013  Moody Nolan Design

NA737.M714 C66 2012  Cloudline : a house by Toshiko Mori

NA749.B38 B38 2013 BattersbyHowat

NA749.M66 A4 2013  Place and Occasion : Montgomery Sisam Architects

NA869.P49 A72 2013  Casa Poli

NA958.R45 2013  Regionalism and Modernity : architecture in western Europe, 1914-1940

NA966.5.N4 S38 2013  A Treatise on Modern Architecture in Five Books

NA968.G76 2013  Concretopia : a journey around the rebuilding of postwar Britain

NA1011.5.L6 C67 2013  Adolf Loos

NA1053.J4 A4 2013  Le Corbusier : an atlas of modern landscapes

NA1088.H78 J64 2013  Johannes Peter Holzinger : psychodynamic spatial structures

NA1098.T96 2013  Greece : modern architectures in history

NA1123.C43 A4 2012  CEBRA : from drawing to building

NA1123.S35 M33 2013  Carlo Scarpa

NA1123.T4 C6713 2013  Guiseppe Terragni

NA1123.T487 A4 2013  Matteo Thun : the index book

NA1123.V35445.A4 2013  Walter Vallini Architect : works 2000-2012

NA1153.N56 A4 2012  Nio Architecten

NA1173.E77 A4 2013  Architectural Moments : Atelier D’Architecture Bruno Erpicum

NA1199.S63 J34 2012  Speech : architectural transfers : Tchoban & Kuznetsov

NA1273.J37 2012  Jarmund/Vigsnaes Arkitekter

NA1313.C65 A4 2013  Coll-Barreu Arquitectos

NA1313.M55 A4 2013  Rafael Moneo : international portfolio 1985-2012

NA1313.O35 A4 2012  Casa AA : origami architecture

NA1348.B37 2012  Central Switzerland : a metropolis

NA1455.B543 S87 2012  Studio Nonstop

NA1473.2.D83 B34 2013  Al Bahr Tower : the Abu Dhabi Investment Council Headquarters

NA1473.5.D39 S25 2013  Demystifying Doha : on architecture and urbanism in an emerging city

NA1510.8.B3 R34 29=013  Rafiq Azam : architecture for green living

NA1549.R63 R43 2013  Reconnecting Cultures : the architecture of Rocco Design

NA1559.Y674 A4 2012  Behaviors and Protocols : Yasutaka Yoshimura

NA1996.M675 2014  Architecture 3.0 : the disruptive design practice handbook

NA1996.S26 2012  Architectural Strategies :

NA2300.M4 S43 2013  A Second Modernism : MIT, architecture, and the ‘techno-social’ moment

NA2349.C66 2013  Constructing Europe : 25 years of architecture

NA2500.B27613 2014  Lina Bo Bardi : the theory of architectural practice

NA2500.M33 2013  Architectures of Chance

NA2500.W47 2014  Design Games for Architecture

NA2500.Z34 2012 The Sniper’s Log : architectural chronicles of generation X

NA2540.C33 2012  The Need for a Cultural Landscape Theory : an architect’s approach

NA2542.3.B76 2013  Sun, Wind & Light : architectural design strategies (3rd edition)

NA2542.35.S69 2013  Adaptive Ecologies : correlated systems of living

NA2542.4.C78 2013  The Inhabitable Flesh of Architecture

NA2543.G46 A69 2013  Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf Region

NA2543.G46 R2 2014  R. Buckminster Fuller : world man

NA2543.P43 T87 2013  Brasilia

NA2543.S6 A396 2012  Architecture and the Paradox of Dissidence

NA2543.S6 A6275 2013  Architecture, Art and Identity in Venice and Its Territories, 1450-1750

NA2543.S6 C648 2013  Tales of Two Cities : Paris, London, and the birth of the modern city

NA2543.S6 M359 2014  Architecture and Ritual in the Churches of Constantinople : ninth to
fifteenth centuries

NA2543.S6 S39 2013  Building Transatlantic Italy : architectural dialogues with postwar America

NA2543.S6 W55 2013  Sex and Buildings : modern architecture and the sexual revolution

NA2543.T43 A723 2013  Architecture in Formation : on the nature of information in digital architecture

NA2543.36.S39 2013  Sustainist Design Guide

NA2597.F74 2012  Interviews : Tony Fretton, Sulan Kolatan, Andreas Bründler, CJ Lim, Andre Schmidt

NA2700.C59 2014  Drawing : the motive force of architecture

NA2708.A73 2013 Construction and Design Manual : architectural drawings

NA2728.T36 2014  Parametric Building Design Using Autodesk Maya

NA2750.A7313 2013  Basics : architectural design

NA2750.S545 2014  Collage and Architecture

NA2765.S615 2013  Space Matters : exploring spatial theory and practice today

NA2765.S83 2012  Spatial Murmuring : migration of space and ideas

NA2790.M524 2012 v.1-2  Architectural Models

NA2850.B56 2013  Biography, Identity, and the Modern Interior

NA2850.G57 2014  Manhattan Atmospheres : architecture, the interior environment, and urban crisis

NA3060.S685 2014  Staircases : history, repair and conservation

NA5471.S5 S65 2013  The Bishop’s Palace at Salisbury

NA5620.S9 G64 2013  Time Matter(s) : invention and re-imagination in built conservation : the unfinished drawing and building of St. Peter’s, the Vatican

NA5620.S9 O43 2013  Old Saint Peter’s, Rome

NA6216.L37 C587 2014  Creating City Center : world-class architecture and the new Las Vegas

NA6230.A89 2013  A-Typical Plan : on identity, flexibility, and atmosphere in the office building

NA6230.O89 2013  Construction and Design Manual : offices

NA6230.W63 2013  Where Architects Work

NA6234.S92 B3763 2012  Novartis Campus – Physic Garden 3 : Souto de Moura

NA6690.R68 2013  Constructing Memory : architectural narratives of Holocaust Museum

NA6840.F7 R43 2014  Modern Architecture in Theatre : the experiments of Art et Action

NA6862.P82 S2 2013  Hiram Bithorn : vision, icon, and stadium

NA7110.F73 2012 v.1-2  Josef Frank : writings

NA7110.J66 2013  How to Read Houses

NA7451.F87 2012  Minka 1955 : Japanese traditional houses

NA7451.Y66 2012 v.1-2  Japan House

NA7561.A27 2013  Rural Modern

NA7561.A73 2013  Architecture to Landscape

NA7570.G35 2013  Bungalow : architecture + design

NA7574.P38 2013  Summer Houses

NA7596.S7 A53 2013  The Islamic Villa in Early Medieval Iberia

NA7850.I7 P527 2012  Iranian Caravanserais

NA7855.O54 2013  One of a Kind : restaurant design

NA7860.F472 2013  10 Stories of Collective Housing : graphical analysis of inspiring masterpieces

NA8340.B53 2013  Healthy Stables by Design

NA8375.A44 2013  21st Century Architecture : alfresco living

NA9053.B53 B46 2013  Cycle Infrastructure

NA9053.S6 K73 2014  Negotiating the Mediated City : everyday encounters with public screens

NA9053.K86 2012  Redefining Public Space in Hanoi : places practices and meaning

NA9053.S6 O66 2013  Open Space : urban public landscape design

NA9053.S6 P66 2014 The Skycourt and the Skygarden : greening the urban habitat

NA9085.B47 A35 2013  Furniture, Structure, Infrastructure : making and using the urban environment

NA9183.A173 2012  A New Urban Metabolism : Barcelona/Lugano case studies

NA9207.C36 2012  The Selfmade Land : culture and evolution of urban and regional planning in the

NA9208.R6 H324 20123  Habitat : biq builds the city

NA9278.6.S6 A35 2012  African Perspectives : [South] Africa : city, society, space, literature, and architecture

NB1278.C5413 2013  Art Parks : a tour of America’s sculpture parks and gardens

NC139.H3 A4 2012  Keith Haring : 31 subway drawings

NC139.L57 A4 2013  The Drawings of Laurie Lipton

NC139.M293 A4 2012  Eddie Martinez : the drawings

NC139.M378 A4 2013  Chris Martin Drawings

NC141.S73 2013  Traces : fantasy worlds and tales of truth

NC257.R3 A4 2012  Raphael : drawings

NC263.B65 K67 2012  Bosch : die zeichnungen

NC730.J26 2013  Drawing with Hand, Head, and Heart

NC730.V345 2013  Walk the Line : the art of drawing

NC750.M648 2013  Basic Perspective Drawing : a visual approach

NC760.F224 2013  Anatomy for Fantasy Artists

NC900.B87 2012  The Luminous Trace : drawing and writing in metalpoint

NC960.N55 2013  Walter Nikkels : depicted

NC975.S66 2014  Artistic Liberties : American literary realism and graphic illustration, 1880-1905

NC978.5.R63 A4 2013  Golden Age Illustrations of W. Heath Robinson

NC997.F54 2013  New Graphic Design

NC997.F85 2012  Full of Character[s]: character design

NC997.G727 2013  Graphic Candy : unique graphic ideas that will stick to your heart

NC997.L27 2012   100 Visual Ideas, 1000 Great Ads : how advertising recycles and hijacks world famous symbols and images

NC997.O525 2011  One by One

NC997.S626 2013  vol.1-3  So1o 2uo 3rio : small studio – great impact

NC997.W37 2012  Popular Lies* about Graphic Design

NC998.5.A1 H3313 2012  The Art of the Jeep : from propaganda to advertising

NC998.6.G7 D47 2012  D&AD 12

NC999.6.C2 B36 2012  Marian Bantjes : pretty pictures

NC999.6.F8 A33 2012  Akatre : zero to five

NC999.6.S8 S6336 2012  Make Enemies & Gain Fans : the Snask way of becoming a successful creative entrepreneur

NC1000.A765 2012  Graphic Design Basics 6

NC1000.K53 2013  Go : a Kidd’s guide to graphic design

NC1001.V586 2013  Design Currency : understand, define, and promote the value of your design work

NC1002.L63 H68 2013  Logobook

NC1002.P33 D475 2012  Designlicious : gastronomy by design

NC1764.H377 2013  Modern Cartooning

NC1764.5.U62 M672 2013  Bazooka Joe and His Gang

NC1766.U52 N637 2013  The Noble Approach : Maurice Noble and the zen of animation design

NC1766.U53 H68 2012  The Art and Making of Hotel Transylvania

NC1766.U53 M668 2013  The Art of Monsters University

NC1800.G7 2014 Graphis Poster Annual 2014

NC1827.S78 Z872 2012  Iconic Posters – Poster Icons

ND212.7.J89 2013  Juxtapoz : new contemporary

ND1460.Y65 K66 2013  Yokai Museum : the art of Japanese supernatural beings from YUMOTO Koichi Collection

ND1489.B355 2013  Colour in the Making : from old wisdom to new brilliance

ND2608.A254 2013 Flip the Script : a guidebook for aspiring vandals & typographers

NE542.3.K54 A4 2012  Out of the Wood

NK512/M5 D47 2013  Design Miami : the global forum for design/ December 4-8, 2013

NK959.D3713 2012  Italian Liberty Style

NK1071.Y34 2013  The Unknown Craftsman : a Japanese insight into beauty

NK1175.F79 2012  Becoming Human by Design

NK1380.F63 2012  Art Nouveau : between modernism and romantic nationalism

NK1390.A136 2012  60s Decorative Art

NK1390.A138 2013  70s Decorative Art

NK1397.Y44 2013  Design Transitions : inspiring stories, global viewpoints, how design is changing

NK1483.A1 Z43 2012  Designed in China : the engrossing Oriental concept

NK1484.A1 N46 2010   Nendo 10/10

NK1484.Z9 K8732 2013 v. 1-2  Shiro Kuramata

NK1484.6.A1 K674x 2013  Korea Power : design and identity

NK1492.Z9 U772 2013  Patricia Urquiola : time to make a book

NK1505.G75 2010  Design and Truth

NK1510.C65 2007  Patterns : new surface design

NK1510.J79 2014  The Culture of Design (3rd edition)

NK1520.C66 2013  Conditional Design Workbook

NK1520.H25 2013  The Handbook of Design for Sustainability

NK1520.S547 2013  Sustainable Thinking : ethical approaches to design and design management

NK1535.Z45 A4 2013  Eva Zeisel : life, design and beauty

NK1560.V22 2013  C.F.A. Voysey

NK2115.L5 M4613 2012  Designing with Shadow : lighting design for urban environments and architecture

NK2192.F84 M3836 2013  Matisse : the chapel at Vence

NK2195.R4 D477 2012  Dessert Station

NK2195.R4 W43 2013x  Whet My Appetite : culinary graphic design

NK2385.P39 2013  European Furniture of the 19th Century

NK2439.S337 A4 2013  Eero Saarinen : objects and furniture design

NK2528.J33 2013  Modern British Furniture : design since 1945

NK2542.C37 A4 2013  We Sit Together : utopian benches from the Shakers to the Separatists of Zoar

NK2542.G68 A4 2013  Eileen Gray : objects and furniture design

NK2898.M86 A4 2013  Art Carpets : Cleto Munari and friends

NK3600.H36 2013  Lettering Large : art and design of monumental typography

NK3600.S485 2013  Draw Your Own Alphabets : thirty fonts to scribble, sketch, & make your own

NK5205.C65 M67 2013  Baccarat 1764 : two hundred and fifty years

NK5398.Q1 N22 2013  Narcissus Quagliata : architypes and visions in light and glass

NK8875.M45 2013  Silk and Cotton : textiles from the Central Asia that was

NK8877.M42 2012  Southeast Asian Textiles : the Tilleke & Gibbins collection

NK8898.B63 A4 2013  The Emergence of Form

NK9505.S48 2013  Setting the Scene : European painted cloths from the fourteenth to the twenty-first century

NX650.C66 R4 2013  Re-Imagining the City

P93.5.K37 2014  The Design Method : a philosophy and process for functional visual communication

PG3190.I5 2013  Inside the Rainbow : Russian children’s literature 1920-35 : beautiful books, terrible times

PN1993.5.G3 R69 2013  The Berlin School : films from the Berliner Schule

PN1995.9.P5 T54 2012  They Shoot Typo, Don’t They? : a collection of film poster design

PN1997.99.B5497 2011  Bill Cunningham : New York (dvd)

PN5183.R65 A3 2011  Carine Roitfeld : irreverent

PN6727.W68 P763 2012  Jim Woodring : problematic

PN6728.C34 W38525 2005  The Complete Calvin and Hobbes

PS3608.A78285 H37 2013  The Crow Says Schmack!

QK98.183.R43 A2 2013  Pierre-Joseph Redoute : botanical artist to the Court of France

SB433.5.B667 2012  Bonsai : a patient art

SB451.36.G7 D25 2013  Norfolk Gardens and Designed Landscapes

SB451.36.G7 J3613 2013  Travel Report : an apprenticeship in the Earl of Derby’s kitchen gardens and greenhouses at Knowsley, England

SB457.6.R53 2013  The New English Garden

SB466.G35 P774 2013  Prussian Gardens

SB466.G72 K46 2013  The Elizabethan Garden at Kenilworth Castle

SB469.35.G3 M5413 2013  Garden Culture of the Twentieth Century

SB470.D69 D69 2013  The Landscape Designs of Doyle Herman Design Associates

SB470.O23 H47 2013  Cornelia Hahn Oberlander : making the modern landscape

SB470.S35 M37 2012  Mario Schjetnan : urban environment and landscape

SB470.55.A8 S36 2012  Making Landscape Architecture in Australia

SB472.3.E57 2013  Visual Communication for Landscape Architecture

SB473.G642 2013  Gardens of Marrakesh

SB481.C58 2013  City Parks : public places, private thoughts

SB481.S74 2011  Metropolitan Landscape Architecture : urban parks and landscapes

T385.D68555 2013  Dosch Textures : arch views : America

T385.D68645 2013  Dosch Textures : final render materials

T385.D68655 2011  Dosch Textures : real-time textures

T385.D68658 2013  Dosch Textures : road surfaces

T385.D6926 2009  Dosch Textures : animated water

TA645.S753 2012  Structural Design of Low-Rise Buildings : in cold-formed steel, reinforced masonry, and structural timber

TH438.13 R33 2012  BIM Demystified

TH1421.J37 2012  Earth Building : history, science and conservation

TH4819.P7 H86 2012  Mail-Order Homes : Sears homes and other kit houses

TH4860.R33 2012  The Natural Building Companion : a comprehensive guide to integrative design and construction

TH7015.H44 2010  Heat / Cool : energy concepts, principles and installations

TH7975.D8 S75 2012  Quality Lighting for High Performance Buildings

TJ163.5.B84 G48 2013  Design For Climate Change

TJ163.5.D86 H65 2011  Warm House Cool House : inspirational designs for low-energy housing

TK7881.6.D94 2013  Doing Cultural Studies : the story of the Sony Walkman (2nd edition)

TL175.P45 2011  The Sydney Opera House Car Park and the Double Helix

TL410.N49 2013  Fifty Bicycles that Changed the World

TR659.C64 2013  Balthazar Korab : architect of photography

TR660.S858 2012  Desert Air

TR679.N485 2013x  New Fashion Photography

TS171.K87 2013  Brand Romance : using the power of high design to build a lifelong relationship with
your audience

TS171.4.M38 2013  Material + : creative products

TS171.4.M49 2014  The Art of Product Design : changing how things get made

TS171.6.P37 2013  Product Sketches : from rough to refined

TS171.8.P76 2013  Prototype : design and craft in the 21st century

TT103.J35 2012  Crafts Atlas of India

TT505.B45 B45 2013  Dirk Bikkembergs : 25 years of athletes and fashion

TT505.D56 2013  The Print Revolution : groundbreaking textile design in the digital age

TT505.V355 2013  Giambattista Valli

TT870.F829 2012  Spiral : origami / art / design

Z246.A76 2013  Aspects of Contemporary Book Design

Z246.F855 2013  Fully Booked : ink on paper : design & concepts for new publications

Z246.H367 2013  Understanding Type

Z246.M373 2013  Playing with Type : 50 graphic experiments for exploring typographic design principles

Z246.P43 2013  Teaching Type to Talk

Z250.A2 T9843 2013  Typography Papers 9

Z250.N49 2012  New Typography

Z252.5.L48 W48 2013  Letterpress Now : a DIY guide to new & old printing methods

Z261.U56 2013  Paper Folding Designs

Z271.W457 2008  Bookcraft : techniques for binding, folding, and decorating to create books and more